Safety Baby Monitor – 1st Crystal Clear

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Safety Baby Monitor – 1st Crystal Clear


The Safety 1st Crystal Clear Baby Monitor is a great device that will help parents monitor their babies’ condition and safety. When they have this great baby monitor, they can be sure that their babies stay protected although they’re not on their babies’ side all the time. This baby monitor is considered one of the best baby monitors in its line. Parents can be sure that their babies are always safe if they have this device at home.

Safety 1st Crystal Clear Baby Monitor Features and Specs :

Parents need to consider buying this Safety 1st Crystal Clear Baby Monitor if they’re very busy around the house and they don’t have any helper to deal with household errands. The device will be very much helpful because parents can always monitor their children’s condition through the monitor or the sound system. This product is known to be one of the best baby monitors available in the market. When parents buy this baby monitor, there’re other advantages they can get, such as:

  • The device is equipped with 49 MHz signal that is powerful enough. The signal can even reach about 600 feet range which is more than enough to operate around the house.
  • The device is portable and easily carried around. It’s available with a handheld design that is comfortable to hold and grip. It’s also available with a belt clip so that parents can conveniently take around the baby monitor easily.
  • There’s an indicator battery that can show the battery status. When it’s low, the indicator will turn on automatically.
  • It has volume control so parents can easily adjust everything to their convenience level.
  • The adapter is equipped with energy-saving technology so it’s very efficient when used.
  • All the features attached to the baby monitor are just great. The sound system is very clear and detail. The video has a great image so parents can always monitor their babies easily.
  • The battery is rechargeable. When the low battery light is on, parents can easily connect the baby monitor to the nearby electricity sockets easily and fast.
  • The baby monitor is affordable and available in a great price range.
Safety Baby Monitor – 1st Crystal Clear

Product Information :

  • Style  :  Sound Monitors
  • Communication interface  :  Intercom TalkBack
  • Power source type  :   Battery
  • Batteries required  :   Yes
  • Battery type  :  AAA batteries
  • Standing screen display size  :   7 inches
  • Display type  :   White
  • Sound clarity  :  49 MHz
  • Number of channels:  1
  • 2 channels to minimize interference
  • 600+ ft range
  • Audio jack for listening w/earphones
  • Convertible belt clip/carry loop
  • Speedy set-up and easy-to-adjust controls

Safety 1st Crystal Clear Baby Monitor Review :

When parents have already bought this Safety 1st Crystal Clear Baby Monitor, they say that they’re quite impressed with the overall performance of this device. Most of them have other older kids. So when they’re watching their toddlers playing around the house, they can always monitor their babies’ condition at the same time. When there’s something wrong with the babies, they will know about it immediately. There’s another good thing about the device: the low price. Not all cheap devices are shabby or cheesy. This baby monitor is proof of great devices available at affordable prices.

So far, there’s no complaint about this device. Most parents are thankful to have such a handy device within their reach. They’ve purchased several more expensive products before but they’re proven to be such failure. Well, some of them even have this Safety 1st Crystal Clear Baby Monitor for years and they’re still helpful and beneficial.

Safety Baby Monitor – 1st Crystal Clear


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