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Safety First Grow and Go Convertible Car Seat Review in 2020

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4.7/5 on July 11, 2019

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It is the best convertible car seat for small cars due to weight and design.
Adjustment of seat is easy
If you are looking for a great car seat in low budget, this is a good option for you.


It does not comply with FFA safety guidelines.


It’s time to sum up and give you my final thoughts about this seat.

Although this is not the best convertible car seat in the market, it is definitely one of the best convertible car seat under 200 dollars. It has its pros and cons. Pros include solid design, side impact protection and safety, narrow design and space efficiency and two cup holders. It also has these thingamabobs at both side of the chair to hold the harness straps. The cons include uncomfortable size of harness, twisting of the straps and leveling of the seat on car seat during installation.

To finish this review, if you’re looking for an affordable convertible car seat under $200 then this is the definitely the top convertible car seat in the market in this price range. But if you can afford to spend a few extra dollars, then I’d recommend going with other more expensive brands.

Safety First Grow and Go Convertible Car Seat Review in 2020

Introduction to Brand and Model

Safety 1st was established in the USA in 1984. Safety 1st introduced the first slogan of baby onboard road sign 30 years ago. This brand is suitable for you if you are looking for the best convertible car seat on a budget.  This is going to be a very long and detailed Safety First Grow and Go convertible car seat review. Now we all know that money does not grow on trees and, keeping that in mind, this review is intended to help you select a product that offers the best bang for your buck. I will start off by introduction to salient features of safety first 3 in 1 car, then installation and finally i am going to see if it is economical to buy all the while offering the safety and level of comfort that your kid deserves.

Safety 1st Grow and Go Review

I found this review from a mom of 2 kids helpful, so adding her views as it is, “the straps seem to be a bit lower quality. Not that bad, but definitely not comparable to the other, more expensive brands. I am also not satisfied with their customer support. I had a hard time trying to get the straps tight enough to fit my baby, and I couldn’t seem to do it without twisting the straps. Maybe I was doing something wrong and may not even be a flaw. But I just wanted to put it out there”.

According to another parent surveyed during our research, “the harness belt buckle also seems to be too easy to open. A toddler can easily do it, and if you’re not careful enough that it’s buckled up properly during the ride, it might put your kid in some serious danger. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that there is something wrong with the harness buckle or that it will open by itself. It’s just that I think a toddler can learn to do it with relative ease. And I would not want my child to be able to unbuckle the harness during the ride. But if you’re looking for the cheapest convertible car seat then they have done pretty well, considering the price range”.

One of the parents has a very specific opinion on safety first 3 in 1 convertible car seat. They have faced a few minor troubles which are just due to the reason that it takes some time to get to know new things. Like they could not get the straps tight enough to fit their baby. This thing has anguished them a bit but again it is due to the fact we common folks take time to get to know the gadgets. Apart from this minor trouble, they’re satisfied with the overall experience.

Key Features of Safety 1st

Safety First Grow and Go 3-in-1 car seat is the successor of Safety First alpha omega car seat family, with improved design and more safety features thrown in. Now safety first alpha omega car seats did have some flaws and were also thought to be unsafe for children especially in the booster mode. With their new launch of Grow and Go 3-in-1 car seats, they have managed to do a pretty good job. And now it’s considered to be one the safest convertible car seats in the market.

With their new design, they have tried to make it practical and easier to install the convertible Car Seat. Other prominent features include 5 positions no-rethread harness, latching system for installation, side cushions on both sides of the headrest to absorb the impact of a side collision and also give your child support to lie their head down to the side. It offers three modes of use. Rear-facing, forward-facing and a booster mode.  Improved design to fit children of various weights and heights. It seems a bit narrower than the older version. Easily convertible to booster mode. The fabric is of high quality and machine washable. The fabric in the older version had to be hand-washed which was quite cumbersome, to be honest. Cup holders on both sides of armrests is definitely a big plus point. The expiration age of 10 years is the best feature as well.

Usage According to Height and Weight of Baby

It has three modes as already discussed. Rear-facing, forward-facing and a booster mode. The child weight specifications are 5 to 100 pounds and the height specifications are 19 inches to 52 inches. Grow and go has three recline positions. Both the rear-facing and the forward position is color-coded. The blue color is for rear-facing and red color is for forward-facing.

