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Peg Perego PV Convertible Car Seat Review

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5/5 on February 6, 2019

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382 reviews


Easy to install

Dual tightening straps

The cover is machine washable


A little unstable in the rear facing position

Does not have belt lock off

Recline adjustment is hard to access


A well build car seat which is affordable and gives quality comfort and adequate safety. It is for people who want a simple car seat that simply works with no bombastic features.

Introduction to brand and model

Peg Perego is an Italian company which manufactures quality child products including convertible car seats. The PV convertible is a well build, nice looking car seat which has scored considerably well in crash tests for safety. It has a nice and sleek design with good safety features. It provides easy installation with latches as well as seat belt. Let us see if this is an ideal baby car seat for you or not.

 All In One Car Seat

The Peg Perego PV is an all in one best selling baby car seat which can be used in rear facing and forward facing mode. It does its job well and is indeed a recommended buy.

Key features.

The Peg Perego PV comes with an EPS foam which absorbs shocks coming from an impact. It has a ten position head adjustment which ensures that it is safe and comfortable while the child is in the seat. The steal back eliminates the unnecessary flexing and the contoured base ensures stability. It is made of comfortable premium fabric which is breathable and absorbs moisture.

It’s unique tethering system allows it to be tethered in both rear facing and forward facing modes. The EPP foam at the base crushes on impact and does not let the forces transfer to the shoulders and neck.

Other features:

  • Adjustable side impact protection
  • SAFE technology

Usage According to Height and Weight of Baby

Multiple configuration usage

This seat can be used in two modes; the rear facing mode, which is the recommended safest mode and the forward facing mode which is to be used when the child exceeds the rear facing limit.

Rear facing

The rear facing mode in this seat can accommodate weight from 5 to 45 pounds. There is no height limit so head should not be more than 1″ below the upper part of the headrest.

Forward facing

The forward facing mode can hold from 22 to 70 pounds. The upper limit of the seat in forward facing mode is quite decent in our opinion.

Peg Perego PV installation

The installation of the Peg Perego PV is simply the easiest and simple. It is compatible with latch system. After clicking the latch straps into position, it is extremely easy to tighten the straps. The leveling indicator makes sure that the seat is reclined properly.

Peg Perego PV Design and Specifications

Peg Perego is one of the best quality baby car seats. It is an ideal baby car seat for you. The design is sleek and it really looks good to the eye. The width is extremely narrow; therefore you can easily install 3 in a row in an average sized car.


The Peg Perego PV has a narrow 18.7 inches of depth. It measures a height of 26 inches and a depth of 21.2 inches

Safest Car Seat

The Peg Perego PV is one of the safest baby car seats. The crash tests reveal that it exceeds the minimum safety standards and is vigorously crash tested. The seat is thus considered safe for your child according to NHTSA. However, it does not offer any additional safety measures as compared to the other competitors.

Safety Problems you may face for newborns

The seat has proven its safety in the safety test results and there is nothing in this seat to be worried about regarding safety. We did not find any major flaw in safety measures of this seat. If a safe ideal baby car seat is your priority, you should give this is ago.

Affordable under 350$

The Peg perego is the best baby car seat under $350. Perego is a well designed car seat and is rated of the top rated baby car seats by many users. The seat affords you quality with safety. Peg perego is one of the most affordable car seats around and it is for parents who have a mid-sized car as it can fit easily leaving room for others as well.

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