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Britax Boulevard ClickTight Convertible Car Seat Review

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4.9/5 on July 10, 2019

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Best for going on long drives.
Easy installation.
Easy mobility from one car to another.
You can use it for infants and for toddles as well.


It is heavier from other models available in the market.
On the other hand, this features makes it stable as well.
The belt is bit tight for healthy babies who wear double diapers.


I am going to try and sum up the salient features in the following lines by keeping it as concise and short. You can definitely make up your mind to buy Britax Boulavard convertible car seat after reading my final thoughts. As far as the safety and ease of use goes, I’m going to give it full marks. I am pretty impressed by the fine job Britax has done to make boulevard one of the safest convertible seats in the market in very affordable price. According to some reviews, many enlist it as top convertible car seat with respect to design. The fabric also comes in many different color combinations. So, you can choose from a wide range of colors. Now let’s come to the most critical part which is the pricing. This is an expensive model of Britax and the other brands that are available in the market with same options. But, personally I think that when it comes to your little one’s comfort and safety, then I must say you will find it very reasonable in terms of price.

So, in a nutshell, this is definitely one of the safest convertible car seats in the market, but it may not be the cheapest one. That is why I’m not listing it as cheap convertible car seat. However, if you look past the price, then it is definitely a safe and comfy convertible car seat. And as always if you liked this review, do let me know by the giving your feedback in the box below. Ciao!


Introduction of Brand and Model

Your Kid’s car seat should meet proper age, weight, height and shoulder height requirements for maximum safety. And Britax convertible car seat is with no doubt the best convertible car seats available in 2019 to make your family journey more comfortable. Britax boulevard is one of the three new ClickTight best convertible car seats from Britax, the other two being the Britax marathon ClickTight and the Britax Advocate CickTight. Britax has these two models of car seats. One being the older G-4 type and the other being the new ClickTight convertible cars eat design.

Britax Boulevard ClickTight Convertible Car Seat

Britax car seat clicktight basically lies somewhere in the middle of their Britax Marathon ClickTight and Advocate clicktight. When it comes to width they are all the same. No difference. But Britax Boulevard has that sort of extra side impact protection which marathon does not offer and a little bit of extra height limit. Although Britax advocate ClickTight offers the most safety with the three layers of extra security, it also has the highest price. According to britax resources, their main concern is the ease of use, the security and with their ClickTight car seats design, I would like to say that they have proved their word.

Key Features of Britax Boulavard

New US safety law suggest that when the combined weight of the child and the seat exceed 65 pounds, then seat belts must be used instead of those latching system. Britax has been very forward thinking in their design and with their new ClickTight system they have made it possible to install the car seats as easy as tightening a seat belt. But more on the installation will come later. For now, let’s focus on what are the main features that Britax Boulevard has and making it the best convertible car seat to offer.

Britax car seat boulevard offers a rear facing position for the kids between 5 to 35 pounds. And a forward facing position for kids of up to 65 pounds. It offers many of the same features as the old Boulevard G-4 design like the infinite adjustable harness height and those side cushions around the head for extra side impact protection. The harness height ranges between the lowest 10.5 inches and highest 16 inches. The main difference between the old and the new design is this new ClickTight system. The harness adjuster makes a sort of click sound and also turns horizontally to confirm that seat is locked. So, you have both this Click sound and a visual confirmation that the seat is properly adjusted.

It has honey comb structure in the bottom to absorb the impact in the event of a car crash. It has reinforced impact absorbing steel frame so it does not bend out of shape in case of heavy impact. Side impact absorbing pad on both sides of the head rest. It provides two layers of security. One on the main frame and then this second one around the head. This does vary depending on the convertible car seat you might get. The foam material used in main frame is EPP foam, which is the material used in the insides of a motor cycle helmet.