Rear Facing

Your kid should be between the 5 to 40 pounds in weight and 19 to 40 inches in height. Safety 1st claim that this is the best convertible car seats and you can use the rear-facing mode even for the newborn. The headrest can be adjusted according to the baby’s height and the lower side of the headrest should be at the shoulder level or just above the shoulder level of your kid. The best convertible car seats also come with two support pillows. Head support pillow and a lumbar support pillow. Which can be removed later when your baby doesn’t need them. For babies who cannot sit without support, the red level line on the sticker has to be in the horizontal position.

Overall Safety 1st 3 in 1 convertible car seat’s rear-facing mode is pretty solid, but, one thing that concerns me is the size of the harness. A mom interviewed on this issue and she added that “It seems far too big for smaller babies. For 6 months old, it can cover the entire chest area from armpits to crotch, which in turn seems to make my child a bit uncomfortable. I also don’t seem to get the straps on properly. Maybe you’ll have better luck than me.

Forward Facing

When your kid is at least two and a half years old you can start putting them in a forward-facing position. The weight of the child should be between 40 to 65 pounds and the average height should be between 29 to 52 inches. For toddlers and bigger babies, the recline position should be 2 or 3.

Booster Mode

The final mode is the booster mode with backrest. The backrest is not removable. The kid should be about 53 inches in height and around the age 7 to 8. You can remove the extra headrest and padding in this stage.

Safety 1st 3in1 Car Seat Installation

Safety 1st grow and go three in one convertible car seat is definitely one of the cheapest convertible car seats in the market, and unfortunately, this doesn’t come without a few cons. One thing that I have found during my research work is the lack of a seat belt install system. Instead, they have these latch hook thingies. And you might have to read your car’s manual to know how to install it properly. Installation overall is pretty easy. Most of people would agree that installing this safe convertible car seat is a piece of cake.

One problem that many have faced and that really aggravated users is that they couldn’t get their little ones to sit properly on the car seat. Sometimes, the latches won’t attach properly and the other time most of the people could get the alignment right. Some say that they have to put a small blanket over the car seat to make it sit properly. When you’re installing make sure that it isn’t loose.

Safety 1st Convertible Car Seat Design and Specifications

The overall design is pretty attractive. The fabric is available in many different colors and a sense of style is also impressive. They have managed to add both practicality and a beautiful look to the design of an affordable convertible car seat. The width of this convertible car seat is 19 inches at its widest point, which leaves room for an extra three of four inches which can come in pretty handy. Other brands like Graco and Britax are up to 24 inches wide. And this affordable car seat also includes two cup holders in this width. Which I think is pretty great.

Your most little diablo can use one for milk and other for the water bottle. Kids can also put their small toys or toffees or candies into the cup holders. It seems a pretty impressive feature to keep kid distracted during the ride. The seat parts are easily detachable and the fabric is machine washable and dryer ready. So, you won’t have to go through the trouble of cleaning it with your hands. Kids can be pretty messy and this feature is a lifesaver feature.


The assembled product – the best Safety First Grow and Go 3 in 1 car seat – has the dimensions of 24.00-inch x 19.00-inch x 23.75-inch. The weight of the product is about 18.6 pounds. It seems pretty light for the best convertible car seat for a small car.

Safest Convertible Car Seat

Safety First Grow and Go is one of the safest convertible car seats in the market hands down. No issues with the safety. Side impact protection comes in pretty handy and harness keeps the baby tight in the seat. But the harness seems pretty uncomfortable. The first issue is the size of the harness; the second issue is the harness belts. It always seems to twist. You can’t get it right without making your little one uncomfortable. And you probably hate to see that cute face turn grumpy.

Best Convertible Car Seat Under 200$

As we promised earlier that we have selected the best car seats for you so that you can make your decision right away without wasting much time in doing research work. So, we added Safety 1st Grow and Go in the list for all of those who want to enjoy the best options at affordable prices. This is the best convertible car seat under 200, so you can buy this car seat within your set budget to buy a car seat for your precious one.