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The powerful Currie Technologies Ezip E450 electric scooter is working on mobile vehicles designed to ride short distances. It comes with a portable seat and allows for 15 miles per hour maximum speed in trip of about 8 miles in fully charged battery.

This is a great electric scooter. It is good if you must to go out and the distance you will be going to is too short for a car ride but too long for a leisurely walk. Kids will surely enjoy riding this electric scooter on their feet and for adults; the removable seat will surely come in handy.

It is actually one of the most popular electric kids scooters that are available in the market today. It is designed to be driven by kids and adults alike, 13 years old and above.

Currie Technologies Ezip E450 Electric Scooter Features:

This kids’ electric scooter comes with a durable steel-frame body and a powerboard structure for standing as well as a functional removable plush seat gear.
It is safe to use especially with the front brakes that features power modulator, which allows for full stopping ability and the Street Slick tires (10 inch) also provide additional safety.
Other features of this electric scooter include a battery box and changeable speed twist grip. This kids’ scooter s can take as mush weight as 180 pounds and the motor allows for 15 MPH speed limit and 8 mile range per charging is dependent on the weight of the rider and the type of terrain
This electric scooter is packed with motor power from DC Earth Magnet at 450 W, an EV Rated SLA Type battery (Plug and Play Design), lay forward handle bars and unicorn fork that comes with over steering. It also comes with a stable kick stand with a dependable spring, which means that it can pretty hold up the electric scooter in place without you having to worry about anything.
It also has power on and power of switch and the charging system is accessible through the swing away access port located in the structure console. A battery charge light indicator shows how much power you have. The deck is made up of non-slip ABS Resin with In-Mold Graphics and Brand Logo Badge.


Maintenance of this electric scooter is minimal. You need to do regular oiling on the chain to ensure that it stays rust-free.
The brakes of your Currie technologies Ezip E450 electric scooter also need to be regularly checked. If you let your kids ride the electric scooter, you have to teach them how to check the brakes before taking the vehicle out of the house.
Do not forget to check on the tires too. Make sure that they have enough inflation to avoid unnecessary disasters. You need to makes sure that the tires do not have too much or too less air, they should be sufficiently inflated.
Battery recharging is the most common maintenance work that you and your family will have to do and with the easy to access charging port, recharging is a breeze. It is best if you recharge after each use, that way the electric scooter is ready to go for the next user.


For troubleshooting it is best to check the User’s manual that comes with your purchase. There are instances though that you may be able to do some troubleshooting on your own. If the electric scooter won’t start, you have to see what causes it first. It may have automatically shut off, so the best thing you can do is to turn it off and then on again. Usually that works. If it did not work, inspect for battery connection. If that is not the problem, check the fuse.


• Powerful kids’ electric scooter
• Runs fast and evenly even when going up on hills
• Starts up well, no need for a kick off to get it running
• Nicely designed
• Sturdily built frame
• Highly affordable
• Very handy and compact
• Reliable kick stand
• High quality rubber tires
• Battery charge indicator is very useful.


• The handle bars are short, really just for kids
• No kick off means if it dies when you are far from home you have to push it all the way
• No seat springs
• No shock absorbers
• Uncomfortable to ride in uneven terrain

Currie Technologies Ezip E450 Electric Scooter Reviews:

This particular product has been getting great electric scooter reviews.It is usually compared to its bigger brother the Ezip 500, which is by far the more popular, but also the more expensive and the heavier.
Therefore, those who like their electric scooters handy and comfortable are quite satisfied with this particular scooter. They like then fact that even it is lightweight it still can hold up to 180 pounds of weight. The 8 miles distance range is something that uses love about. It allows them to go for quick grocery shopping and kids even take their electric scooters to school.
The design is quite neat and it can be proudly driven around the community. Kids are actually happy to ride around with their friends.
For adults, they said that it is best to use the scooter’s removable seat because the handle bars are too short and riding on their feet seems clumsy and uncomfortable.


The Currie Technologies Ezip E450 Electric scooter is a pretty durable and fast vehicle. If you want something that can take you up hills and around your neighborhood, this is the scooter for you.
It is highly recommended for kids aged 13 years old and above. For best safety precautions, do not let your kids use the electric scooter without donning their helmets first. The scooter runs fast enough that it can cause some small injuries if the rider accidentally falls off.
All in all, this is a very nice and useful electric scooter. It is highly recommended too and the electric scooter reviews prove that.

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