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Mostly parents of young children are worried to buy the best rear facing toddler car seat for their little ones. You often find that parents for the first time are always critical while buying products for their baby as they are more concerned about the safety of their child. Moving forward with this concern, it is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatratics that the baby is safe in the rear facing position more than forward facing position till the age of 2. Different types of convertible car seats are available in the market with different features. There are car seats that you can use in the rear facing position and forward facing positions depending on the weight and height of a child.

Best Rear Facing Toddler Car Seats and Best Rear Facing Infants Car Seats 2019

A lot of parents use capsule car seat for infants and newborns as it is much easier to carry baby in this kind of car seat. But a child grows very fast, so these lasts for a few months only and then babies out grow the capsule car seats and infant car seats. The other thing that parents consider is the size of their cars, and they look for the best convertible car seats for small cars. So, the best option is to go for the best rear facing toddler car seat to be cost effective and it is good for the safety of a baby.


Chicco NextFit Convertible Car Seat

Chicco is one of the best manufacturers of baby convertible car seats and travel systems.  The first priority of Chicco is to keep the technology up to date, in order to provide best and latest products to its users. Chicco has never compromised on the quality of the products, as they know babies are precious and they should use the best quality products.

The selected model under review is Chicco NextFit convertible car seat that is designed for the parents who prefer to keep their little ones in the rare position.  The best part of this model is that it is all in one rear facing toddler car seat that grows with your little one. You can use it up till the age of 8 years old kid, so this is the most economical option in rare facing car seat collection available on market.

Why Chicco NextFit is good for you?

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Check why you should buy Chicco NextFit

  • The quality of product is five stars.
  • The seat covers are removable and washable
  • There are nine reclining positions available in this model. The ReclineSure feature makes it a distinguish product from other models. It helps to adjust the car seat in a position that is most suitable and comfortable of your kid. You can recline it to maximum level as your child grows to provide safety and comfort.
  • The RideRight Indicators is another feature that helps to makes the installation of car seat super easy. It helps parents to know the accurate installation of the convertible car seat in rear facing position and in forward facing position.
  • Six height positions are available for your growing kids.
  • The harness belt adjusts automatically, when you adjust the headrest to increase or decrease the height of the Chicco convertible car seat.
  • The option of built in lock offs for your car seat belt is another good option.
  • It comes with an additional infant insert that gives extra comfort and support to your newborn baby. You can use it in rear facing position for babies weighs from 4 pounds and above.
  • LATCH system makes it easy to adjust the convertible car seat from rear facing to forward facing position.

Final Verdict

Well, this is overall a good value for money and on the other hand it is best for the kid’s safety. So I would suggest you to go for Chicco NextFit Convertible Car Seat.


Britax Pinnacle 90 Convertible Car Seat

There are a lot of brands that manufacture baby gears like convertible car seats and strollers etc. A few well known brands are Britax, Graco, Mama Love, Baby love, Chicco, Maxi Cosi and safety1st.  The most trusted brand among the US parents is Britax. This particular article is the review of Britax Pinnacle 90 5 point harness booster seat.  I am going to highlight a few main features of this model.

Why Should you Buy Britax Pinnacle 90?

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  • It has a tangle free harness and you have an option of 7 positions to adjust it according to the needs of your baby.
  • The material of harness belt is really soft and strong.
  • In harness mode, it can carry weight up to 70 lbs. If your baby is above 70 lbs, then you can switch it to the booster mode. In booster mode, Pinnacle 90 can carry up to 110 lbs weight. So this feature confirms that you can use this car seat till your baby grows to 10 years of age.
  • The pads that are used for the car seat are super soft and provide comfort to child who is sitting in the car seat.
  • The installation of this car seat is really easy and quick. The Click Tight technology has been used to ensure user friendly installation process.
  • Another amazing feature is that it has two buckle adjustment positions and you child can adjust it easily. Premium lower LATCH connectors are included in the car seat.
  • There are two integrated cup holders and these can be used to put in snacks and drinks for your baby. The cup holder is a life saving feature, I must say babies can be kept engaged throughout the road trip by giving them their favourite snacks and drinks.
  • Britax Pinnacle 90 5 point harness booster car seat is available in many colors. If you want to buy gender specific colors then you can choose in blue and pink tones. Neutral colors are also available for parents who prefer to buy neutral colors like black, brown or grey etc.
  • The mobility of this car seat is easy if you have more than one car, then you can consider this model.
  • On the other hand, if you have a small car, then I will not recommend it to you as it is bit wider in size as compared to other models available in the market.
  • Armrest provides extra comfort to children and the pads that are used in armrest are very soft.
  • The car seat cover is washable, and this is a plus point for parents.

