Wooden Swing Sets: The Best wooden playsets for Kids

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Backyard Discovery Skyfort with Tube Slide


Wood Playset Swing Set – Backyard Discovery Woodridge II All Cedar


Wood Playset Swing Set – Backyard Discovery Thunder Ridge All Cedar


Wooden Playsets for Kids

When it comes time to decide which wooden playset is right for your family, there are several considerations to make. Some playsets are designed for a clubhouse atmosphere, while other wooden playsets are designed for maximum climbing and most physical challenge. It is important to pay attention to the overall size of the playset, and the deck size and height.  Look for a wooden playset that is “adult accommodating” and carries a good warranty. When pricing your options, make sure that stain, delivery, and installation is included in the price. Many dealers will give you the option of installing your wooden playset yourself.

Wood Playset Swing Set – Backyard Discovery Tanglewood All Cedar


Features for Wooden Playsets

There are countless features and accessories available with most outdoor wooden playsets.  Cabin enclosures, picnic tables, rock wall climbs, rope ladders, monkey bars, tire swings, tunnel tube slides, gangplanks, sandboxes, and steering wheels are some of the more popular features found. One of the most visually obvious options is the wooden roof vs. a vinyl canopy.  A wooden roof is usually more visually appealing, while the vinyl canopy offers a more economical, watertight alternative for your wooden playset. It is also a good idea to make sure all chains have some sort of safety coating to protect against pinching.

Wooden Playsets Manufacturers

Today’s market of wooden playsets provides some great options to choose from.  Most US made wooden playsets are constructed of a #1 Grade Southern Yellow Pine. Creative Playthings and Play Mor are 2 American playset manufacturers that both have great warranties. Other popular lines include Rainbow Play, Backyard Adventures, and Play Nation. Make sure to educate yourself on the materials used by each manufacturer and ask for detailed information regarding the overall quality of their specific line of wooden playsets.

Custom Backyard Playsets Design

Have you ever wanted to dream up the perfectly designed wooden playset for your family?  That is a great way to approach things when exploring the options available in today’s market.  When it comes to the premium quality wooden playset that carries a lifetime warranty and are built to last for a long time, it is important to get the most for your investment.  Include only features that you are confident your children will love to use and omit the features your feel won’t fascinate them. This gives you the flexibility to attain the perfect outdoor wooden playset.

Mulch for Wooden Playsets

Wood mulch is a very economical way to help protect your children from injuries encase of a fall or mishap.  The wooden mulch pictured with this custom cedar wooden playset is playground certified mulch and is spread to a depth of 5-6 inches.  This type of mulch is very clean and has a spongy or springy characteristic to help soften an impact.  A wood mulch play area is a great addition to any custom-built wooden playset.

Buying A Wooden Swing Set

A wooden swing set with a slide is a big investment and should be investigated thoroughly before such a purchase. Since these sets can cost between two thousand and ten thousand dollars a piece they are in fact
considered to be a structure.  They are not the swingsets we grew up with years ago.  Consider the size of these because any room you thought you had in your back yard has suddenly become a lot smaller.
Find out how big they are and measure the space you currently have to see if it fits into place. They come with swings, small elevated shelters, rock walls, and slides.

It is a difficult decision to make, but a worthwhile one.  Don’t forget in your decision to buy one of these wooden swing sets that you may have the option to resell it.  Since they are so durable and long-lasting they will probably stay in the same condition that they were initially purchased.  To keep your wooden swingset in prime condition you may need to stain it depending on what kind of wood it was built with. Redwood and cedar can be stained. Buying a quality wooden swing set made of large 4×4s’ should last for a long time, like any item you buy, the longevity of it usually correlates to the quality.  Wooden swing sets can be bought with thick 4×4 wood lumber or you could buy it with small 1×4 or 1×6 lumber. The swing sets that you find at a local do it yourself center will usually be small lumber type sets.  The other option is to buy direct from a specialty company that manufactures them and solely profits on them.  They will be better in construction and will usually have some type of warranty on them. They can install them too and will for a small fee reinstall them if you move.  Wooden swing sets that are this large and expensive can be left at your home and maybe a way to sell your home easier.

Wood Boring Carpenter Bees

Some of the disadvantages of wooden swingset are the problem with wood-boring bees. Depending on where you live you might have a problem with these pests.  The bees can find a swing set in a geographic area or in a city and just a few cities over not be active. They can destroy swingsets fast if they are ignored. The carpenter bees can drill into the wood fast and can penetrate making a catacomb of tunnels. Trying to chase them away and kill them is a twenty-four-hour battle.  If you don’t find a nest in time the woodpeckers can add to the damage and peck their way into the wood to find the bees. Plugging up the holes with steel wool and spraying them is very time consuming and usually, the bees always win.  Find a good reputable bug service to spray bi-monthly to keep them out.

It is important to remember your local city codes because they will sometimes prohibit large wooden structures like these.  Also remember your neighbors and the view they may have, try to discuss this so they will not complain or find your swingset offensive.

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Disclaimer:Disclaimer: There are affiliate links in this post. At no cost to you, I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

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