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Wood Complete Play Set with Two Swings Winchester


Wood Playset Swing Set – Backyard Discovery Woodridge II All Cedar


Wooden Swings: Imposing Style Statements

Treated Porch Swing – Heavy Duty 800 Lb Roll Back 5ft.


Wood Tree Swings – Great Outdoor

Wooden swings render its imposing stamp onto the surroundings. They can be placed at the apt spot to make them beautifully melt into the layout. Mind you, that impression is created even before that person has come face-to-face with you. The best place to place these accessories is any damp-proof location.

They come in varied shapes, sizes, color combinations, and price ranges. Depending on these factors the sales tag varies from the most economical ones to the exorbitantly priced ones.

Tree Swing Kids Adult Wood Outdoor

They are imposingly lovely dangling seats. They are made from woods sawed from various types of tees. These can be wicker danglers as well. Such osiers are produced from willows. A much sought-after tree species to design wooden swings are the ‘Weeping willows’ – trees with flowing leaf-laden branches.


Since they are made of wood, it is of utmost necessity that these items have a shade or roof to shield them from the rains. Too much sunlight can also stain the sheen of the color of the wood.

And, if it has any fine designs, you need to take extra care to insulate them with a cover when you are not using them. It is very important to protect the outdoor wooden gliders and swings from exposure to moisture.

To sum up, extra care has to be taken to render longevity to these designer accessories. After all, they are expensive customized life-long acquisitions.

Of late, the therapeutic aspect of these simple tools has been the subject of intensive medical research.

Baby Toddler Swing / Cypress Toddler Swing



If the wooden swings remain positioned in the open space, it is important that the implement is made from items that can withstand the wear and tear of the weather. Even roofs atop these tools may not be adequate enough to shield them from moisture. Hence, regular maintenance ensures their longevity and smooth functioning. The color should also be such that it is weatherproof having anti-rusting properties.

These designer accessories can be manufactured for all ages and sexes. Just as there are cute wooden swings for kids; the market also has such customized items for adults. You can also dovetail your designs into the ones that are in the catalog of the manufacturer.

Many other innovations can be integrated with such designer items to make them more attractive. It goes without saying that such dovetailed innovative versions draw crowds more than the traditional ones.

Wooden Swing Set Kits | Metal Swing Set Kits 

Wooden swing set kits can be an excellent addition to your back or front yard. These kits can help you turn your property into a fantasy world that your children will love. Swing set kits made from wood have been professionally designed and engineered with wide ladder steps, sturdy four by four framing, and all bolt construction.

Features include marine-grade vinyl, recessed holes to hide nuts and bolts, and non-metal components made from impact-resistant plastic. Constructed with high-quality materials, wooden swing sets are easy to put together, and you won’t need any special tools to assemble them. 

Wooden Swing Sets Kits | Wood Swing Set Plans

Swing set kits made from metal are durable and solid premium quality kits. Metal swings set kits are made to withstand the brutal assault of neighborhood kids, as well as harsh outdoor elements. Tough and sturdy enough for adults, metal swing sets are constructed from galvanized, rust-resistant steel.

These types of swings feature heavy-duty pipes that will last for years. They also have slash-proof belt seats that are practically indestructible. Additional parts and accessories can be purchased for different styles of wooden swing sets. 

Wooden swing set plans allow you to design and build your own playset. These designs include a base fort, an inclined rock wall, and a picnic table. The plans for wooden swing sets include monkey bars, hangers, and spiral slides.

Easy to assemble, and safe fun for kids, many wooden swing set plans have been endorsed by Better Homes and Garden, and they are constructed according to guidelines set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission Playground Safety Handbook. Wooden swing set kits that you choose should be sturdy and durable with safety features such as coated chains, comfortable swing seats, and strong, thick polyester ropes.

Wooden Swing Set Kits | Wooden Swing Set Parts 

Wooden swing slide sets are complete units that include everything you need. The set comes with lumber, swings, a slide, hardware, and an illustrated instruction manual. Featuring maintenance-free, poly-coated pine beams, a knotted rope, and a deluxe climbing ramp, this set also has a trapeze bar and two swings. All chains are powdered coated for safety. There are a number of additional play features available for wooden swing sets including steering wheels, a scoop or spiral slide, and trapeze rings. 

After your wooden swing set has been built, there are wooden swing set parts that you can purchase.  Galvanized ductile iron swing hangers with spring clips, monkey bars, and swing set auger anchors are available as well. Other parts such as a tire swing swivel and a hardware kit for swing tires can also be purchased.

Safety bumper pads made from marine grade vinyl can be added to prevent the bumping of little heads. These additional parts will preserve the life of your wooden swing set while providing fun and adventure for your kids, their friends, and all the kids in your neighborhood.

Parts for wooden swing set kits include belt swings with coated chains and standard swing hangers with spring clips.

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