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Britax USA Advocate Car Seat Review

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•Washable and dryable
•Has the click tight technology
•Three layered protection


•Scored comparatively low in NHTSA tests
•Does not have belt lock off
•Big in size and not suitable for compact cars


The Britax USA Advocate is indeed an ideal baby car seat. Looking at the safety features it provides, we can safely say that it is one of the safest infant car seat. If you are looking for a car seat with adequate safety which is comfortable at the same time with a good build quality, the Advocate is a great convertible car seat for you.
It is one of the most economical convertible car seats as if you compare it with other similar products in this price range. This best convertible car seat under $350 is a great choice for you. If you like the best Britax USA Advocate car seat review, please feel free to share it with others.

Introduction to brand and model

Britax is a British childcare manufacturing based in the United Kingdom, Chertsey. Britax has been in this industry for a decade and a half. It is known for its quality products and its commitment to continue providing innovative ideas for child safety. Britax manufactures baby gear such as best convertible car seats.

Today we have brought you best Britax USA Advocate car seat review. We have picked this model as it certainly has some edges. Its clicktight technology makes the installation smooth and easy.

It is a convertible which means that you can use it in two different positions to suit the needs of your child as he grows up. Let us get going and see if this proves to be the best deal on britax USA Advocate for you.

Best Convertible All In One Car Seat

The Britax Advocate is no doubt a best quality baby car seat. And it hasn’t done away with other aspects of the seats as well. The seat is secure with its 3 layered protection and is made with quality fabric. Britax has made sure that your baby gets the comfort and safety the baby deserves.

This great convertible car seat can transform into two positions and you can put it to use for your children as he grows up. As your child grows, this seat will grow with your child which undoubtedly makes it an ideal baby car seat.

Key features

This great Britax Advocate convertible car seat is the top rated baby car seat as it comes with some dazzling features. It has a 14 position harness for safety which can be fastened without using too much force.

There is also a safe snug indicator which will give click sound as you tighten the harness. This gives the peace of mind that the baby is secure. The 14 position harness ensures that you never have to rethread the straps ever again and helps you while your baby is growing up.

Other features

  • Washable pad
  • Latch support on click tight buckle

Britax acknowledges that most of the injuries that a child sustains is because of the side impact and have thus provided three layer protection from side impacts. Furthermore, the outer built is designed in a way that it protects your baby from outer elements.

The anti rebound bar works good when seat is installed rear facing and minimizes destabilization of the car seat. The recline level can be easily read and let you decide if the recline level is safe or not. These features make it the safest infant car seat.

Usage According to Height and Weight of Baby

Multiple configuration Usage

The Britax USA advocate can be configured in two positions. However, each position has its height and weight limits as expounded by US safety standards. Let us see how this seat works with that.

Rear facing

The rear facing position can support from 5 to 40 pounds. In our opinion, the upper limit of the weight is not so impressive considering its price. The height recommended by Britax is 27 inches and not an inch above that. But these downsides can be compensated for the safety that this seat provides.

Forward facing

The forward facing position can stand from 20 to 65 pounds. And the recommended height is no taller than 54 inches.

Britax USA Advocate installation

What most of the parents will dread is a seat that is a pain to install. If you have to take your baby out on a ride in an emergency and the seat is difficult to install then the seat is clearly not serving its purpose.

Well, you are in for luck as this is not a problem for the Advocate. The Advocate has a pretty simple installation and it is probably, because of the click tight technology which is found in both the Latch and the belt straps.

The recline is easy as it has a recline adjustment feature which also comes with a level with a ball to see if the angle is correct or not.Due to easy installation it has been rated as the best convertible car seats 2019.

Britax USA Advocate Car Seats Design and Specifications

The seat is designed for safety and convenience. The design absorbs most of the force from an impact and the shell is designed for the comfort of the baby. The click tight feature is integrated in the design and works like a charm.

It also has an indicator which shows if it is tightened correctly or not. It is an average sized seat and can be easily installed in normal cars. Considering its price per feature, the Britax USA Advocate is the most economical convertible car seat.


The harness height on this seat can be from 8.34” to 19.4”. It has a width of 23.5, depth is 23” and a height of 23.5 “. The seat itself is 26.5 pounds.

Britax as Safest Convertible Car Seat

The Britax USA advocate is one of the best baby car seat under $350 as it one of the safest infant car seats. The shell is surrounded by a frame of steel which is able to absorb most of the energy from a crash. The base keeps it intact and the harnesses are strong to keep the baby in the seat. The occasional bumps can harm the baby’s neck and back. The recline adjustment coupled with the level indicator ensures that your child stays safe.

Safety Problems you may face for newborns

The advocate has passed all the US safety standards and is thus considered safe for your baby to ride on. It also has three layered protection around the shell and Britax claims that this three layered protection offers increased safety.

But we have not found any data that support these claims. Although it has passed the US safety standards but it scored comparatively low in National Highway Traffic Safety Administration tests. The lack of practical data however, does not make this a bad choice as we did not find any specific flaws in the design so as to rate it low for safety.

Is this the Best Convertible Car Seat under 350$?

The Britax USA advocate is best baby car seat under $350 if it is compared to other products in this price range for the features in this price. This is in fact one of the best selling convertible car seats from Britax. Although not their flagship, yet still meeting the expectations.

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