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Britax Frontier Harness 2 Booster Car Seat Review

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4.9/5 on June 10, 2019

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Easy attach and detach of LATCH system.
Harness is easy to adjust.
Different adjustable positions of harness is available


Heavier than other models available
Price is considered bit high


I will definitely recommend this seat to all parents, as it is worth spending each penny on this best selling booster seat. The ease of install alone is a good enough reason to buy this. The installation of Britax Frontier ClickTight is as easy as blinking of an eye. The installation gives it an edge over other brands and even other models of Britax. Granted that each brand has its own good and bad features, but Frontier is definitely among the top contenders in the car seat industry. So, take an action now and check the best price of Britax booster seat on Amazon


Introduction of Brand and Model

Britax is a USA based company that is operating from last 70 years. Basically, they design and sell car seats and baby strollers. They have the best engineering team on board and they specialize in providing the safest car seats in the industry. The model that we have selected is Britax Frontier Harness 2 Booster Car Seat for review. Most of you might have used the Britax car seats or strollers yourself when you were in your early ages. So now you are looking for your precious little ones, so you can have an idea about this brand and its worth.

The selected model for this review is Britax G1.1 Frontier ClickTight Combination Harness-2-booster car seat .So what would make a best high back booster seat? What features or rather the benefits a convertible car seat should have to qualify it as an ideal high back booster. In my opinion, your child’s safety and comfort comes first and foremost. But what else? What more should you look in a car seat? Most car seat manufacturers provide safety and comfort, but they seem to forget two more important things that most of us would also be concerned with i.e. ease of use and a budget limit. It is not very convenient if you have to go through a whole lot of trouble, just to get your high back booster seat installed properly. Now that we have established the premises, on which we judge a booster seat, let’s examine the Britax G1.1 Frontier ClickTight Combination Harness to booster car seats, and see if it really is a great 5 point harness for booster seat or not?

Britax Frontier Clicktight 5 Point Harness to Booster Seat Review

What is great about this high back booster seat is that it will accommodate your kids from 25 to 120 pounds. The nine position harness and two position buckle system ensures that a kid of every weight and size will have a comfy time during the ride as the seat fits them properly and keeps them safe. This high back booster has an impact absorption shell to keep your child safe in case of a car accident. Reinforced steel frame reduces forward flexing, thus the chance of an injury. In case of a crash, this frame keeps the seat from twisting, thus providing an extra layer of security. These safety features are the main reason why this is one of the best selling high back booster in the market.

But where safety is the utmost priority, your child’s comfort should also not be ignored. Although the seat has a forward-adjust recline, it still does not provide a great recline angle. Sometimes it feels too upright so your kids head might roll forward. The other thing worth mentioning is the fact that it’s a high back booster, which means that there is no rear facing mode available. Your kid can only use it in the forward facing mode.

Key Features

The great benefit of the ClickTight technology is that the sound of “Click” ensures the parents that they have installed the seat securely and correctly. You don’t have to use latch connectors if you don’t want to. Just use the seat belts with the ClickTight system and you are all done with securing your little one. To allow the maximum level of comfort for your little kids, this great high back booster comes with a 9 position harness and 2 position buckle. Just move the harness upward and the buckle outwards until it fits your kid comfortably and securely. This means that you don’t have to purchase a 5 point harness for booster seat.

The snacks in the integrated cup holders will keep your kids busy and let you focus on driving, you have your undivided attention on the road for a safe and secure journey. So if you are looking for a best toddler booster seat for eating, then this is a must have in your car. Keep the buckle out of your way while seating your child. This feature prevents the straps from twisting as you keep your kid tightly in the seat for a more comfortable ride. Plush foam padding at every touch point makes sure that your little one does not end up with rashes or sore skin. Prevents the risk of abdominal injury in case of crash by keeping the seat belts firmly placed around your child’s hips while in the booster mode. The fabric is easily removable and machine washable to make it easier for you to clean the seat when your kid spills something on it.

Usage According to Weight and Height

The weight limit of 25 to all the way up to 120 pounds makes sure that this best high back booster fits the kids of all weights and sizes. If you are looking for best harness to booster seats for over 40 lbs, then consider this model for your kid.

