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Best Baby Playpens Reviews 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

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If you have a baby and want to take care of your little angel well, you must consider a playpen or play yard as one of your essential accessories. This stuff is very good for your baby since it can provide him and her a safe environment. The structures are portable and easy to setup. There are some minor differences between playpens and play yards for your little angels that you should notice before making decision to purchase. Make sure you spend enough time checking and reviewing the products in order to pick the quality one. This product has great features and functions since it provides your baby with great freedom of movement. This stuff can be used indoor and outdoor. Nowadays, there are various types, models, and brands being sold on the online and offline markets. In order to pick the right ones for your baby, you should check out our given reviews. These are the top 10 best baby playpens in 2020.

Top 10 Best Baby Playpens of 2020

1> Baby Diego PlaySpot Playard and Activity Center 

2> Costzon Baby Playpen Kids Safety Activity Center Play Zone 

3> Baby Playpen Kids Activity Centre Safety Play Yard Home Indoor Outdoor 

4> Costzon Baby playpen, Kids 8-Panel Safety Activity Center Play Zone w/Metal Walk-Through 

5> Baby Playpen Kids 8 Panel Safety Play Center Yard Home Indoor Outdoor Pen 

6> Baby Care Play Mat Playpen 

7> Baby Playpen Kids Activity Centre Safety Play Yard Home Indoor Outdoor New Pen 

8> Evenflo Versatile Play Space, Indoor & Outdoor 

9> Summer Infant Pop N’ Play Portable Playard 

10> North States Superyard Colorplay 8-Panel Play Yard 

1. The North States Superyard Colorplay 8-Panel Play Yard

This model is considered as the best solution to those parents who are looking for protecting their naughty kids from harmful stuff. The play yard is designed with non-slip pads which can work well on any type of floor. It is perfect for the hardwood floor. The materials are safe and good since it is produced from the USA manufacturer. The model is 100% reliable and genuine.

This play yard is designed for outdoor and indoor use since it has the weather resistant feature. Your kids will have a good time when playing inside the playpen because it is designed with eight high quality, and colorful panels which are 26 inches high.


2. Summer Infant Pop N’ Play Portable Playard

This model is designed for outdoor use since it has many great features that support your outdoor requirements and needs that kids will love. This play yard is designed with freestanding and portable features that allow you to setup it anywhere you want. Kids will enjoy various kinds of play games in the play yard.

The capacity is good enough for your kids to play and roll. The dimensions are ideal for naughty kids because it has 48 inches as width, 26 inches as height, and 14 sq. feet. The stuff is durable and safe while it is made of lightweight materials. This model has weather-resistant canvas while the sides are stable.


3. Evenflo Versatile Play Space

This model is designed for both indoor and outdoor use while you can assemble easily. The lightweight design allows you to bring it and setup anywhere that you like. With unique design, this playpen can protect your kids from slipping and other issues. With great space, this playpen allows your naughty kids to play freely and enjoy time of playing within the area. This model is easy to disassemble and assemble without using any additional tools. Price is good to put an investment in.


It is easy to be assembled
It is affordable at good quality
It is easy to handle and maintain
It has good space for a large number of kids

4. Baby Playpen Kids Activity Centre Safety Play Yard Home Indoor Outdoor New Pen

This model is rated with high score because it gives good support for kids accessories. This is considered as high safety that your kids will be kept protected well. This play yard has unique design which is perfect for your kids’ playful nature.

This play yard is produced with rubber feet in order to avoid sliding around. This play yard is portable to move since it has lightweight so that your kids can enjoy the area. This product has beautiful and spacious design which allows your kids to walk and roll around the area.


5. Baby Care Play Mat Playpen

If you are looking for the high quality with genuine design, you may consider this model as your choice. Your kids will enjoy the environment when playing around the area. This model has ease of installation because you can assemble and disassemble the play yard without any hassles.

This model has no PHthaLates, BPA, Latext, Lead, EVA, and Formaldehyde. This model is free from toxic materials. This product has good capacity that allows kids to enjoy the environment. This play yard has 31.6 sq. feet which gives it good score when comparing with other competitive models of baby play yard.


