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Outdoor Swing Sets For Kids Reviews – Tips To Choose The Best

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Buying Outdoor Swing Sets for Kids

Playing and having fun with Outdoor Swing Sets are really fond childhood memories that are worth looking back to. Children of these generations, however, have become more familiar with videogames, computers, and technical gadgets. They now prefer to stay at home instead of going out to play with friends in the playground. As parents, we would like our children to have the same enjoyment as we did when we were little. Plus, playing outdoors is a good form of exercise for children. This can be achieved by installing an outdoor swing set in your own yards. Outdoor Swing Sets are very much enjoyable for kids of all ages.

Outdoor swing sets are great for the whole family.  Kids of all ages will enjoy outdoor activities almost year-round. Adults can play with their children and keep them active and happy while getting a good dose of fresh air.  Not only do swing sets help with adult interaction but can be a place where the children find an outdoor place to hang out.  Swing sets when put in the back yard become the central meeting point for neighbors kids.  When other children are not around the swing set becomes a place where they can centralize their playtime even if they don’t actively play on the set.
Picking an outdoor swing set depends on your financial situation, your desire for a good playset to last you a long time, and what you might think your kids may like.

Swing sets come in different sizes and shapes.  Whether they are large commercial type swing sets for playgrounds and churches or a small swing set that encompass just a  swing or two, they can be made from metal, wood, or plastic.

The one thing that is great for everyone in the family to enjoy outdoor activities all year round especially with kids of all ages is an Outdoor Swing Sets. Adults can take this opportunity to bond with their children and keep them occupied and happy while exercising with a dose of fresh air. It is a perfect outdoor place where adults and children can hang out and interact with one another. An Outdoor Swing Sets, when placed in the house backyard, can serve as a central meeting point for neighboring kids as well. It is a perfect playtime space where your children interact even when other kids are not involved.

There are many pointers to consider when buying an Outdoor Swing Sets like the price, durability and of course if kids like to play in it. A typical Outdoor Swing Sets can come in various sizes, shapes, and complexity. There is large scale commercial type Outdoor Swing Sets for playgrounds and religious groups or a home-scaled swing set which comprises of just a swing and slide. They are commonly made from wood, plastic or even metal.

Outdoor Swing Sets Types:

The classic type of swing that does not grow old are the tire swings. These are swings made from a whole tire tied to a strong branch of a tree. A rope swing is created by tying a long rope to a branch of a tree and then knots are formed throughout the length of the rope. The person swinging uses these knots to hold on to the rope firmly Porch swings are actually swinging benches tied to the roof or a frame and usually placed on the porch. This is a larger type of swing that can fit 2-3 persons. This type of swing is more for adults. It is very suitable for relaxation. A toddler swing is advisable for very small and young children. The swing is lower for safety and in metal, wood or plastic form. They are shaped like a bucket with holes for the legs and a safety belt. Wooden swings are more common. They are very durable and come in many forms. They are easy to assemble and can last a long time. Metal swing sets are lighter and easier to transport than wooden swings. They are less expensive than wooden swings but they tend to rust after a long time especially when it is always exposed to the rain. Plastic swing sets are more child-friendly because it contains less hard edges. They are lighter and also easy to assemble but they tend to be a little more on the pricey side.

Wooden Outdoor Swing Sets: They are a little more pricey and bulkier than the smaller metal type. These wooden structures are strong and durable but most importantly, the surface is not too hot when touched during a summer days compared to Outdoor Swing Sets made from metal. The only disadvantage of the wooden swing set is that splinters can pose a danger especially when it gets older. Another point to note is that wooden structures tend to attract carpenter bees and woodpeckers as they can damage your swing set. If your budget allows, then go for a wooden swing set as they tend to look more pleasing and overall a strong structure.

Wood Swing Set – Backyard Discovery Skyfort II All Cedar


Swing-N-Slide WS 8348 Tioga Fort Swing Set, Wood


The wooden swing sets are usually large and a little more expensive than the smaller metal type.  Wooden swingsets are good because of the strong structure, the pleasing look they have and they don’t get too hot when touched on a hot day like metal swing sets.  The disadvantage of wooden swing sets is that they can give splinters when they get older, and can be a home for carpenter bees.  Carpenter bees and woodpeckers can really damage a wooden swingset.  So if the price does not matter, you would like a more luxurious swingset and you want a very strong structure, then wood is the best choice.

