Baby Car Seat Reviews in 2021 – Best Car Seats by Parents Like You

Baby Car Seat Reviews

Best baby essentials

Baby Car Seat Reviews – Best Car Seats by Parents Like You.

Welcome to Here we are providing a place where parents and soon-to-be-parents can find the best information on car seats. We understand the importance of keeping our little ones safe while riding in our vehicles and know it can be tricky to find the best car seat for your child. We believe our car seat reviews & resources will give you the best and most up-to-date information in the car seat market.

Best baby essentials

Infant Car Seats

Keep in mind when you use an infant car seat it should always be used rear-facing until your child reaches approximately 23 months or when the seat’s weight and height limits are reached. Depending on the model of the infant car seat, the weight limits are typically 22 lbs and sometimes higher depending on the model. For weight and height limits read the instruction manual that comes with the car seat. It is advised to switch to a convertible car seat when your child reaches the infant seat’s limit so you can keep the seat in a rear-facing position. This can be as soon as 6 to 9 months and at least up to your child’s first birthday. See the chart below for our infant car seat.

Age RangeGRACOBRITAXSafety 1stEvenflo
Birth to 3 Months
4 to 7 Months
8 to 11 Months
12 to 23 Months
24 Months & Up

Convertible Car Seats

A convertible car seat should be used rear-facing until your baby is 1 year old and weighs approximately 22 pounds. However, it is safest to keep the seat rear-facing until 23 months old. There are convertible seats on the market that allow for rear-facing for children up to 30-35 pounds. Research has shown that keeping your baby in the rear-facing position as long as possible is the safest. When you have reached the limit of a rear-facing convertible car seat, turn the seat around to forward-facing until your toddler reaches the weight and height limits for that car seat. It is typical for forward-facing convertible car seats to reach a weight limit of 40-65 pounds. Some models have even higher weight limits. See the chart below for our convertible car seat.

Price$50 to $100$100 to $200$200 to $300$300 & Above
Safety 1st

Booster Car Seats or Car Seats for Kids

Some car seat is only forward-facing and is used with an internal harness for toddlers. These toddler car seats are rated for approximately 20-65 pounds. When your child reaches 60 to 100 pounds the internal harness can be removed and the forward-facing toddler seat can be used as a belt-positioning booster seat, depending on the car seat model of course.

The main purpose of a booster seat is to raise your child up to a point where the safety belt passes correctly across their collarbone and sternum and not their neck. It should also cross the child’s upper thigh and hips and not the abdomen. Some car seat models offer a belt guide to correctly position the safety belt over your child’s shoulders. See the chart below for our toddler/booster car seat.

Booster Seat TypeBacklessConvertibleHarnessHigh Back
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Best baby essentials

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