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Graco Extend 2Fit Car Seat Review 2020

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5/5 on July 7, 2019

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2,977 reviews


6 recline positions

10 headrest positions

Latch with push connectors

Leg extension allows for more leg room


Clumsy chest clip

Harness difficult to tighten

Big in size for small sized cars



The Extend2fit is no doubt one of the most affordable and comes with nice features. The build is nice and is one of the best in quality in car seats. It is comfortable, strong and safe. And there is pretty much nothing much to worry about it. However, the base of this seat is difficult to remove which might be somewhat irritating.


Introduction To Brand And Model

Graco has been one of the leading manufacturers of child safety gear and has been around since 1942. Graco extend2fit is one of their ERFs (extended rear-facing) seats which allow the extension of the rear facing limit. The NHTA recommends rear facing for as long as possible after 2 years. The longer the child stays in rear facing position, the safer he is. A child is most likely to outgrow 40 pounds when he is 4 years.  Graco recognizes this need and has provided an extended limit of 50 pounds.

Graco Extend2Fit All In One Car Seat

A rear facing limit of up to 50 pounds is the exceptional quality of Graco extend2fit in our opinion as it allows your child to stay in rear facing position for a longer span of time. Not only this; if you have bought the ‘all in one version’ you can also convert it to a high back booster which will hold up to 100 pounds and a backless booster which can go up to 120 pounds. Indeed this seat has been an ideal baby car seat for parents.

Key features

The Extend2fit convertible has a 10 position headrest and a 4 position leg extension to make more room for legs. This is to make sure that there is no compromise with the comfort of your child. It is fully compatible with latch and comes with a no re-thread harness making the installation simple.

The 6 position recline ensures that the recline angle stays safe and your baby has no issues while riding.

Other features:

  • Buckle pockets
  • Two removable cup holders

Usage According to Height and Weight of Baby

Multiple configuration usage:

Graco Extend2fit seat actually comes with different versions, which allow different configurations. The standard version comes with the option to put the child in rear and forward-facing position. While the 3 in 1 version features a high back booster. There is also an All in one version which can be converted to a backless booster for more weight.

Rear facing

This seat can accommodate children in the rear facing mode from 4-50 pounds. This feature makes Graco Extend2fit convertible car seat one of the best selling car seat as your child can stay in rear facing position for longer.

Forward facing

Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat

The forward facing position can hold a weight from 22 to 65 pounds. The upper limit in forward facing position is low in our opinion if compared to the upper limit of the rear position this seat has to offer. Once your child crosses 50 pounds, the upper limit will only compensate a mere 15 pounds for you which is why we recommend buying the version of graco extend2fit with the booster if you want higher weight limit.

Graco Extend2fit installation

Installing Extend2 fit is easy. Parents have had almost no issue installing the seat with seat belt; however, some have reported some trouble installing it in the rear facing position with belt as the belt path is smaller as compared to the forward position. The In-Latch system work like a charm and the and the straps can be easily fastened and removed.


Graco Extend2fit Design and Specifications

Graco Extend2 fit is a top rated baby car seat. The design is soft on the eyes and is made with comfortable fabric. The seat will be easily accommodated in a sized car. However, you may struggle to install it in a compact car while still trying to make space for other seats.



It measures a depth of 12 inches, 19.6 inches of width and a height of 27 inches

Safest  Car Seat

The Graco Extend2 fit is one of the safest infant car seats as it has scored considerably well in safety tests. The seat is well built. The 5 point harness system coupled with the adequately padded frame ensures absorption of external forces and safety of your child.

Safety Problems you May Face For Newborns

Parents have reported that they were not able to recline the seat of graco extend2fit properly as the head of their child tumbled too much. There have also been reports of having trouble with tightening the straps while harnessing. Other than those there is nothing in this seat to worry too much about.

Economical  Car Seat Under 200$

The Graco Extend2fit is one of the best baby car seats under $200. It has been rated as the top rated baby car seat by many parents for its price per feature. If you are looking for the best deal on Graco Extend2Fit, it is advised to look for retailers who offer promos and discounts on Graco products.

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