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Are you looking for top rated infant car seats for safety? Then you have come to the right place as we bring you the review of top 5 safety rated infant car seats, all of them under $150.

The word cheap is used for economical car seats and cheap doesn’t mean that the quality is not good.

Finding a best budget infant car seat may be troublesome for parents and they might choose a seat that is not a good fit for their car or their kid or both.

In our list of best affordable infant car seats you will find top rated infant car seats for safety of your child and which will be the best economical infant car seats for parents who are on a tight budget.You can check the overall best convertible car seats here.

These top rated infant car seats for safety ensures that you don’t have to sacrifice quality for budget. These best cheap infant car seats 2019 give your child the comfort and safety she deserves and provides you the convenience of putting your kid in and out of the seat.

From these best affordable infant car seats, you can choose the best budget infant car seat that suite the needs of your little one. We know that it is extremely risky to drive with your toddlers without securing them properly and buying a new seat altogether just for that purpose can be a little expensive. You can check our 12 top rated baby car seats here.

But you need not worry about the expense as we have done the difficult work you and we have reviewed the best cheap infant car seats 2019 which are the best economical infant car seats and will fit your budget.

So let’s go to the review of our best cheap infant car seats 2019 and pick you up a nice little seat for your toddler.


Best Cheap Infant Car Seat 2019


Graco Snug Ride ClickConnect– Best Selling Car Seat

Graco is a company based in High Point, North Carolina which specializes in baby products. Graco is known for making best quality and best affordable infant car seats for infants.

In fact, Graco has established itself as a leader in this industry for making the top rated infant car seats for safety. The sung ride comes in two different models i.e. the 30 model and the 35 model.

The basic difference between the 30 and the 35 model is that the 30 model is able to support 30 pounds of weight while 35 model as the name suggests, can hold up to 35 pounds of weight. It has many amazing features which makes it at the top of our list of best cheap infant car seats 2019.

The sheer convenience makes it one of the best economical infant car seats as apart from convenience it offers you a great deal of other secondary features like its light weight and its soft comfortable fabric.


Best cheap infant car seats image 1

  • Rear facing position offers convenience for your child with weight from 4 to 35 pounds. A growing child can easily be accommodated in this seat without any hassle.
  • Click connect makes it easy to detach it from the seat just by using one handed lever. The sound of the click satisfies you to a breadth of ease as you can be sure that the seat is fastened and is secure to the base.
  • The one step secure adjustment allows you to connect it to all Graco Car connect strollers and you can make a travel system out of that.
  • The Graco snug ride is crash safe as it has passed the US federal crash test: US standard FMVSS 213. If you are safety conscious then you need not worry as Graco snug ride has got you covered in this area which makes it one of the best safest infant car seats 2019.
  • Couple it with the compatibility it has with the latch system and you get ‘convenience’. Yes, this best budget infant car seat supports latch system. But you need not worry if you do not have a latch supported car as it works just as well with the seat belt.



Graco Snug ride ClickConnect



  • Graco Snug ride click connect is suitable for your growing child as it supports up to 35 pounds.
  • The Graco Snug ride click connect is extremely light weight just weighing about 7 pounds. Therefore, apart from safety and economy, it also affords you portability in this price.
  • It has an extremely soft fabric making it comfortable for your child
  • The shoulder strap adjustment is amazing. The shoulder strap adjustment belt is positioned well below the lower buckle which means that you can loosen or tighten the belts while the seat is still attached.
  • It has multiple harness height positions and multi positions to adjust the harness length


  • Most parents have found it difficult to use as the canopy collides with the handle.
  • The clip styled latched anchors make it difficult to disconnect it.


The Graco Snug ride click connect is the best lightweight infant car seat which gives you average features in an inexpensive price range. It is for parents who are short on budget and looking for the best baby car seat under $150.

Snug ride offers a variety of features like its latch system, which offers you the flexibility to use it between latch system and the seat belt system. It has the capability to hold up to 35 pounds which makes it an excellent first seat for your baby.

However, the design of this seat has proved to be an obstacle to the convenience of its use. If you can sacrifice a little convenience of attaching and disconnecting the seat then you are good to go with this one.


