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Why Baby Car Seats are Important

Babies are special members of the family and they deserve a comfortable and safe place especially when traveling.  There are different types of baby car seats and each of them has its own use and benefits.  If you are planning to get one for your baby, consider the following uses of these baby car seats so that you’ll get your money’s worth.

 Importance of Infant Car Seats

If you have an infant to carry, it is best to buy an infant car seat because it fits just right for babies up to 22 pounds and 26 inches in length.  Although this can only be used for 9 months, it is still practical to buy this to assure the safety of the baby.  Infant car seats are placed in the car facing backward which is recommended by the law.  Aside from the law’s recommendation, the rear-facing position creates less impact on the baby’s body in case vehicular accidents occur.  Since infant car seats are small, it huddles the baby comfortably so he does not move every time the car runs. An infant car seat can also be used as a carrier so anytime the baby falls asleep inside the car, it is easy to carry him outside without waking him up.

 Importance of Convertible Car Seats

Once your baby gets older, it is appropriate to use a convertible car seat.  Some parents prefer to buy a convertible car seat because they can get more from the investment.  There are families who do not travel when the baby is still too young so it becomes useless to buy an infant car seat.  They would rather wait for the baby to reach 1-year old before they take him to shop, stroll, and drive around.  With the use of a convertible car seat, your infant can still take advantage of it even if he becomes a toddler.  For practical moms, they would wait for their babies to grow older and heavier before buying the car seat.  The convertible car seat is called as such because it can be positioned in 2 ways – facing the rear and facing the front.  In addition, the convertible car seat has more features such as a 5-point harness, reclining mechanism, and an overhead shield system.

Importance of Booster Seats

Children of at least age 4 and weigh 40 pounds must be seated in a booster seat. This is the last baby car seat your child should use.  If he reaches the maximum weight of 100 pounds with a height of 4”9”, he can already sit with only a seatbelt on.  Since we prioritize the security of our children, it is best to buy a booster seat to reduce the risk of injury. The booster seat has a lot of advantages because it has a 5-point harness that protects the body of the child once the impact of vehicle collision occurs.    Booster seats position the child very well because of the lap and shoulder belts.  At an older age, your child might resist the safety seat because he would rather want enough space to move around.  However, as a parent, you need to explain to your child that a car is not a venue to play but a place to sit down and to keep safe while the vehicle is running.

Baby car seats are necessary for families who love to travel with their children.  If you want to have a stress-free and comfortable ride, then consider installing a car seat for your little angels.

Important Features which can Improve Car Seat Safety

New car seats have additional features that add to the security of the baby once placed in the car seat. These features are recommended by pediatricians and experts to avoid the risk of injuries.  If you want to purchase these features, ask your manufacturers for the appropriate parts to make sure they fit with your car seat.  Some of these features are enumerated below:

  1. Harness system – The safest harness to use is the 5-point system where the straps are webbed extending over the child’s hips, between the legs, and collar bones. The 5-point harness positions the child securely. Unlike with the ordinary car seat belt, the strap of the lap belt is usually positioned on the tummy and the shoulder belt on the neck.  With the harness system, the child will avoid choking and slipping out of the belt. The harness must have a front adjustment to tighten the strap.  A tight harness can reduce the forward movement of the child contributing to a safe ride and reduced risk of injuries.
  2. LATCH – This is a new system in baby car seats.  LATCH means Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children. It has lower anchor attachments and a top tether. These anchors are intentionally designed for car seats.  LATCH makes the car seat installation easier.  Instead of seatbelts, the LATCH can be used as a replacement.
  3. Head protective gear – An additional layer of foam can be added to the head part of the car seat to avoid side to side movement and impact during a vehicle collision.  The foam also serves as a pillow for the child if he wants to sleep or lean.
  4. Locking clips – These clips are important to hold the car seat properly.  Over time, the seatbelt may loosen up so locking clips can tighten the car seat to avoid movement that can cause injury to the child.
  5. Built-in recline adjustment – Instead of using rolled up towels for rear-facing car seats, a recline adjustment can be of great help.  This is necessary for cars to eat facing the rear part of the car. It is practical to use the recline adjustment because there are different recline angles suited for infants and toddlers.
  6. Infant carriers with bases – It is recommended to buy infant car seats with bases to make the installation easier.  If the baby is moved out of the car, the base is left in while the carrier can be carried without removing the baby out of the harness.  It can also function in two ways –  a baby car seat and a carrier at the same time.
  7. Easy to adjust tether straps- Tethers are belts in the car seats.  Tether straps should be adjustable because the baby’s sizes also vary.  There are big babies who need a longer strap and there are small babies who need a tighter strap.  Tethers are also useful in connecting the strap from the anchor because it keeps the car seat in a steady position.

These are just some of the important features of newly-produced baby car seats.  To know more about these features, you may search online or

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