Graco My Ride 65 Convertible Car Seat, Sully Review by Best Baby Essentials

Graco My Ride 65 Convertible Car Seat review in 2021

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Graco My Ride 65 Convertible Car Seat Review in 2021

The Graco My Ride 65 convertible car seat offers the ability to keep your ever-growing child both safe and comfortable. The Graco My Ride is much longer than most car seats that are offered in the US. In the forward-facing position, there is a five-point harness that will allow the seat to accommodate up to 65 pounds of weight. In the rear-facing position, it can accommodate up to 45 pounds.

The inside of the Graco My Ride 65 is lined with foam that is energy absorbing and can withstand side impact. The headrest can either be removed or inserted. This feature helps to secure your child in every car ride and will keep them snug at the same time. The harness system and cushions have been tested to ensure maximum safety.

Graco My Ride 65 Convertible Car Seat, Sully Review by Best Baby Essentials
Graco My Ride 65 Convertible Car Seat, Sully Review by Best Baby Essentials

Graco My Ride 65 Convertible Car Seat

According to many pediatric safety car seat experts, parents who use Graco My Ride 65 Convertible Car Seat prioritize safety since it is designed to secure the child in a rear-facing position. The rear-facing position is recommended for as long as possible specifically up to 40 pounds. It secures the child using the 5-point harness until he or she reaches 65 pounds. It has met and surpassed crash tests as required by the U.S. safety standards. The Graco My Ride 65 Convertible Car Seat comes with a double cushion and side-impact foams for additional comfort and protection against sudden stops, jarring movement, and other unforeseen impact accidents.

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Graco My Ride 65 – Features

  • It can accommodate children that weigh up to 65 pounds when in the forward-facing position.
  • It can also handle children that weigh up to 40 pounds in back facing position.
  • The safety standards on this seat have passed several US crash tests.
  • Side impact has also been confirmed and tested
  • Removable infant insert and toddler headrest help keep baby comfy
  • LATCH equipped with an easy-to-read level indicator for hassle-free installation
  • EPS, energy-absorbing foam for effective impact energy management
  • Babies can easily crawl in and out of the Graco My Ride 65; comes with an adjustable front harness; 5-point

Graco My Ride 65 – Reviews

The Graco My Ride 65 convertible car seat has reviewed a total of 34 times. This car seat received exceptional reviews and the feedback was extremely positive. Out of a possible five stars, this product was able to earn 4.5 of them.

Reviewers agreed that this car seat performed nicely in the rear-facing position. This car seat has a deep seat base that will allow children to move their legs freely. This feature will also help children to have a more comfortable ride. Parents noticed that their children fall asleep in this seat more often than not.

Some of the reviewers liked that the seat did not seem very bulky, even though it was advertised as being one of the biggest in the US. One couple had a Mazda 3 and was concerned that it would not fit in. Not only was it able to fit in, but it was also very easy to install. It took this one couple of about 10 minutes.

Many of the reviewers that bought the Graco My Ride 65 did so because they needed to replace an older seat. Some of the reviewers had been long time users of the Graco line and they were not disappointed with this model. A lot of them loved the cup holder and the fact that the seat was much bigger.

Pros & Cons – What are Parents Experiencing with the Graco My Ride 65?

Pros & Cons

  • Price – Middle of the road, from $100 to $150 depending on where you shop
  • Longer rear-facing – Rated for rear-facing up to 40 pounds
  • Longer front-facing– Rated for front-facing up to 60 pounds
  • Safe – The Graco My Ride 65 meets or exceeds U.S. safety crash testing
  • Secure – There is a 5 point front-adjust the harness to help get the child in and out
  • Headrest – Heads don’t bob or flop around when the child sleeps
  • Fits in smaller vehicles – Fits into a Mazda 3 with no problems
  • Deep seat base – The Graco My Ride 65 allows for longer rear-facing time
  • Cup holders – located in the arms of the seat, not on the bottom
  • Front adjusting straps – The straps adjust from the front making it easier to get the adjustments you need
  • Short LATCH harness – Too short in the rear-facing position
  • Recline – The seat is larger/longer in the rear-facing position because of the recline, but will be narrower in the front-facing position
  • Not made for smaller infants – The inserts do not work with smaller infants, there’s still a lot of room
  • Fabric does not breathe – Makes the child hot after a while riding in it
  • Straps twist – Straps tend to get twisted
  • Easy to unbuckle – A 1-year-old can unbuckle the chest clip too easily on the Graco My Ride 65
  • Strap adjustment – To adjust the straps you have to take the seat out and re-thread it
  • Support pillow – Can only be used if the shoulder straps are in the two lowest settings, meaning if your child is taller, the support pillow will not work, making for an uncomfortable ride
  • Crotch buckle – For some children, the crotch buckle is impeding on the legs with the padding in, and if the padding is taken out, the seat is hard and uncomfortable
  • There were frustrations from a small number of people that the buckle wouldn’t latch.