Evenflo Embrace LX– Super Lightweight Infant Car Seat

Evenflo makes products for infants and toddlers which are designed for safety and comfort for the baby. If you are looking for the best affordable infant car seats then this one is a great option for you.

This best budget infant car seat offers a great deal of amazing features which is why it may be on the best buys list for you.

This seat allows the parents to buy a budget seat without having to sacrifice safety, convenience and durability. It is super lightweight and will prove to be comfortable for your child. Check 9 top rated narrowest car seats HERE


best economical infant car seat image 2

  • The seat is made from 100 percent polyester. It provides the level of comfort to your baby that the little one deserves. Furthermore, it also removes any possibility of lumps forming in the seat. If you are in for comfort then this seat is for you.
  • It can take from 4 to 35 pounds of weight.
  • It is super lightweight as compared to almost all other infant seats in the market. It has a weight of only 6 pounds which gives you the option to easily take it anywhere if you are a frequent traveler.
  • It has an adjustable base which comes with a central pendulum indicator that ensures that you have a proper reclining position for the seat and the baby
  • It gives you 3 shoulder harness positions for increased safety and for longer use
  • It has a base that separates and stays in your car which makes it easy for you to bring the seat from your home to the car.
  • The Evenflo embrace LX come with easy shoulder straps which can be tightened or loosened up front.
  • This seat has washable cushions and can be easily washed and dried in the machines.


Evenflo Embrace LX



  • You will find this seat comfortable for your baby as it is made of polyester.
  • Embrace LX is extremely lightweight therefore, portability is not that big of an issue. It will help you if you are travelling frequently.
  • Comes with a central pendulum indicator which is a nice little feature and ensures that it is reclined properly.
  • A detachable base which is a stay-in-car base makes it easy for bringing it from home to the car
  • Apart from providing safety, the 3 point shoulder straps can go on for a long time.


  • The light weight material used in this seat can appear to be very fragile and thus raising question marks on how much safety this thing can provide.
  • The shoulder straps can be loosened or tightened using a separate up front strap but it is not positioned as good as Garco has done in their snug ride.



The Evenflo embrace LX is an amazing option for parents on short budgets. It provides all the basic features of an infant seat for just below $100 a price tag which makes it one of our best cheap infant car seats 2018.

The affordability coupled with the features of this best budget infant car seat under $150 makes it a must have for parents on a budget. The only downside to this seat is a direct consequence of its light weightiness.

The materials used may appear flimsy to you and you may not be satisfied with the safety of this infant seat.


Baby Trend Flex Loc– Top Rated Infant Car Seat 2019

Baby trend is a recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of baby gear and juvenile products. Like strollers, convertible car seats and infant seats.

The flex loc is one such product and has landed on to our list as one of the best safest infant car seats 2019. It has passed all the US safety standards and is declared one of the safest ones around thus it is one of the top 5 safety rated infant car seats.

This seat can mold itself into different positions and allows you to carry it in different positions. This seat has a feature of 5 point harness which you seldom see in a seat that is below $150. Check out the best harness to booster car seats reviewed Here 


best infant car seat on a budget image 3

  • The flex loc comes with an adjustable head rest which can be adjusted to the convenience of your child
  • It also comes with a base which is also adjustable and you can click the seat in and out of the base very easily and without any issues.
  • It comes with a 7 position adjustable seat back which no other seat in this price provides.
  • Another great feature that parents look for in an infant seat is the EPS foam so that in an event of a crash the foam can sustain the blow without harming the child. Well luckily flex loc even gives you EPS foam in a price range so small. That is what makes this amazing seat as of the best economical infant car seats
  • The 5 point harness is a rare feature in this rather cheap infant seat which allows your baby maximum protection and longer use. It is the best budget infant car seat you can find.
  • The lock harness buckle provides you the ease of harnessing the car seat to the flex loc.
  • You can make an effective travelling system with this seat as it works with all strollers from baby trend.