Final Verdict

This car seat exceeds the expectations of Federal Safety Recommendations and is FFA approved. The BMJ publishing group also confirmed that the rear facing position should be used up to 4 years. It has a life span of almost 8 years if used with care. It is made in USA and is distributed in many European and Asian countries. Britax Pinnacle 90 is best for parents who travel a lot by air, as they can use it in aircraft in harness mode.  Finally, the price is at bit higher end if we compare to other brands with similar features. The price is approximately $296 and it has a 1 year warranty. But I don’t think it is expensive then safety of a child, so I would recommend you to buy Britax Pinnacle 90, as it is the best 5 point harness booster car seat in 2018.

Diono Radian RXT All-in-One Convertible Car Seat

Diono Radian series is one of the best all in-one rear facing toddler car seat available in the market. The quality is superb and it is super comfortable for your kids in rare facing position as well as in forward facing position. It is an ultimate car seat that has maximum features available in it and the price is really very reasonable as compared to other expensive brands. It has a life span of 10 years and this is really a good value of money.

Why you need to buy Diono Radian RXT?

Diono Radian R100 Convertible Car Seat image 4Following are the main features of Diono Radian RXT all in one convertible car seat that makes it best rear facing toddler car seat.

  • You can use it in rear facing position for a newborn baby up to 2 years of age.
  • In rear facing position it can be used for a baby weighs 5 pounds to 45 pounds.
  • For toddlers, it can be used from 20 to 80 pounds as a five point harness car seat and finally as a 5 point harness booster car seat for kids up to 120lbs.
  • It is a slimline car seat and one of the best narrowest car seat. You can fit 3 across convertible car seats in a row, so if you have 3 kids or 2 kids, it is an ideal selection for you.
  • Best for travelling, as it is easy to move. It folds flat and this is really a distinguishing feature of Diono Radian RXT.
  • It exceeds the car seat safety and crash test expectations of Federal crash test standards.
  • It has steel frame that makes it even safer for kids.
  • You can use it in aeroplane as well, so if you travel a lot, you can use this all in one convertible harness booster car seat without having buying a new car seat for aeroplane.
  • It has one cup holder
  • The seat cover is removable and machine washable.

Final Verdict:

Diono Radian RXT is one of the best rear facing toddler car seat in 2018. The price is reasonable and it has a life span of 8 years, if it is used with proper care. It is good for small cars and also for large cars, so if you want to have maximum space in back seat then you should consider the Dinono Radian RXT.


Maxi- Cosi Pria 70 Convertible Car Seat

Maxi Cosi Pria 70 is one of the best rear facing infant car seat in 2018.  The manufacturer focused on the safety and quality while designing this convertible car seat.  In rear facing position, you can use it for children weighs from 9 pounds to 40 pounds. In forward facing position, you can use it up to 70 pounds. So basically it is the best rear facing infant car seat.

Why you should buy Maxi- Cosi Pria 70

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Following are the main features that make Mxi Cosi Pria 70 stands out from other models and brands.

  • It has a FlexTech technology that makes it air protect during accidents. This technology helps to protect the little one from maximum dimensions during crash.
  • Maxi Cosi is specially designed for small cars, and it leaves a lot of leg room for back seat passengers.
  • It uses an absorbing car seat covers that absorbs the sweating from your baby’s skin.
  • This is one of the best infant car seat as it provides extra TinyFit to adjust in the car seat for the newborns. It provides extra safety and comfort to your precious little ones.
  • TinyFit can be used from 4 pounds to 22 pounds.
  • The installation of car seat is super easy. You can adjust the car seat and install it professionally without reading the installation manual.
  • It can be adjusted into three reclining positions. One recline position is for rear facing position and two for forward facing positions.This is why it is selected to be reviewed as one of the best rare facing toddler car seats.
  • The adjustment of headrest and the harness can be done with a single hand.
  • The car seat cover is easily removable.
  • You can wash the car seat cover in machine and can dry it in as well.
  • The material that is used for harness is super soft, yet it doesn’t create tangles.

Final Verdict:

It is one of the best rear facing infant car seat in 2018. I would suggest you to buy for your infants, but if you are looking for toddlers then you can consider other models and brands. It doesn’t mean that it is not good for toddlers, but if you are looking to use a single car seat throughout the coming years then this would not be a good option for you.  It is a good investment in safety of your newborn and infants. The price is bit expensive, but at the same time it is worth buying.

