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Best Convertible Car Seat for small cars

 Looking To Buy The Best Convertible Car Seat In 2019?

Top 10 Best Baby Car Seats 2019

You are here because you are looking to buy best convertible car seat for small cars. If you are not sure where to get started with your search, then do not worry. There is good news and that is we have already done a research work for you.  We have compared top 10 best infant car seats for small cars. You can also consider these baby car seats for big cars as these are the best ones available in the market. This comparison is based on the crash testing and the best everyday usage of the baby car seat.

We have considered the factors like best baby car seat for newborns and keeping in mind the needs of growing children as well, so this research covers the vast features that one should consider before purchasing the product.  While compiling this list for you, we have also considered the factors of safety and budget that best suits you and your family.

This is important to let you know that one should take an extreme caution while selecting the safest car seats for newborns, safest car seats for toddlers and safest car seats for 4 years and above. The reason is simple and that is each time we put our children into car we put them into danger. So we need to make sure that we provide them with best and safest car seat so we have a piece of mind while driving the car. So keeping the safety factor in mind along with a few more listed below, we have compiled a list of only the best kids car seats 2019

  • Government crash ratings
  • Baby comfort
  • Parental comfort in regards to installation

Just a little bit of guide before moving towards the actual comparison. We have listed down the features and given them rating based on the parental experiences and our own methods of testing the products. It is important to check out the ratings along with the features that you prefer according to your own needs and your baby’s needs. NHTSA has published a list of car seats that are safe according to the Federal Standards of Safety, and you can check the ratings here.

At the end we have also recommended the best infant car seat for small cars.

Comparison of Top 10 Best baby Car Seat And Boosters 2019


Model Name Ratings Recommended Price
Graco 4Ever 4-in-1

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Britax Boulevard ClickTight

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Safety 1st Grow and Go

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Dorel Maxi-Cosi Pria 70

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Britax USA Advocate

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Evenflo Symphony

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Britax G1.1 Frontier Clicktight 5/5 Yes Check Best Price
Graco Nautilus 65 LX
4.9/5 Yes Check Best Price
Britax Marathon G4.1
4.8/5 Yes Check Best Price
Diono Radian RXT


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Graco 4Ever 4-in-1– Top Rated Convertible Car Seat UK

Graco 4ever All-in-One Car Seat ReviewKey Features

These are the key features of Graco 4ever 4-in-1 Convertible car seat.

  • This baby car seat grows with your baby i.e. you can use it from birth to 10 years old kid.
  • It come with InRight Latch system that gives you a one second latch attachment.
  • It comes with simple and safest 5 point harness for booster seat.
  • You can adjust the headrest to 10 ccomfortable positions.
  • Easy to remove the seat cover and wash it without removing the harness system.
  • There are 6 recline positions that add up to the comfort for the baby.


Colours Available

  • Graco 4Ever 4-in-1 Infant Car Seat, Azalea
  • Graco 4Ever 4-in-1 Child Car Seat, Studio
  • Graco 4Ever 4-in-1 Child Car Seat, Basin

Graco 4Ever Baby Car Seat Review

We are all familiar with one of the top brands in baby products and that is Graco. Graco is manufacturing baby essentials for more than a decade now. Graco 4ever All-in-One is tested and endorsed convertible car seats for over a last decade and so. There is no question that it has upgraded its technologies with the passage of time and have always come up to the expectations of the parents.

Graco has provided the solution of best infant car seat for newborns to 5 point harness booster seat for over 40 lbs. Hence, it stands true if we say that this particular model caters the need of a parent in terms of transitions of car seat from rare facing to forward facing and then to a booster seat.

Graco 4ever All-in-One is an all rounder and is a best buy in terms of budget as well. You get a lot of features in one single model. If we talk about its accessories, it is worth mentioning that you can find its accessories easily as it is a well known and adored brand. It has very user friendly, and baby friendly parts in it like premium Latch system and the cup holders installed in the car seat.

Customer’s Opinions About This Car Seat

We have surveyed a lot of customers and found that they simply love this incredible model by Graco.  They have rated it as the best and safest convertible car seat. They are with the opinion that it grows with their children and lasts for years. They can use it from youngest to eldest child. Again with all the features under one roof, they considered it as a good budget or product.

Graco 4ever Convertible Car Seat



  • It has a steel frame that makes it safest car seats for newborns.
  • Energy absorbing pads make it even more comfortable for babies.
  • The 5 point harness for booster seat system is perfectly designed and adjustable.
  • Padding gives your child the required height to sit and headrest comfortably.


  • The straps sometimes get twisted.


Britax Boulevard ClickTight – Overall Best Selling Baby Car Seat

britax boulavard convertiable seat reviewKey Features

These are the key features of Britax USA Boulevard ClickTight Convertible car seat that makes if different from others.

  • It is considered as one of the safest car seats for infants and safest car seat for toddlers.
  • The installation of this newborn car seat is as easy as buckling up a seat belt.
  • This convertible car seat comes up with 2 layers of side impact protection that makes it safest booster seat as well.
  • The feature of click and safe snug harness indicator makes it even safer as the sound of click ensures that harness is intact properly.
  • You can adjust it to 14 positions as your child grows and as per the need of your child.