Baby Trend Flex Loc



  • 7 Position adjustable seat back
  • EPS foam in the head area which protects your baby from unwanted blows
  • The 5 point harness ensures protection and longevity
  • The carrying handle can transform itself so that you can carry it in three positions. The standard position, the back rocking position and the back non-rocking position.
  • The car seat has soft rubber grip making it comfortable to hold.
  • Has a stay in car base which provides the ease of transfer
  • The 5 point harness requires no re-threading from the back
  • The upfront shoulder strap adjuster makes it convenient for adjustments


  • The straps themselves are a bit fragile and flimsy and they can irritate you while you are buckling the baby
  • The handle bar is a little difficult to adjust; you will have to press the buttons with force for it to loosen up.
  • The recommended weight range is not that great. It can only take from 5 to 22 pounds which is not good if you are looking for a seat to work long term.


The flex loc provides some pretty nice features in such a small price range. Some of the features are so great that they can only be expected to be found in the expensive car seats.

The EPS foam, 5 point harness, and a 7 position adjustable seat back are some of the features that you expect to find in a price range above $150. But luckily you have landed to the review of best cheap infant car seats 2018 and we have shown you this nice little treat.

This is one of the best safest infant car seats 2019 which is a steal in this price. However, if you are looking for something that can be with your baby for long term you might want to try other options.


Evenflo Nurture – Most Economical Infant Car Seat

This is another of the best safest infant car seats 2019. Evenflo Nurture is one of the top 5 safety rated infant car seats and is the best budget infant car seat.

This car seat has some great features as well as some limitations which we will discuss in this review. This seat comes in the slab of best affordable infant car seats considering the price per feature.

This lightweight infant seat offers you a great deal of opportunity to grab features for a steal. Though the price is low but Evenflo has not failed to provide adequate safety to your baby.


safest infant car seat 2018 image 4

  • The Evenflo nurture has an extremely comfortable, carry friendly and ergonomic handle which provides you the ease of carrying it anywhere you like easily.
  • It provides 3 shoulder harness positions which gives maximized security.
  • It comes with two crotch position adjustments for better fit and for longer use.
  • It comes with soft and breathable cushion pad which provides for the comfort of your baby.
  • The seat pad is washable and can easily be washed in the washing machine.
  • It comes with a canopy which shields your baby from outer influences like sunlight.
  • This discount infant car seat comes with a separate base which stays in your car and provides you easy transfer from home to car.
  • It is suitable for babies from 5 – 22 pounds


Evenflo Nurture Infant Car Seat



  • The nurture is a great sea when it comes to safety. It is one of the top rated infant car seats for safety. Its 3 shoulder adjustment coupled with 5 point harness offers a great deal of security.
  • The cushion is soft and breathable which makes sure that nothing disturbs your little one while he is taking a little nap.
  • Extremely light weight of about 6 pounds making it easier to carry.


  • The canopy is not as wide as it should be and therefore may not provide the adequate protection.
  • It has a 3 shoulder adjustment but the shoulder strap adjustment is difficult. It might be a hassle to you especially if you are in a hurry.
  • It has got no support for latch systems. If you want it to work with latch then this is not for you


This seat comes somewhere in between the win and the lose region. It has its edge for its price and for its extreme light weightiness but it also has its downsides.

First it has a small weight range which renders it almost useless if you child grows at a faster pace above the prescribed limits. Second, what most buyers would want in an infant seat is a latch system support.

This seat sadly does not support it. But it will work with seat belt just fine. Third you might find it difficult to adjust the straps even though it comes with a 3 point shoulder adjustment.

Disney Light N Comfy– Safest Infant Car Seat

Disney or Walt Disney is a multinational diversified amalgamation of mass media and entertainment but it also specializes in baby products.

The polka dots coupled with ears of the iconic character Mickie mouse is irresistible for parents as well as the kids and has set the expectations high for them.

It comes loaded with a couple of very nice features which will surely attract you. But hold on for a moment, this glittery looking thing also has its downsides which were reviewed by parents after a short term use.

