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Diono Radian RXT Car Seat Review

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  • Narrow design suitable for midsized cars
  • 10 years life span
  • Extremely easy to uninstall
  • Come with a cup holder which is removable


  • The lap belt must be used with the top tether otherwise it may pose a risk of injury
  • Diono has issued a recall notice for this seat
  • Leg straps do not have padding


The Radian RXT is indeed a best buy. Our final thought & review about this car seat is mere appreciation. The upper weight limit of 120 pounds has indeed left us impressed.

Though the recall notice may appear to be one downside of this seat. But we see it more as a care and commitment Diono has for its customers.

Introduction to Brand and Model

Diono has been one of the competing manufacturers of child safety gear for many years now. It is based in Washington. It specializes in manufacturing quality baby car seats as well as strollers and other car seat accessories. Diono Radian RXT is one of such products by Diono.

Diono Radian RXT is a best convertible car seats which means that it can be used with two positions for your child as he grows up. This seat has some decent features like the foldable feature but its low ease of use might restrict you the freedom to use it like a breeze.

Let us go through this best Diono Radian Rtx car seat review and see if this best selling convertible car seat suites your need.

Best Convertible All In One Car Seat

The Radian RXTis the best baby car seat under $300. Its ability to hold hefty weight is exceptional in our opinion. This great convertible car seat is a booster seat as well and apart from the rear and front facing position, it offers a booster option as well which can hold a staggering 120 pounds of weight. The built quality is premium and the fabric used is nice and comfy. The installation is pretty easy with the UAS connectors and it can work with latch systems and its size is suitable for medium sized cars.

Key features.

The Radian RXT radiates good vibes from it if we look at the features. The seat has 10 year expiration and it will give you a good amount of usage. This is an ideal baby car seat which can hold up to 120 pounds of weight therefore you can safely assume that this seat will stay with your kid for long.

It has a conventional 5 point harness which makes sure that your baby is safe and secure and a steel frame which ensures side impact protection from the outside forces in case of a crash. It also adds adjustable head support to have increased safety.

Other features:

  • Airplane compatible
  • 120 pound weight booster
  • Comes with a cup holder

This safest infant car seat comes with additional padding in the seat as well as in the shoulder harnesses which keeps the safety to a maximum level. The material used is breathable and ensures that your little one has a comfy ride.

The recline adjustment will achieve a degree of angle which you can consider safe. However, if you have a comparatively small car, it will prove to be narrow as the height itself is defaulted to almost 29 inches and you will have to maneuver a bit to have it adjusted.

Usage According to Height and Weight of Baby

Multiple configuration Usage

Diono Radian RXT is best quality baby car seat can be used in two positions. The rear facing and the front facing mode. These two modes are the specialty of convertible car seats as they are made to grow with your baby.

Apart from the two conventional convertible car seat positions, this seat also offers a booster support. But according to the manufacturer, the booster is best used with the lap belt.

Rear facing

The rear position can be used to hold a baby within the weight limits of 5 – 45 pounds which is an ideal weight limit for this economical convertible car seat. The recommended height in this position is 44 inches.

Forward facing

The forward facing position can be used for weights from 20 to 65 pounds and the recommended height for this position is 57 inches. The height limit should reach that point while using the 5 point harness.


One marvelous feature of this top rated baby car seat is that it offers a booster which offers the provision to hold from 50 pounds to a hefty 120 pounds which is really exceptional.

You can very seldom see this kind of weight limit in car seats in this range. Buying this best baby car seat under $300 gives you the best deal on Diono Radian Rxt.

Diono radian RXT installation

The installation process is just as simple as any other car seat. However, the specifics might say otherwise. The tether is tough enough and the UAS connectors are strong. The 5 point harness does what it should and works well in securing the baby.

However, installing this seat in latch system did not go so well when compared to its installation with seat. We will give it a 7.5 out of 10 for latch system installation. There have been reports of difficulty tightening the seat securely enough in latch system.

The testers have described the overall installation and operation of this seat with latches as a bit awkward. However, it works considerably well with car belt. This seat lacks the lock off features but this is a blessing in disguise as the belt rethreads easily without having to worry about the lock-off getting in the way.

Diono radian RXT Design and Specifications

The Diono Radian RXT convertible car seats have a sleek and attractive design. It has a narrow built and it will not occupy all the middle space between the two seats.

It might even be good to make a space for three if used in a sized car. The reinforced steel alloy frame and the front and side impact protection design makes it the safest infant car seat


This Radian RXT has a depth of about 16 inches. A width of 15 inches and a height of 28.5 inches. Thus if you have an average sized vehicle then this seat is good for you. However, if you have a compact car then it can prove to be a hassle and may not leave much room for others.

Safest Convertible Car Seat

Radian RXT car seat has a 5 point harness to secure your baby and comes with a steel frame around the shell. It is designed to protect your baby from any side impacts and outside elements. The seat has passed all the US safety tests.

The shoulder harness has safety pads as well which is good since this will make sure that your baby is not injured in case of any bumps or nudges and keeps him intact inside the seat while absorbing all the outside forces.

Safety Problems you may face for newborns

Though Radian RXT car seat has all the safety incorporated into it and Diono has tried its best to provide the maximum level of security to your toddler. However, you must know that Diono has issued a recall notice.

This safety notice also affects the Radian RXT. The safety notice is only intended to address the issue which relates to “vehicle lap belt only without the top tether”.

However, using the lap and shoulder belts and the latch connector with or without the tether is not affected by this notice. Other than this, we have not found any reports of any unforeseen incidents related to this car seat.

Best Convertible Car Seat under 300$

This ideal baby car seat is indeed one of the best you can buy in this price. This best baby car seat under $300 has all the required features of a safest infant car seat and ensures the safety of your child.

This seat goes along your bay for long owing to its long life span and the exceptional weight limit it offers.

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