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Peg Perego Primo Viaggio Convertible Car Seat

The Peg Perego Primo Viaggio is another great rear facing toddler car seat.  The manufacture has focus on the safety and quality of the seat, so the price is bit on higher end. You can find the best deal under $350 on amazon.  If you are looking for best rare facing infant car seat, you can count on this one. On the other hand, it is also best rear facing toddler car seat that can be used as forward facing car seat as well.

It has a long life span and you can use it over years as it is the all in one convertible car seat that grows with your little one. While rear facing position, you can use it for babies from 4 pounds to 45 pounds, and this is really a reasonable range in rear facing options available in the market. Both NHTSA and the American Academy of Pediatric recommend  that a baby should be kept in rare facing toddler car seat for at least 2 years.  In forward facing position, you can use it from 22 lbs to 65lbs.

Why Should You Buy Peg Perego Primo Viaggio Car Seat

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Following are the main features that you may be looking to buy a new convertible car seat for your infant or a toddler.

  • It provides Side Impact Protection, which secures your little one from sideways.
  • A Shock Absorbing Foam Element is installed along with Expanded Poly Styrene energy absorbing in the car seat to make provide extra safety to you baby during a crash.
  • Peg Perego Primo provides the best safety features for your little one during a crash or an accident. It protects the neck and head of your baby in first place.
  • The side impact protection secures the head, neck and spin from sideways.
  • The seat is super comfortable and top notch quality fabric is used in car seat covers.
  • It comes in different colors
  • The car seat material absorbs the extra moisturiser from your baby’s skin and keeps the baby feel comfortable.
  • If you want it for a newborn or for an infant, then this is the best rare facing car seat for infants as it comes with extra removable seat cushion to protect the head and spine of a newborn.
  • The five point safety harness makes it even safer in forward facing positions for toddlers. The harness is tangle free and the material of harness is soft for babies.
  • Installation of this car seat is really easy and you can install it within a few minutes.

Final Verdict

I would recommend you to buy the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio Car Seat, if you are a rough driver. It is one of the safest convertible car seat for infants and toddlers.  The price is on a big higher end, and you can find it under $350 easily.


Buyer’s Guide to Select The Best Toddler Rear Facing Convertible Car Seat

Till what age can I use Convertible Car Seat in rear facing position?

Parents are concerned about the safety of their children, so they are often confused that till what age can they use an infant car seat and a convertible car seat. The answer is simple that if you want to ensure the safety of your little one, you must keep the car seat in rear facing position till the age of 2 years.  The rear facing position in most of the convertible car seats can be used until your baby weight reaches to 30 lbs.  Most of the brands have an option of rear facing usage with respect to the weight of the baby up to 40 lbs.  From 2 years onward it is safe to use forward facing position till the age of 8 to 10 years.  The forward facing position allows a weight range from 20 lbs to 100 lbs in most of the models.

Which seat is best Capsule Car Seat or a Convertible car seat?

As per a recent survey, it is found that most of the parents prefer to buy the best rear facing toddler car seat in 2018, instead of a capsule car seat. They have an opinion that the convertible car seat is safer than a capsule car seat. On the other hand, the infant car seats are designed by keeping in mind the needs of a newborn. The mobility of an infant car seat is easy and it is adjustable in most of the strollers.  Overall to be price efficient and a good choice for a baby, parents prefer all in one convertible car seat for infants and toddlers .  This type of a car seat grows as a child grows and parents don’t have to buy the new models again and again.

Advantages of Using Rear Facing Toddler Car Seat

Following are the main benefits of using a convertible car seat in rear facing position.

  • As per a recent survey, it is indicated that the children of 1 year and above are safer in convertible car seats.
  • A recent research has confirmed that infants and toddlers feel more comfortable in the rear facing toddler car seats as compared to forward facing position of a car seat. They are more content and enjoy in the particular position, if they are placed in this position from the very beginning.
  • The all in one convertible car seats have a great option of cup holders. Most of the models offer two cup holders. Parents can place a drink in one holder and snacks in the other cup holder for toddlers.
  • Best rear facing convertible car seat in 2018 are the most affordable option for parents to ensure the safety of a child.
  • Sideways protection and extra padding gives additional support to the baby and adds on a factor of comfort for a child.
  • Your minds is at peace while driving as you know that baby is sitting in the most suitable and secure position in the rare facing position.

In essence, the selection of right product and model depends on your own requirements.  The suggestions are made as per the prevailing research and average reviews of the parents.  The most important factor in selecting a car seat is you and your mind. If you are satisfied with the safety of your child by going for a convertible car seat, then go for it. And if you are after the best rear facing toddler car seat and you think it is the ideal option for your baby then better to go with it. Check out the reviews below to make a decision.


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