Multiple Configurations

The seat can be used in two modes, a forward facing mode and a high back booster.

Forward facing

The forward facing mode has a weight restraint of 30 to 90 pounds with the height limits as 30 to 58 inches.

Booster Mode

In the booster mood, this high back booster seat allows a kid of the weight between 40 to 120 pounds and with the height limit of 45 to 62 inches. The harness has a height limit of 20 inches.

Britax Frontier Clicktight 5 Point Harness to Booster Seat Installation

Three out four parents install the car seats improperly. When you think about installation, you are probably thinking about going through a hell of lot of trouble. Twisting and contorting your body in uncomfortable positions, all the while cursing the seat manufacturers. Well keep your worries aside; this is definitely not the case with the Britax Frontier High back booster. It’s super easy and hassle free to install the seat. Let me tell you why.

Most parents have trouble with installation and they end up incorrectly installing the seat, but with their clicktight system, Britax has certainly nailed the easy installation goal. Now everybody can install the seat while being fully assured that their booster seat is properly installed. Britax Frontier allows you to easily install this to high back booster with ease using the seat belts. All the positions are color coded. Just open the front container using the click tight system. Pass the seat belts through color coded holes, attach the seat belt buckles and tighten it. Then press the front compartment back down, and if you hear the Click, you are all done. You can also install the premium lower latch connectors easily with your vehicle’s latch system.

To be sure that you have properly installed the seat, try to move your seat forward and side way’s. If it does not move more than an inch, you can be sure that it will keep your loved one safe and sound. You can drive with peace of mind that your precious one is safe and secure.

Comfort of Baby

High quality fabric and EPP foam keeps your kid safe and provides the level for comfort your kid requires. Plush foam padding on every touch point adds an extra layer of comfort and security. Wider belt straps to avoid twisting makes sure that your kid won’t grow a grumpy face during the ride. All this with safety level that far exceeds the government standards; it is definitely the best high back booster seat out there. The 9 position harness makes it easy for you to adjust the harness according to your little one’s need. So you can adjust the harness till the position your kid feels comfortable.

Britax Frontier Clicktight Design and Specifications

The design of the Frontier harness-2-booster car seat is robust and efficient. You can easily switch from forward facing position to the booster position. Beautiful design of the fabric and removable covers makes it a perfect booster seat. If you are looking for a quality oriented booster seat, then this is the ideal booster seat for your kid.


Britax G1.1 Frontier ClickTight harness to booster has the dimensions of 19 x 21 x 28 in. This will fit in most cars. I am not going to recommend it for very small cars, but it is perfect for average to big cars as it take a bit more space as compared to other car seats available in the market.

The seat does seem to be a bit tall. Therefore, you might also have to watch out and make sure that the seat is not touching the roof of your car. Just to be sure about the size, you can just take the measuring tape see if it will fit in your car before actually buying it.

Safest High Back Booster Seat

Britax has installed this honey comb like structure in the base of their car which absorbs the force from the crash and works to minimize the forward movement during the crashes. Frontier has a lower center of gravity as compared to other seats in the market and with the safe cells absorbing the impact force and lowering the center of gravity of the Frontier high back booster. Compared to ordinary car seat available in the market, Britax Frontier’s steel frame reducing forward flexing by a great amount to reduce the chances of head injury. In case of a side impact, the steel frame keeps the seat from bending or twisting. The harness keeps your baby tightly in the seat, so even if you push the car breaks in an emergency situation, your baby will be safe from any jerk. The safe cell impact absorption technology and multilayered impact protection keeps your baby safe and sound with Britax Frontier ClickTight combination H2B car seat.

Best High Back Booster Under $300

Britax Frontier ClickTight booster seat is the best selling booster seat in the market although it is bit expensive as compared to other models and brands available in the market. But, you always have to pay more for the best quality products and britax has ensured the quality, so that you get maximum benefit from your investment. I agree that this is priced on a higher edge, but on the same time, I must say that this is the best option for you if you don’t have a limited budget. At the end of the day, we don’t afford to risk lives of our precious little ones.

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