Best Car Seat Types for your Baby: Picking the Perfect Choice


Best Car Seat Types for your Baby: Picking the Perfect Choice

Traveling with the family is one of the best moments we can have.  However, it would be very challenging to travel by road with a baby especially infants and toddlers. It is advised to install a special car seat to place your babies rather than putting them on your lap. With the introduction of baby car seat types, going out with your little angel is possible.  There are just safety precautions to consider such as finding the best car seat type suited for your baby.

Baby car seat types largely depend on the weight and size of your baby.  There are three general types of baby car seats: the infant car seat, convertible car seat, and booster seat.

  • Infant Car seat – This can be used for infants ages 0-2 years old. The weight of the baby must not exceed 35 pounds since the infant car seat is small enough for the baby to fit in.  Usually, an infant car seat faces the rear part of the car because it is imposed by the law.  Pediatricians recommend keeping the babies in rear-facing position until the baby reaches the maximum weight limit of the seat.  A rear-facing infant baby seat is safer according to studies since the position can best support the head, neck and spine of infants.  The rear-facing position can distribute the impact of the crash over the baby’s entire body in case an accident occurs.  An infant car seat can also be used as a baby carrier.  In case you want to carry the bay with you when you shop or stroll, there’s no need to bring a separate carrier. There are models to choose from if you want to purchase an infant car seat.  Just make sure that the car seat is safe and comfortable.
  • Convertible car seat – A convertible car seat can also be used by newborns to kids ages 4 years old.  As its name implies, it can be converted into a forward facing position or rear facing position.  The law requires infants up to 2 years old to be placed in a rear facing position and when your child reaches two years old, he can be placed in a forward facing position. This is the advantage of a convertible car seat because it is more practical to use.  However, a convertible car seat could not be used as a baby carrier because it is not portable. It does not have bases
  • Booster car seat –A booster seat is perfect for older kids.  It can carry a child from 30 pounds to 100 pounds usually 2 to 12 years old. This can be positioned in a forward facing manner.  It is still recommended to use a booster seat for your child’s safety because it has a 5-point harness that reduces the risk of injury.  Unlike sitting on a car with only a seat belt on, a booster car seat can position the lap belt and the shoulder belt securely limiting the danger of injury.

Now that you are familiar with different baby car seats, it’s time to purchase one suited for your children.  Don’t put your child’s safety at risk. Look for the best brand in town.  Remember that you are not just investing in a car accessory but you are also placing your child’s life in good hands

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