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This is a razor e300 electric scooter review. The Razor E300 Electric Scooter is the product of Razor company that accelerates with electricity. This razor electric scooter is produced after the production of electric scooter of models E100 and E200. This kid’s electric scooter is the modified version of Razor scooters E100 and E200 and the electric scooter reviews received so far are very positive which are making this E300 electric scooter one of the highest products of all.


While riding the Razor E300 Electric Scooter, the rider can easily attain the speed of up to 15 mi.Rear brakes are operated manually.


The E300 kids electric scooter is a product which have frame and deck having large dimensions and it is such type of scooter on which maximum two people can ride easily because it is 40 inches long and 35 to 42 inches high. It has adjustable handlebars providing joy to the drives. The frame and deck of this razor electric scooter are very long and when you talk about it’s deck, it is 8 inches wide. Due to its strong frame and long deck the Razor E-300 electric scooter can bear weight to the extent of 220 pounds of drivers.

Battery And Charging.

The E300 razor electric scooter has a battery charger which contains 24 volts of battery. It requires around 8 hours to completely charge the battery and It can run up-to 45 minutes per charge. The razor electric scooter has a charger which is used with some other razor electric scooter models like E300, E325, E325S (having removable seats) and E300S( having removable seats) and with all removable seated electric scooters. This charger contains LED indicators which show charging status and mechanically shuts down when battery is completely charged. It is suitable to use sealed chemical of lead acid ( SLA) batteries in all Razor electric scooter models. The razor electric scooter is provided with 2 batteries of 12 volts containing 7 ampere per hour.

Repair and Maintenance .

Brake adjustments.

•    To adjust the brakes in your electric scooter, you need to twist brake lever tool in and out ¼ to ½ until you attain your desired brake adjustment. But, if your brake is still creating problems then attempt next step.
•    If your brake is too loose or too tight then use 10mm wide wrench in order to loose or tight the nut.
Replacement of Rear Tire and Chain
•    For the replacement of the chain, you need to loose two screws.
•    With the help of 10 mm wrench, disconnect the cable by loosing “ brake cable anchor” from the electric scooter.
•    Then loose “ Brake Housing Cable” with the help of 8mm wrench and remove it. Keep the bolts and spacer together.
•    By the help of 10mm wrench, loose axle adjusters giving approximately 5 turns.
•    The 17mm wrenches are then used to loose the axle, chain and removing of the wheel.
•    Place new wheel and chain by placing the chain and slipping the axle into the frame.
•    To connect brake housing anchor, arrange the adjustor of cable guide. Then install bolts and spacer but do not tight them before the last step.
•    Connect brake spring and tie cable into cable anchor. Thread the wire to its actual position.
•    Install the axle nuts and adjustors and tight them until they fully hold the hardware.
•    Screw tightly the axle adjustors with the same number of twists to produce tension on the chain and to place the wheel to its actual position.
•    Finally, screw brake housing anchor and take a secure test drive.

Battery and Charger Care.

Always place batteries in the room having temperatures below 750 and above -100F. The chargers supplied with razor electric scooter should be regularly examined to save damaging from cord, enclosure and plug.

Accessories or Parts

There are several parts that are necessary in the razor electric scooter.
•    Handlebar grips ( left/ right).
•    Handlebar stem
•    Single speed twist grip throttle.
•    Quick release lever.
•    Headset (lower/ upper)
•    Front fork
•    Limiter
•    Front wheel
•    Charger port
•    Battery
•    Reset button
•    Control module
•    Chain
•    Battery Bracket
•    Kickstand
•    Deck plate
•    Chain guard
•    Rear wheel complete

Customer reviews

The customers of razor electric scooter are very satisfied with their choice. However, there are some who have some hesitation and threats before buying it, but when they have bought kids electric scooter they are very happy. The electric scooter reviews pushed them to buy this remarkable product. Some of them has gifted this electric scooter to their children by seeing the electric scooter reviews of those people who have gifted the to their own children.
Pros and Cons of Razor E300 Electric Scooter.
From the above product description and customer testimonials, you can now understand the disadvantages and advantages of razor electric scooter.


1.    Big dimension frame and deck
This electric scooter contains a very large size of frame and deck. So, it is ideal for scooter drivers who have age ranging from 12 years or more. Having these kids electric scooter, children as well as their parents are very comfortable.
2.    10 inches Pneumatic wheels
Due to the good electric scooter reviews and pneumatic wheels, people are attracted towards it. This electric scooter makes them comfortable to ride and there are some people who have mentioned that it gives a smooth ride.
3.    Manually Control of Brakes
This kids electric scooter uses hand braking system giving drivers comfort to ride. This electric scooter also uses rear tire braking mechanism reducing the probabilities of accidents.


•    Chain tension
Some people are not comfortable with the braking system of this razor electric scooter although there is nothing wrong with its adjustment. To avoid this problem, you need to look at your chain’s tension as if it is too tight then the electric scooter creates problem to operate. So, it is suitable to loose chain up-to ¾ inch.
•    Available only for 12 years or older
This kids electric scooter is suitable for the children of age 12 or more. But, there is some guidance available if your child who is not 12 years old wants to have the kids electric scooter. You can accompany with him in the ride but make sure that the sum of yours and your son’s body weight should not above than 220 lbs.

This electric kids scooter is the best choice to present as a christmas gift, as it is safe to use and easy to adjust. Its folded handlebar mechanism makes it easy to store and space friendly vehicle. The Twist Grip Speed Control enable the rider to control the speed as per his need. It is the best option for giving it as a present to your loved ones.  Its long battery life and special features make it so exciting that nobody wants to drop it. By having the best accessories of razor electric scooter, you can enjoy the best ride.

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Disclaimer: There are affiliate links in this post. At no cost to you, I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.
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