It is reasonably lightweight and the 5 point harness can be adjusted to four heights. This is altogether one of the best affordable infant car seats as it has our appreciation for its flexibility. Check out best rear facing toddler car seats 2019 Here


safest lightweight infant car seat image 5

  • The design of this seat is darn cute. It comes with a polka dot design with ears of Mickie mouse.
  • It has a small bowtie for supporting the infant’s head and for preventing it from going side to side.
  • It is made of polyester wrapped with comfy soft fabric which will increase the comfort of your baby
  • Supports from 5 – 22 pounds
  • The sides are equipped with side impact protection with steel doing its job. In case there is a bump or a crash you are most likely to see your baby untouched.
  • This is one of the best economical infant car seats as it comes with a 5 point harness in this price which be adjusted to 4 different heights making it safe and secure for your child.
  • Crash tested and has met all federal safety and ASTM standards.
  • The built is made from steal polyester and plastic making it light weight.


Disney Light N Comfy



  • We got to give it for its appearance. This thing is extremely cute. The Mickey design will add to the beauty of your little one and will be adored.
  • It is one of the top 5 safety rated infant car seats as it has performed considerably well in crash tests and has been one of the best safest infant car seats 2019
  • The 5 point harness feature makes it one of the best economical infant car seats
  • Its cheap price tag makes it one of the best affordable infant car seats.


  • It has a really low upper limit of only 22 pounds which is quite disappointing.
  • Can be only used rear faced
  • The place made for securing the infant’s head performs poor and does not prevent the head from swaying side to side.
  • The sun visor is flimsy and fragile
  • Has got no seat belt lock off
  • Has a rear adjust harness. Front adjust harness is more recommended.


If you are in for beautifying your kiddo, then this seat is for you. If you are looking for a seat with some decent features you can also give it a go.But if you are looking for a seat that is extra safe and extra secure and which lets you operate like a breeze then fairly this seat is not for you. Let us be clear about something.

This seat gives you the looks but it may not provide you the overall convenience you would want from your chair. If you are looking for something different then we suggest choosing from other option from our top 5 safety rated infant car seats.


Buyers guide to select the best cheap infant car seat:

Before buying any infant car seat you may want to consider reading this buyer’s guide. A good car seat is one of the most important things that you will buy for your child.

A good car seat should be comfortable, durable, flexible, strong to be able to absorb shocks and convenient to use.

The unfortunate truth is that most of the seats are placed incorrectly because they are bought in haste which then either does not fit with the car or simply does not work as it should. A wrong seat will pose danger to your child in a crash.

There are a lot of seats on the market. Some are budget and some are expensive. Buying an expensive seat will not guarantee that it will work as intended and a budget seat may work well for your car and your kid as compared to the expensive one. The thing that matters is that the seat should just work with your car.

Safety of your child is why you would buy a seat for your child; therefore all seats need to pass the federal crash test. Make sure that your seat has passed the test.

Look for the shops that offer a test seat first to test the seat which will be compatible with your car and look for the stores that offer return.

Following are the basic things you need to keep in mind before buying any infant car seat

  1. Ease of use: This includes installation, conversion to other positions and moving your child in and out of the seat. Ease of use is very important. You might want to look for features such as a handle bar which allows you to easily carry the seat and a handle grip which is comfortable to hold. The shoulder straps should be able to adjust to the height of the baby as he grows without having the need to rethread it to the seat
  2. Expiration: A seat which gives you 10+years is ideal for your child
  3. Car compatibility: not all seats will be compatible with your car, therefore, you will need to research first on what seat will be compatible with your car
  4. Height and weight limits: The seat you buy should allow you to use it for children when they go beyond two years. Be sure to check the specification and match it with the size and weight of the baby as the comfort of your baby is very important.
  5. Lifestyle: If you are a frequent traveler then you might want to consider buying a seat that is not only comfortable but is also light weight and portable. Also make sure if your seat is cab and plane compatible to avoid any unwanted frustrations in the future.

With this being said the ultimate authority rests in your hand to choose for your little one.

If you are planning to buy one of the best budget infant car seats, we suggest reading the review above where we have reviewed the top rated infant car seats for safety.

You might even find discount infant car seat as the sellers often give promo discounts on their products. These best safest infant car seats 2019 are all legally sold in the US and have passed all the safety tests making them top rated infant car seats for safety.

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