Best Baby Monitor – Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Color Video Monitor

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The Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Color Video Monitor will be a handy device for parents who want to make sure that their babies are safe and protected. With this baby monitor device, parents can always do their regular household errands while keeping an eye on their babies. This baby monitor is considered as one of the best baby monitor ever built, so parents can only expect the best from this device.

Summer Baby Touch Color Video Monitor Features and Specs :
When parents have this Summer Baby Touch Color Video Monitor at home, they can only expect the best from this baby monitor. This device is considered as one of the best baby monitor products with a combination of great design and great performance. This baby monitor is suitable for very active parents who don’t have helpers at home. They can always monitor their children’s condition while doing their regular errands. When parents have this device around, they can always make sure that their children are secured and protected. Other advantages parents can get when they purchase this product are:

  • The baby monitor is available with a 3.5-inches screen so parents can always view their children easily. They can get a very good look for their children so they can be sure that the children are safe and don’t experience any mishap.
  • It’s equipped with digital technology that allows them to scan, pan, and zoom the image easily. The touchscreen feature makes everything easier and simpler.
  • The baby monitor is also equipped with two ways talking system.
  • The device can be used up to 400 feet of range so it can be used around the house easily.
  • Parents can have easy charging with the additional docking station. Forget the old regular ways of charging when they can have cool ways to charge.
  • The baby monitor is equipped with an on-screen battery indicator that will show how much power left on the baby monitor.
  • The device is very light. It weighs only about 2.5 pounds.

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