6. Baby Playpen Kids 8 Panel Safety Play Center Yard Home Indoor Outdoor Pen

This model is perfect for both outdoor and indoor use. This can be one of your wise choices that you should consider. The panels have various colors which can keep your kids attracted while playing inside the play yard.

The space of this playpen is large enough for your kids to roll and walk so you can are free from worries. This model has features of interchangeable panels that allow to extend or lessen the size easily.


7. Costzon Baby playpen, Kids 8-Panel Safety Activity Center Play Zone w/Metal Walk-Through

If you want to keep your babies safe, you must check out this model. This Costzon is good for your boy and girl babies. This play yard doesn’t contain any toxic materials so your babies will be safe while playing in the area.

This product has good feature of shapes since it can allow users to make square, rectangular, and octagon shapes easily. With the amount of 8 panels, this model allows kids to play freely and enjoy playing time within the playpen. Designed with a safety lock and a swinging and hinged door, this playpen will keep your kids safe perfectly. Since the weight is not heavy, you can transport it easily while it is only 35 lbs. And it is good for outdoor use.


8. Baby Playpen Kids Activity Centre Safety Play Yard Home Indoor Outdoor

Many parents are seeking for great play yard, but don’t know which one is suitable for their babies. This model can be one of the best choices that parents may consider. Kids can be kept safe while playing within this play yard. Since this model has lightweight, it can be transported easily. The product is designed with rubberized feet to stay stable and sturdy so no worries about the texture of the floor.

Since the design of fence is very attractive and is colorful, kids will love to play within area without going outside.


9. Costzon Baby Playpen Kids Safety Activity Center Play Zone

Many parents feel headached with their kids because they are very naughty and hard to control. Kids are likely to walk around due to their nature and ambitions. This Costzon can be the best choices to consider since it has eight panel which allows your kids to have good playing time inside the playpen. Therefore, your kids will be kept safe easily. This product has non-toxic materials because it is made of polyethylene. It is designed with stable structure so that your kids will have good protection while playing. The secure locking systeme will keep your kids playing in the playpen easily. Your kids will love the playing environment and have good playing time inside the playpen because the product is designed with a spinning ball, a playing phone, and wall pictures. Because of its unique design, your kids will be attracted and enjoy playing alone in the play yard.


10. Baby Diego PlaySpot Playard and Activity Center

This model has a weight of 34 lbs so it is considered as lightweight. This is designed for both outdoor and indoor use so you can set up anywhere that you find it is suitable for your kids. Because of its unique designs, you can be able to disassemble and assemble the panels easily without any hassles.

Besides, you can easily clean the playpen because of its simple design. This model has some small chambers which allow you to keep the toys well-organized.


Important Factors That You Should Pay Attention To When Buying Baby Playpen:


Make sure that the Playpen can keep your baby safe at all the time while playing in Play Yard. In order to get this done, you should make sure that the safety locks are at set, and the base is non-skid. The materials should be safe such as free from any toxic element or other prohibited compound: BPA & PHThalates.


This factor is very important to your babies. The playpen should be light-weight and portable because you can decide good environment for your babies. It should not be bulky or weighty since it is not easy to transport.


It is very important to check the size of Playpen before purchasing. The space of Playpen should be wide and large enough for your baby to lay down and roll. Therefore, make sure that you check the square feet of the Play yard before making final decision.


High price doesn’t mean that the product is good at quality. For adorable qualities, you should check all factors (all factors mentioned above). However, you should not go for cheap made Play Yard since it may not give good features and functions; or the quality can be low due to the price. Affordable prices are recommended when purchasing Play Yard. So when going with this range, you can save your hard earned money and get the quality ones. Of course, it is only recommended if you have flexible budget, you can go with the expensive Playpen. So don’t tie you to any limitation. Choice is yours. Just make the right one that meets your needs and requirements.

Simplicity during installation:

The playpen should be easy to disassemble and assemble. Most of best rated models should be done easily with installation without using tools.


If you are seeking for the right playpens for your baby, you should consider our given top list of products above. They are worth the price at high quality. Based on the factors of capability, functions, and features, you can have a look at and make your own decision. It is recommended that you should find the suitable one that fits your baby. When choose baby playpen, you should spend time reading and reviewing the reviews in order to make the right decision.

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