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Britax Marathon Convertible Car Seat Review in 2020

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4.8/5 on July 11, 2019

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It is FAA approved convertible car seat.

Comes with additional safety features as compared to other models.

Easy and user-friendly Installation system.

It is reasonably priced and affordable.

You get premium features installed in this car seat that are installed in the highly priced models of Britax for instance Boulevard and Advocate.


The quality of seat cushion is average.

The weight of this model is 28.4 lbs, so it is not easy to move from one car to another.


My final thoughts on Britax Marathon G 4.1, and I have included only those features that are distinguishing points from other options available in the market. It has easily removable and machine washable parts. The previous model did come with the parts that had to be hand washed, but thankfully, they have finally made the cleaning part a bit hassle free. Babies tend to dirty everything they touch. It is really a blessing that Britax has taken it into consideration and removed huge problems for working parents. Imagine having to hand washed your seat fabrics every time your kid spills something on your seat. It is a drag right?

If you’re planning to buy from Britax, I would recommend using the ClickTight versions of Marathon, Boulevard and Britax. They offer extra features and new updates. I would recommend you to check the best prices on Amazon

Britax Marathon Convertible Car Seat Review in 2020

Introduction of Brand and Model

Britax has been around for 70 years and over these years; it has built and distributed quality products. Britax is famous for providing the latest technology in the market if we consider safety and comfort, then Britax is top of the list. We have selected Britax marathon convertible car seat review as it is the best selling convertible booster car seat. The two distinguishing features of this model are ease of installation and the extra safety features.

With their Marathon G 4.1 convertible car seat, they have made the installation really easy. You don’t have to use hit and trial method to get this top convertible car seat properly fixed in your car. The installation feature and the top-notch safety that it provides have made it one of the best harnesses to booster seats.

Britax marathon has actually two versions available, the Britax marathon G4 and the Britax Marathon ClickTight, with Marathon ClickTight being the newer version with their newly introduced ClickTight system. This model conforms to American Highway Traffic Security standards; hence you can trust it with the level of security it provides to your little one.

Best Convertible All In One Car Seat
Britax marathon is a convertible car seat and a booster car seat as well and it can be used in both rear-facing and forward-facing mode. Experts say that a child should be kept in rear-facing mode until the age of 2 years. But my personal recommendation is to keep the child in rear-facing mode for as long as possible, even up to four years, unless of course your kids just refuse to stay rear faced any longer.

Britax Marathon G 4.1 is really an all-in-one package. The seat will take your kid from the preschool days to elementary school. Children always get attached to the things they use in their childhood. And this best convertible car seats is definitely going to be one of those things that are going to make your kid’s childhood safe, fun and memorable.

Key Features

The Marathon G 4.1 is one of the safest convertible car seat 2019 to get to your destination while being 100% assured of the safety. The greatest feature is that it has a very low center of gravity as compared to the other brands like Graco or Safety 1st. It has this honeycomb sort of structure in its base called the safe cells. At the time of impact, it absorbs the force of impact all the while making the center of gravity even lower by the compression of safe cells. The frame is built out of reinforced steel that will not bend and keep your child safe during crash. It minimizes the forward motion, thus greatly reducing the odds of head injury which is a leading cause of death in car crashes.

Other features include

  • Wider harness straps to avoid twisting.
  • Latch connectors with push buttons.
  • Tether to attach this safe convertible car seat to the car.

Every convertible car manufacturer conforms to the safety specifications enforced by the American Highway Traffic Safety Association. But where some of the manufacturers stop at meeting the minimum specs, Britax has always been commended for exceeding these safety limits. As I already explained, safe cells in the base of the seat absorb the force of impact and lower the center of gravity along with a reinforced steel frame and side-impact protection. As per the statistics, in 24 % of accidents, the car can get hit from the side.

As your child grows you need to adjust the harness to make it fit your child properly and tightly. But where other manufacturers think only about safety, Britax marathon G 4.1 offers a 10 position harness, with 2 position buckle to make the harness as comfortable as possible for your kid as this seat keeps your child safe during the journey. Another best part is that you do not need to buy the 5 point harness for booster seat, as you can use the car seat belt with this convertible car seat. What makes Britax a really great convertible car seat is the plush foam padding. You’ll see padding everywhere. There’s a buckle pad, shoulder pad and also a comfortable pillow for infants to keep them comfy, which can later be removed as your kid grows up.