The Graco My Ride 65 Convertible Car Seat features in-depth:

The Graco My Ride 65 Convertible Car Seat provides safety and security for children who are in the rear-facing position until they reach a weight of 40 pounds. The harness attached to the car seat also protects the child until he or she reaches 65 pounds.

It has undergone extensive crash testing sequences and it has also met the prescribed U.S. safety standards. This is an important consideration since parents are focused and concerned about the level of quality of the products that they let their children use. The side impact test conducted against the integrity of this car seat also proves that the EPS foam attached to the Graco My Ride 65 Convertible Car Seat is highly effective and safe. It has passed the test for occupant retention by the harness system. The manufacturer of Graco car seat has always been equipped with a very competitive impact energy management system as seen in the use of energy-absorbing foam in the Graco car seat for children.

The Graco My Ride 65 Convertible Car Seat has a detachable infant insert and a toddler headrest for additional cushion support and comfort. It also has a Latch system with easy to understand instructions and level-indicator for an easy and fuss-free installation. The 5-point front-adjust harness includes easy to push buttons so parents will not have a hard time getting the baby in and out of the car seat.

The Graco My Ride 65 Convertible Car Seat also comes with dual cup holders perfect for your child’s beverages. It is readily accessible even for very small kids. The cup holders can also serve as storage for small activity toys. This essential feature will ease any cranky child during long trips ahead.

The Graco My Ride 65 Convertible Car Seat has a machine washable cushion appropriate for messy kids and busy moms. One can just put it in the wash and be done with cleaning food and beverage stains. The metal and plastic parts are however cleaned by using a mild detergent and water. It is easy to wipe with just a damp or dry cloth depending on the kind of stain or dirt. The buckle of the Graco car seat may also be cleaned using just a damp cloth while the harness straps may be spot cleaned.

It is recommended for infants in a rear-facing position from 5 to 40 pounds and a forward-facing position for bigger children from 20 to 65 pounds.

The Graco My Ride 65 Convertible Car Seat may seem a little bulky but it only weighs 18.4 pounds so it is easy to carry and a convenient travel companion too.

What the customers are saying about the Graco My Ride 65 Convertible Car Seat:

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My Opinion of the Graco My Ride 65

When I review the complaints seen on the Graco My Ride 65, it’s possible that this seat should only be used for older children. For the buckle and straps, it may be that they just need to get some support by reading the manual or go online to visit some forums; or it could be that they got unlucky and got a defective product.

When I review the overall ratings of the product, the positive feedback and the reviews received in safety reports, it seems that this product will provide both comfort and safety. Based on everything that I’ve seen and read, despite the cons, I would still recommend this product.

Final thoughts

The Graco My Ride 65 Convertible Car Seat is available in 8 cute patterns. It comes cheap at Amazon. It provides sufficient cushion and comfort needed by sleeping infants. It is also very durable and has been quite an excellent choice among parents who have safety and security concerns.

Where can you find the best Graco My Ride 65 Convertible Car Seat at fabulous deals?

Well, this is a good question but according to our research, you will get the seat at a good price only at Amazon as compared to other online merchants.

Graco My Ride 65 Convertible Car Seat, Sully Review by Best Baby Essentials
Graco My Ride 65 Convertible Car Seat, Sully Review by Best Baby Essentials

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To read more customer reviews, click here: Graco My Ride 65 Convertible Car Seat

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