Impact absorbing cushion on the harness, which again, is going to absorb the force of impact. Wide straps to avoid any twisting. 7 rear facing reclining positions to choose from to provide extra comfort for the baby. Hug pads for the forward-facing position. A handle sort of thingy to which your child can grab onto and also seems to add an extra layer of security but it doesn’t come with the car seat. Removable covers and excellent fabric quality. The product is American made, for those of you who prefer to buy the products built in the homeland. The company is situated in South Carolina.

Usage According to Height and Weight of Baby

Rear Facing

Best selling convertible car seat by Britax is recommended for the children of 5 to 35 pounds with an extra limit of 5 pounds to make it 5 to 40. Now, I highly recommend that your child should be kept in rear facing position as long as possible because it is the safest position. But if you are not sure about the weight of your kid then a bit easier indicator is the 1’’ rule. Make sure that your baby’s head stays at least 1’’ inch of the inner shell. If your baby has grown bigger, it is a suitable time to move to the forward facing position.

Forward Facing

For the kids of 20 to 65 pounds and a maximum height of 4 feet and 6 inches, the top harness position is 19.4’’ and the lowest is 8.5’’. The height can be incrementally adjusted into 14 different positions with a difference of about 0.85’’ inches. So this is the 5 point harness booster seat for over 40 lbs Upto 65 pounds.

Britax Boulavard Convertible Car Seat Installation

The installation of Britax convertible car seats is always very easy. They have an edge over other brands and even other models of Britax. The introduction of ClickTight safety system gave it this edge to Britax. Just open the compartment in the front of the car seat using the ClickTight handle, pass the seat belts from the dedicated slots and voila! You are all done. No hassle, no complications. Click down the door and when you have both the sound and the visual conformation that I talked about earlier; be sure that you have correctly installed this great convertible car seat. It is a must that you check out for both these signs because otherwise you are not utilizing the safety features.

Britax Boulavard Convertible Car Seat Design and Specifications

This all in one convertible car seat has a width of 18.5 inches, height of 23.5 inches and a depth of about 23 inches. The seat depth area is around 10.5 to 11.5 inches. Harness slot depth of 8.35 inches to 19.4 inches with 14 incremental positions. The buckle strap depth ranges from 5 to inches. Another plus point is that it is the best convertible car seat 2019 for tall babies with all the above mentioned height levels for your child.

This all in one ideal convertible car seat has a weight of 29.4 pounds. According to a mom who was interviewed before writing this review, “And for me, I think it is a bit on heavy side. Then again, I am not really a strong person, so I find it a bit heavy for me.” As far as the size goes, I think it will fit easily in the most cars. But I am a bit concerned about the rear facing position in smaller cars. It feels like the seat adjustment is going to be a bit of problem for the taller people in the fully stretched rear facing positions. And as I always suggest you should keep your children in the rear facing position as long as possible. At least up to 3 years old children.

Safest convertible Car Seat

I’m going to be straightforward here and say, it is one of the safest convertible car seats out there in the market. And the best part is that all the added features of safety do not hinder the comfort level and ease of use. They rather seem to enhance it. The honey comb structure in the base absorbs the shocks from jumps. The seat has a frame of impact absorption steal and the fabric is made out of EPP foam. This seat was built with the safety in mind.

Now it’s not to say that this is the best in the market though. Britax Advocate ClickTight has more features to offer and also has a three-layers protection system instead of two layer that is used in this Boulevard Clicktight car seat, but you also have to keep in mind that the price also goes up. So, if you are looking for something in the affordable range, this is definitely economical and pretty safe. But if you can afford to pay a bit more then I’ll highly recommend going for Britax Boulavard ClickTight.

Best Convertible Car Seat Under 300$

The price comparison is the most important part of a review. But I have not overly emphasized on price in my reviews, and the reason is that when it comes to the safety and security of your little one. Then nothing seems expensive. This is really true and a lot of parents have admitted this fact. So, this is a bit expensive but Best convertible car seat under 300. A lot of colors are available and you can choose the one that appeals you the most. The price varies with the color selection as well.

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