One thing I’d like to mention is a three-position adjustment for rear-facing mode. Which does not allow as much flexibility in the angle adjustment as the other companies do? Some brands offer up to 10 adjustable positions. But for most babies, these three will be enough. All these features make it the best convertible car seat for small cars.

Usage According to Height and Weight of Baby

Multiple configuration Usage

Britax marathon G 4.1 can be used in two different configurations; rear-facing and forward-facing. Each model comes with a height and weight limit. Britax has set these limits according to the standards set by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Let us see what these guidelines are.

  1. Rear-facing

While using rear-facing mode, your child should be between 5 to 40 pounds and the maximum allowed height limit is 49 inches, based off the tallest part of the G 4.1 convertible car seat. In the newer ClickTight version though, they have used head weight as the standard. This means you will be able to use the Marathon ClickTight version longer than G 4.1. But you can still use G 4.1 for quite some time. The height limit of the harness is between 8.5 inches and 17.5 inches. And your child’s shoulder should be between 9 to 16 inches wide.

      2. Forward Facing

The shoulder width of the child should be between 12 and 16.75 inches and the weight range is 40 to 65 pounds with an extension of at the most 5 pounds. The difference between Marathon ClickTight and G 4.1 version, in terms of the harness height, is minimal. So you can use the forward-facing mode in G 4.1 Marathon as long as in Marathon ClickTight. But the difference in Boulevard ClickTight and G4 is almost two inches in comparison.

Britax Marathon Convertible Car Seat Installation

The installation process is pretty straight forward. Attach the latch connectors and make sure that the connecting straps do not have any twists. The other thing to look for is that the base of the convertible car seat should be in proper and full contact with the car seat. Repeat the installation process or change the seating location if any of the above conditions are not met. You have another option, especially while using the rear facing mode is to use the versa tether. The minimum and maximum recline angle should be between 30 to 45 degrees depending upon if the kid can hold his head. If you’re still confused about the installation, you can read the manuals and guide books that you can follow to install this convertible booster car seat.

Britax Marathon Convertible Car Seat Design and Specifications

Overall the Marathon G 4.1 has a pretty solid design. It comes in different color combinations. The seat is very narrow, which is good if your kid is not large. Design is stylish and pretty easy on the eyes. It also comes with a cup holder and a pouch which can be pretty handy and keep your child busy during the ride. Just put some food or candies in the cup holder and keep your baby preoccupied. So, it is not wrong to say that this is the best convertible car seat for travel on long routes and going on long drives.


The Marathon G 4.1 has a depth of 21 inches with a maximum width of 18.5 inches and a height of 26 inches. So I’d say that it does not take as much space in the cars. Rather it is the best convertible car seats for small cars, due to its slim design. Even if your car has a normal size, it should fit right in.

Safest Convertible Car Seat

As already mentioned, Britax exceeds the safety standards set by the government. The reinforced metal frame reduces forward flexing thus decreasing the chances of your baby hitting his/ her head in the crash. Side impact protection and safe cell technology further enhance the safety they are providing. V shape tether minimizes the seat rotation and the fabric is made of EPP foam, the material used in the motorbike helmets. On top of this fabric is of great quality and machine washable which is really a life-saving feature. It is even safe to be used in airplanes. All these features make it not only the safest convertible car seat but also one of the cheapest convertible car seats in the market with a price range under 300$.

Safety Problems you may face for newborns

Although Britax is the best and top-selling convertible car seat manufacturer, I would not recommend this particular model of Britax for babies who cannot sit by themselves. As I mentioned above, the harness straps are pretty wide to avoid twists, but that also means that the harness keeps digging into the thighs of smaller children, which makes them weepy all the time. In addition, the maximum recline angle is 45, which in my opinion is not enough. Therefore, for infants, I would definitely not recommend it, because it may not be the most comfortable convertible car seat in the market for smaller babies. So this model is rated as the best convertible car seat for tall babies and toddlers.

Best Convertible Car Seat  under 300$

If your kid can sit without support or at least hold his head, this is one of the best convertible car seats 2019. However, if you do plan to buy a new seat for the infants, you might want to consider the cost. My personal suggestion would be to go with a single bit more expensive convertible car seat that offers more features. Because frankly, this may be an affordable convertible car seat for you, but it also has its trades offs.

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