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Clek Foonf Vs Fllo Convertible Car Seat Review in 2020

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Foonf comes with loads of additional accessories

Both seats are very narrow

Water resistant fabric

Dual length crotch straps


Both are very heavy

Fllo is a bit uneasy to install as compared to the Foonf

Foonf is set up quite high in the vehicle


The Clek Foonf and Fllo are seats with exceptional built quality and are one of those seats which have above average ratings in the crash results. These are compact seats which can easily fit average as well as some small sized cars. If you have a mid end budget and you are looking for the best deal on Cleck’s products, you should definitely choose one of these.

Clek Foonf Vs Fllo Convertible Car Seat Review in 2020

Introduction to Brand and Models

Clek specializes in making the best quality baby car seats. Clek’s Foonf and Fllo are two of their models that are very similar to each other. Deciding between the two may be difficult for you as both have the same rear and forward-facing limits and both come with an anti-rebound bar. This Clek Foonf Vs Fllo Car Seat review will help you decide which seat suits your need

Best Convertible All In One Car Seats

Both of the models are convertibles which means you can use them in rear-facing and forward-facing mode. Both are safe and comfortable and have secured well in crash tests. Though with very similar features, both seats have a marginal difference in their price. Let us see what the differences are. If you are interested to check the list of best convertible car seats 2020, then click here

Key features

Foonf and Fllo are both the best selling baby car seats.  Both will be the ideal baby car seats for your child. They come with an ARB (anti-rebound bar), however, the Foonf’s ARB is required to be used at all times while the Fllo has a removable ARB. This gives Foonf an easy recline as if the ARB is removed in Fllo you will need a towel to have an additional recline. These are considered as the best slimline car seats of 2020.

In the Foonf, the reclining mechanism is supported by a base that aids in its 3 recline positions but in Floo you get a recline foot that can move forward and backward to aid the recline.

  • Both seats have an expiration of 9 years
  • Both come with 2 crotch buckle

Usage According to Height and Weight of Baby

Multiple configuration usage

Both the Foonf and Fllo can be used in two positions, i.e. the rear-facing and the forward-facing. Keeping the child rear-facing is safer.

Rear facing

Both Foonf and Fllo come with rear-facing weight range of 14 – 50 pounds and a height range of 25 to 43.99 inches

Forward facing

The forward facing position in both these seats can accommodate from 20 – 65 pounds and a height which can be between 30 to 49 inches.

Clek Foonf Vs Fllo installation

The installation in the Foonf and the Fllo is a bit different. As we know that the Foonf has two sets of lower anchor connectors, the rear facing lower anchor connector strap can be fastened independently on each side in the rear facing mode while the Fllo uses only one strap which you will have to move from the belt path of the rear facing to the forward facing to suit your need.

Foonf uses flexible connector strap for rear facing and a rigid connector for the forward facing but Fllo does not have the rigid connector. So you will have to use either the seat belt or the lower anchor connectors.

Clek Foonf Vs Fllo Design and Specifications

The design of both the seats is simplistic. It has no extra ordinarily projected design and has a minimalist look. The Foonf however, has a base because of which the height of this seat is raised considerably higher.


Apart from the base, both seats have a shell height of 27 inches. The Fllo measures 16.9 inches in width, a height of 27 inches while Foonf is 28.5 inches high and 17 inches in width.

Safest Convertible Car Seat

Both seats have scored well in the federal crash tests and are declared safe. These are two of the safest baby car seats you can get in this price range. Both have a steel enforced side frame which ensures side impact protection to the child.

Safety Problems you may face for newborns

We did not encounter any major problems with the Foonf as well as the Fllo. Foonf has a react safety system while Fllo has an Aluminum Honeycomb Safety System. Both systems are designed to reduce external forces significantly. Therefore, we will rate it good for safety.

Best Convertible Car Seat under 300$

Clek Foonf and Fllo are of the few best baby car seats that you will find under $300 to $450. The price falls somewhere in between budget and expensive. But these seats are quality seats which will give you no issues and will stay with you for longer use. These are one of the safest seats in the market and have an above-average score in the crash test results.

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