Best Baby Monitor – Introducing the Latest new Infant Optics DXR-5 2.4 GHz Digital Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision

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If you are looking for the best baby monitor, you must have a look at our given review below.

Need a baby monitor that lets you check on baby without sacrificing your own mobility? The Infant Optics DXR-5 2.4 GHz Digital Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision run on a 900mAh battery that is long-lasting, to say the least. Most of the time, it will need to be charged only once a day. This makes it an ideal fit along with the portable nature of this product. It may just be your best bet.

But before anything else, let’s see what you’re getting with the purchase.

The Infant Optics DXR-5 2.4 GHz Digital Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision as the names suggest is a small-sized compact baby monitor that is designed to give parents a sigh of relief and a constant inner peace of mind with the well being of their kids. With its superior quality of sound and video, it is one of the better portable baby monitors out there in the best baby essentials market today.

Wireless range: up to 800 feet (open areas), up to 150 ft (enclosed areas)

Features of  Infant Optics DXR-5 2.4 GHz Digital Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision

  • The dimensions of this product range from 3 inches in length to 1 inch in breadth and 3 inches in depth.
  • Requires an AC power supply of 6 volts and 1 ampere.
  • Has a 2.4 TFT styled screen that also has a sensitive microphone built into it.
  • It comes with a wireless transmission feature of static-free nature with a frequency of 2.4 GHz.
  • The range of transmission covers a distance of around 800 feet in wide-open fields while it is around 150 feet in small closed places.
  • Has an encryption mechanism that uses the FHSS technique to jump in between several channels within the frequency range of 2.4 GHz.
  • It comes with night vision as well.
  • Features a power-saving module that can be activated by the user’s voice
  • Automatic IR night vision
  • Automatic voice activation power saving mode shuts monitor down after 3 minutes of no noise

Technical Specifications

  • Dimension: 3 x 1 x 3 inches
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Batteries: 1 Lithium-Ion battery (included)
  • Battery life: up to 12 hours
  • Standing screen display size: 2.4 inches
  • Display Type: TFT LCD
  • A/C Power: 6 V 1 A DC adaptor

Pros & Cons


  • One of the biggest problems faced by a baby monitor is the fact that most of them need to be charged over and over again. However, the Infant Optics DXR-5 2.4 GHz Digital Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision runs on a 900mAh battery that is long-lasting, to say the least. Most of the time, it will need to be charged only once a day. This makes it an ideal fit along with the portable nature of this product.
  • The screen of this monitor is also of top-notch quality. It is made of a TFT LCD display which on its own is pretty durable in nature. But that’s not the main feature of the screen. The fact remains, LCDs tend to go dark during the day thus reducing visibility by a lot. That is not the case with this product since the display is clear during both day and night.
  • Setting up the device is also a piece of cake since the product comes with a lot of accessories which help making the set-up device a lot easier. The set-up system mentioned here includes screws for mounting on walls as well as a stand for mounting it vertically so that the camera can tilt downwards from a higher position.
  • compact and portable
  • easy to set up and operate
  • clear video and audio
  • private channel
  • auto sleep saves power and battery.


  • One of the few issues faced by this product is the fact that the material used for making this monitor is very cheap plastic. Because of it, the overall look of the device also takes a small hit. However, this is an issue that is merely based on personal preferences and is not much of a big deal.
  • signal can be interrupted by microwave
  • material feels a little cheap

Consumer Ratings: 3.9 out of 5 stars at Amazon

The Infant Optics DXR-5 2.4 GHz Digital Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision overall is a solid product and one that does its job very well. It has been received well by users too, which is evident from the positive reviews and ratings it has got.

Our Review

Full disclosure time. When we initially tried setting the Infant Optics DXR-5 Digital Video Baby Monitor, we felt really good. It’s rather easy to get everything up and ready. We simply took out the unit and its parts from the box, plugged the adapter into the camera and monitor units and turned them both on. We loved that there’s no additional software set-up to complicate things.

Of course, then we realized the viewer’s not working! After many troubleshooting attempts, we finally found the problem. We forgot to take off the lens cover off the camera! So yeah, it’s not the DXR-5′s fault but our own stupidity.

After that initial hoopla, everything worked out just fine.

This unit doesn’t come with a tilt and pan function. It’s one feature that’s been left off to perhaps cut down on cost. So you may have to settle for wall-mounting (the easy-install system comes with wall mounting screws and a vertical mounting stand) and tilting the camera from the elevated position.

The DXR-5 is perfect if you’re constantly moving around. It’s a light and portable piece of equipment that has a pretty decent range. We found out, however, that if you’re using the microwave and the machine is in close range, there might be some signal interruption. This is actually noted on the website, so we’re not really very surprised.

We also appreciated and worried about the night vision. For rooms with bright night lights, would the video still perform well? You’d be happy to know it did. Everything remained clear and sharp. The IR light will let you see everything in a regular-sized room even in complete darkness.

It must be said, however, that for the price, you can hardly expect very high-quality materials in the product build. This unit is made of plastic and it feels exactly like plastic is supposed to feel. It’s definitely not going to win any design aesthetic awards any time soon.

Over-all look and feel aside, it’s still a good monitor to have with some really great features. On top of the superb night vision quality, this comes equipped with an auto shut off feature. After a few minutes of inactivity, it will turn off. That’s a lot of savings in power consumption and battery. Be aware that it gives a rather loud beep when it happens so if you have a child that’s sensitive to sound, you might want to lower the volume some.

You’d also be happy to know that the monitor has a white noise canceling ability. It cuts off any background noise and can remain very quiet when there’s no sound. It reactivates only once the noise is detected.

Lastly, the DXR-5 benefits from the same feature that most Infant Optics baby monitors have – that is the ability to expand and support up to 4 camera units. So if you’re looking after more than 1 child, you won’t have to purchase separate units. Additional cameras can do the trick.

The Infant Optics DXR-5 Digital Video Baby Monitor isn’t very high-tech, but it works supremely well for its price.

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