Graco Playpen – TotBloc Pack ‘N Play

Graco Playpen – TotBloc Pack ‘N Play


This Pack ‘N Play model is very popular among parents! The bed is easy to pack and set up and move around. Not bulky and best suit for a small room of condo or apartment. The great size of bedside bassinet for a newborn can convert to playpen or nap quarters when the baby gets a little older. We love the neutral color that makes use both for baby boys and girls. All around, this Pack ‘N Play costs you in a reasonable price.

There are few playpens that children actually WANT to play in. That’s why we were enthused to find the Graco TotBloc Playpen, the perfect playpen for any baby or toddler.

Our two children have used the Graco playpen since their first months in this world and have loved it since day one. Mikey, our older son, insists on bringing his play cars into the Graco playpen – so we wind up watching him driving his little Hotwheels all around the playpen, making engine noises with his lips. It’s a blast for the whole family!

The bright colors of the Graco TotBloc Playpen are the first feature that any parent (and child) notices. The richness of the colors makes the Graco playpen attractive in our suburban home, and the children surely enjoy it. A lot of other playpens are monochromatic and appear dull to kids. But the Graco playpen, with its alternating colors and sewed-in ladybug designs, always keeps them entertained. There are also some great decals on the mesh sides – a sun, a bug, etc. – which make the Graco playpen a perfect fit in any playroom.

Graco Playpen TotBloc Dimensions

While most playpens weigh anywhere from 35 to 50 pounds, the Graco TotBloc Playpen weigh only 25 pounds. With the travel bag provided by Graco, a high-end company of baby products, I can easily pack up the playpen and take it with me and the kids anywhere that we might need it.  The playpen is also mounted above the ground, so that kids are playing at a safe distance from disturbing germs, dust, and pollen.

There’s never been a doubt in my mind that this is the product for our family – and yours too! The Graco TotBloc Playpen is constructed with your children’s safety in mind. Graco only uses the best material when manufacturing children’s products. I could easily put five children into the playpen without worry of it collapsing, but I don’t think the children would enjoy it much either way.

If you do buy the Graco TotBloc Playpen, I highly recommend buying a container of Clorox wipes to keep the pen clean. The mattress pad is easily removable and can be machine washed. Graco also sells additional mattress pads for their playpens, so you can either trash that dirty pad you have now or get an extra with which to rotate while washing the original pad. With proper care though, the Graco playpen can be kept clean for years of use and be used for child after child. I’ve never regretted buying the Graco TotBloc Playpen, and neither will you.

Graco Playpen Parent Reviews

Deborah, a mother of eight, loves her Graco playpen: “What a great playpen!!!   With 8 children, we have had a few to compare it to. This one is wonderful. It sets up just like the standard Pack N Plays, which I find very easy. We’ve had a standard rectangular Pack N Play for several babies. That is the one we take when traveling, and I wanted one I could just leave set up someplace in the house. This one, straight from the box, was put up in about 30 seconds by my 14-year-old. It is so bright and colorful and FUN. My newborn isn’t too interested in that part yet, but my 2-year-old didn’t want to come out when I put her in to explore it. They will probably both be using it. The bottom padded part is very nice, thicker than the other Pack N Play, bright and colorful, and I think will sponge off if needed. The toys on the side are really cute. My choice of this particular one was made because of the rating of use from birth to 3 years old (some of the others were only rated to 1 or 2 years), as well as how fun and colorful it looked, and its bigger size. The rectangular Pack N Plays are fine for napping or sleeping, but once the baby gets bigger, they are a bit cramped for playing. This one will be just perfect, as baby grows, for what I want it for…..playing in a safe, fun, stimulating environment when I or a sibling can’t be right there.”

And Jackie, another mother, had this to say about the Graco playpen: “I have other Graco products, and I am especially pleased with this pack n play. It is such a great value for the price. Some of the other pack n plays we looked at only go to age 2 or even just 1, but this one goes to age 3. It sets up right out of the box-no tools required, which is great gor tool-impaired people like me! You just pull it right out of the box and with a couple shakes and clicks it’s all set up. Folding it back up is just as easy, and it’s very light for those who travel. The toys on all 4 sides are great- my daughter, Emily, loves to look at herself in the mirror and squeeze the bug that crinkles. The bright colors are beautiful, which most kids seems to like, and all 4 sides are see-through so you can have it face any way you like. I would recommend this item to anyone! If I had to do it over again, I would still pick this pack n play!”


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