Electric Scooter Reviews – Razor E100

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This Razor E100 Electric Scooter review will show that it is one of the Razor brand created in 2000 by the Razor USA Company. It is a sleek scooter with twist-grip throttle and a belt-driven motor that is ultra quiet. The E100 razor is the best device for teenagers and pre-teens from eight years old, especially as a christmas gift present, who want to dash over to a friend’s house or quickly rush to the market. It has a chain drive motor which gives it power for a fun and fast cruise.


The motor of the Razor E100 Electric Scooter moves at a high speed equal to 10 mph. This is about 40 minutes use per charge.


The Razor E100 Electric Scooter only needs a slight physical kickoff of about 3 miles for every hour prior to its start. Once the rider starts moving, though, the electric motor inclines very fast to allow for some fun. This ramping is about 10 miles every hour. Although it is fast, it is not so fast to cause any chaos on the sidewalks. It also has a mechanism for folding the handlebar making it easy to transport and store it. A maximum weight of 120 pounds is guaranteed by an 8-inch front tire that is pneumatic, a front brake that is hand operated, and a4.9-inch rear wheel that is polyurethane.

Battery & Charging.

Battery can be rechargeable, taking up to eight hours charge completely. The charger has a signal when it is completely charged. It takes less time. Baterry of Razor E100 Electric Scooter is a long life and reliable.

Repair & Maintenance.

Brake Adjustments.

Before changing or adjusting the brakes of the electric scooter, ensure that there are no loose connections under the deck plate and if there are some, they should be reconnected. Loose wires should also be checked in the parts near the brake lever, in case of any loose wires, the brake lever should be replaced. Lastly, the brake cable should at all times, be checked for damage. In case the cable is damaged, the brake lever needs to be replaced.

Replacement of Rear Tire & Chain.

Before replacing a chain, the chain tension should be checked. If the chain is too loose it should be adjusted. The sprocket on the rear tire should be properly aligned. This alignment should be with the gear that is on the motor shaft. If there is no alignment, then the sprocket should be adjusted. The gear on the motor wheel should also be checked to ensure that it is not bent. When all these have been checked, then the chain tension should be checked and there after replaced if broken.electric scooter accessories
When replacing a rear tire; the following procedure should be followed.

• The brake cable and anchor should first be loosened before they are removed.
• The brake arm anchor should also be loosened, and then removed.
• The spacer and bolt should be maintained together.
• The axle adjusters should be loosened on either side by the same amounts, around five turns
• The inset axle nuts are then loosened and the wheel pushed forward so that the drive belt can be loosened
• The old wheel can now be pulled out and the new wheel installed. Put the belt on the wheel pulley and slide the axle in the holes on the frame.
• The cable and brake anchor arm can be hooked up by aligning the cable guide adjuster and fitting in the bolt and spacer.
• The brake spring should then be inserted and the cable wire threaded into the cable anchor. The cable should then be threaded to its initial position and firmly tightened.
• The axle nuts and adjusters should then be fitted in and tightened and re-tightened until 5 turns to center the wheel properly.
• The wheel should be turned clockwise severally while observing the tension of the belt ensuring it is not too tight
• After aligning the belt at the center, ensure that its tension is okay and tighten the axle nuts firmly.
electric scooter reviews

Battery & Charger Care.

A newly bought E100 electric scooter battery should first of all be charged fully. This will take about 12 hours as they are new.

The electric scooter should be switched off when charging so as to prevent the scooter from being activated accidentally thereby damaging it. It is also recommended to always charge the battery after a very long ride, instead of waiting until it is completely discharged. The scooter should be switched off at all times when not in use.

Accessories or Parts.

There are various parts that make up the Razor E100 Electric Scooter. They include:
• Battery charger
• Spark replacement cartridge
• Twist throttle
• Double welded frames
• Fixed axle
• Brake lever
• Brake cable
• Deck plate
• Breaker button
• Piece chain guard electric scooter reviews
• Front wheel, rear wheel
• Front tire
• Controller module
• Brake and switch unit
• Cut out switch
• Chain guard
• Replacement plastic foot plate
• Front Inner tube
• Kick stand

Customer reviews.

Every product in the market has varying reviews from its customers. The Razor E100 Electric Scooter has been recommended by most parents as the best present to buy for your teen child. And with Christmas coming, this will be a superb christmas gift idea. Its power is not too much as to cause accidents. Once the kids learn how to use it, most customers testify it to be the best. Some customers though, have complained that when taking a sharp corner, the chain protector hauls the pavement. Although it causes no damage, these customers recommend that the chain protector should be raised a little bit higher from the ground. electric scooter parts

Pros & Cons of Razor E300 Electric Scooter.

As discussed above, it is evident that every kids scooter product must have its pros and cons. The Razor E100 Electric Scooter is not no exception. Its pros and cons are discussed below as:


1. Its battery lasts long. It can last up to an hour of riding uphill and downhill. This makes it very friendly for the kids as they can play for one hour continuously without recharging it.
2. It has a very big pneumatic tire which makes it very easy to ride on the rocks and bumps.
3. Some parts of the Razor E100 Electric Scooter can be disjointed from one another. This is very convenient especially during transportation.
4. The Razor E100’s scooter is very strong and firm. It is therefore good for teen kids because of their energy.
5. It is also fast though not too fast as to cause accidents and injuries.
6. It comes in only two parts, being the main body and the shaft. Putting together of these two makes the scooter complete thus making it very easy to assemble.


1. Insufficient brake
Some people have risen complains regarding the scooter brake as being insufficient. Although the break stops eventually, some clients have complained that it is insufficient. This can be controlled by teaching the kids how to deal with it. They should be taught how to steer from circumstances and free the throttle.
2. The rear wheel Although the rear wheel of the scooter is very solid and polished, it can slide in surfaces that are not dry. Complaints of kids sliding and breaking their arms have been reported pointing out to the slick rear wheel. This situation can however be minimized with the use of a rubber tire that is grooved.
3. Too large a drive chain cover The drive chain sticks on the back wheel’s right side, which has a cover. Many people have complained that this cover is too big that it inhibits most turns to the right. When turning to the right, some contact is felt on the road by the cover, making the back wheel lose touch with the road. To avoid this problem, the cover can be made to be slightly smaller to ensure that the right turns are smooth.


From the above review, Razor E100 Scooter is very suitable for children above eight years. Protection measures and precautions especially on speed and the required weight should be put into consideration. Maintenance should also be upheld to ensure that it lasts long. Razor E100 Electric Scooter is therefore recommended and guaranteed no disappointments as long as the review is considered. If you are thinking of a birthday present for your kid, then, look no further!

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Disclaimer: There are affiliate links in this post. At no cost to you, I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.
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