Wood Swing Set / Playset – KidKraft Brooksville Cedar


Wood Swing Set – Gorilla Playsets 01-0021 Nantucket


Big Backyard F270855 Ridgeview Clubhouse Deluxe Play Set


Metal Outdoor Swing Sets: They are a lot cheaper than wooden swing sets as the whole structure is made primarily from metal. Outdoor Swing Sets made from metal can last many years and easily assembled. One main advantage of the metal swing set is the affordability.

LIFETIME 290704 Adventure Tunnel Playset, Earthtone


Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set with 9 Foot Wavy Slide


CONGO Monkey Playsystem #1 with Swing Beam


Metal swing sets are good all around and simple to use and look at, also they are a lot cheaper than their wood counterparts.  As a child sing sets were made primarily of metal.  Metal swing sets have lasted for many years.  As a child, they were fun and simple and were perfect for playtime. Everything back then was hard including the ground they were placed onto.
Along with their strength, the residential swing sets are affordable and easy to assemble.

Backyard Discovery Big Brutus Heavy Duty Metal Swing Set


Lifetime Heavy Duty A-Frame Metal Swing Set


Skywalker Sports Modular Jungle Gym with Accessories


ZNCMRR 2 Pack Swings Seats Heavy Duty with 66″ Chain Plastic Coated

Plastic Outdoor Swing Sets: They are sometimes called outdoor play systems as they are easily transported and suited for the budget-conscious. The assembly of such an Outdoor Swing Sets is very easy by snapping adjoining parts without any bolts and screws. The setup is perfect for children to dismantle them and reassemble to create another play system, the options are limitless, the only obstacle stopping your children from creating their very own swing set is their imagination!

Sdoveb 3-in-1 Playing Baskets Slide Swing Combination Toddler Mountaineering
Step2 Naturally Playful Playhouse Climber & Swing Set Extension


Step2 Naturally Playful Adventure Lodge Swing Set and Play Center


Step2 Naturally Playful Adventure Lodge Play Center Swing Set with Glider


Eastern Jungle Gym Heavy-Duty Plastic Horse Glider Swing Seat Back-to-Back Glider for Two Kids

Plastic swing sets or play systems are easy to move an affordable also. they can be small enough to put in an area where space is limited or they can be a little bigger and have a theme whereby kids can create
and imagine themselves in another era. Assembly can be as easy as snapping them into each other.

Little Tikes Clubhouse Swing Set


Step2 Play Up Jungle Gym and Kids Swing Set



Residential Swing Sets: They mimic the larger commercial types in shapes but smaller scale in size. A typical price range from about a thousand to a few thousand, sometimes, even more, depending on the complexity. If you are a little bit tight on your budget, perhaps you can consider getting a used Outdoor Swing Sets as they can go as much as one third its original price. The downside is that they may be too bulky to move and transportation costs may be high.

Residential swing sets nowadays are built like their commercial counterparts but a little smaller in size.  Price tags for swing sets of this caliber range from eight hundred to ten thousand dollars or more, picking out the size type and design all depends on your financial situation. Sometimes buying a new swing set may not be the best choice, because sometimes if you are lucky you can find an expensive swing set used
for about one-third of its cost. The only downside, depending on the size it can be hard to move.

Outdoor Swing Sets For Kids

For smaller younger children, it may be best to choose child-proof swing sets. The toddler swing is the best option because it is safer. The Little Tikes Swing Along and Little Tikes Clubhouse is good choices. They are made of plastic and include other playsets like slides, ladders, playhouses or castle. Naturally, Playful Playhouse is also good for toddlers and children of preschool age. Features include a climber and deck, playhouse and swing extension. Eastern Jungle Gym Bolt through Swing Hangers is suitable for slightly older children. This playset is made of wood, includes 2 swings, monkey bars, a slide, and a clubhouse. It can accommodate 8-10 children. Kid Gymz Rockland Swing Set is also for slightly older kids. It includes 2 clubhouses, 2 swings and a spiraling tube and a wave slide, a horse glider, a ship’s wheel, a ladder, and a rock-climbing wall.

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