Available Colors

  • Britax USA Boulevard ClickTight , Circa
  • Britax USA Boulevard ClickTight , Metro
  • Britax Boulevard ClickTight , Poole
  • Britax Boulevard ClickTight , Trek

Britax Boulevard ClickTight Review

The Britax USA is a well know brand and the most adored as well. Parents rely on the baby products of Britax due to trust factor and its existence for many years now.  The Britax Boulevard ClickTight is best for those parents who want the easiest installation of the car seat and it is worthless to mention that all want the quickest and easiest installation. This is the main reason that this model is rated as best for user friendly. The installation of the Latch system and the vehicle belt both are easy and a one click away from full ready to use car seat.

This feature makes it standout and foolproof from other brands and even other models of Britax. The Britax Boulevard ClickTight is considered best baby slimmest car seat and for big cars as well. The impressive comfortable design and quality makes it good for all car sizes the best convertible car seat for tall babies as well. We have talked about the safety, the material and the quality and the design and off course the installation as well. Now comes the crash result of this model and it is placed in the above average section by the government.

This is because it is easy to install and the safety is bit less if we compare it with other brands and even models of Bitrax itself. But at the end of the day we are always end up bargaining in features. This is a fact that we can’t have everything within one product and that is too within the budget. You can also Buy Best Baby Strollers of 2019.

Customer’s Opinions About This Car Seat

Our survey indicates that parents love to have this best kids car seat 2019 on board due to its easiest installation feature. On the other hand, they have to bargain the fact that it is bit heavier than other options available in the market. Parents love the feature of rare facing as it makes it safer if they are travelling long distances.

Britax USA Boulevard ClickTight Convertible Car Seat



  • The different harness positions provides you with the option of adjusting the harness as your child grows.
  • If you need the baby car seat for more than 1 child, then it is good for you as you can adjust it easily.
  • It is considered as good 5 point harness booster seat for over 40 lbs.


  • The belt is bit tight for the babies that wear double diapers.

Safety 1st Grow and Go 3-in-1 -Best Under 200

Safety first grow and go car seat reviewKey Features

  • It has side impact protection, so it is considered as a good baby car seat.
  • It grows with your kid i.e. It comes with 3 stages, the rear facing for 5 to 40 lbs, the forward facing can carry up to 22-25 Ibs and the best 5 point harness booster seat for over 40 lbs to 100 Ibs.
  • It has an ample space in the head rest area to adjust the baby pillow for a more comfortable experience for your child.
  • It has 3 positions recline system that makes adjustment easier and is best 3 in 1 car seat for small cars and for big cars.
  • It has two cup holders and you can put up a lot of snacks for your child to enjoy while going on long drives.
  • The washing of car seat cover is so easy, it is a machine wash, so you just need to remove it and put it in the washer and dryer.


 Colors Available 

  • Safety 1st Grow and Go 3-in-1 , Harvest Moon
  • Safety 1st Grow and Go 3-in-1 , Sea Green
  • Safety 1st Grow and Go 3-in-1, Aqua Pop
  • Safety 1st Grow and Go 3-in-1 , Blue Corol

Safety 1st Grow and Go Review

The name Safety 1st Grow and Go 3 –in-1 model indicates that this particular safest convertible car seat grows with your baby. It means you can adjust this baby car seat as your child grows and according to your child needs. So it has 3 stages and you can use this car seat from birth it means it is the Ideal Infant car seat for newborns till the age you do not need the baby car seat anymore.

Let’s talk about its 3 stages in bit details, so that you can have a better idea about this all rounder model by Safety 1st.  In first stage you need, the rear facing seat. You can use this position for 5 to 40 Ibs child, as it is the safest position for them.

Then we consider the forward facing position that is suitable for 22 Ibs to 65 Ibs child. Again this is the safest car seats for toddlers in forward facing position. Lastly the 3rd stage is 5 point harness booster seat for over 40 lbs to 100 Ibs. So you can select the baby car seat that is most suitable for your baby and then for you.

Customer’s Opinions About This Car Seat

Our research shows that parents love this product as they are with the opinion that this is the safe kids car seat within affordable range. Others are happy with the easy removal of the car seat cover and love its easy washable material.

Safety 1st Grow and Go 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat



  •  Safety 1st Grow and Go 3-in-1 is considered as the best kids car seat for small cars.
  • Slim design and weight is reasonable.
  • You can adjust it in the middle as well as on both sides of the car.
  • Best affordable newborn baby car seats.


  • Unfortunately, the biggest disadvantage is that it doesn’t comply with the FFA safety guidelines.


Dorel Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 – Most Durable Car Seat 2019

maxi cosi 70 car seat review

Key Features

  • It is considered as the safe and quality oriented product for infants and toddlers.
  • In rear facing the weight limit is 40 lbs maximum and in forward facing the weight limit is 22 lbs to 70 lbs.
  • The TinyFit insert features is for 4 to 18 lbs. This is an optional feature that can be used as long as the kid’s head is below the installed TinyFit accessory of this car seat.
  • There are 12 harness adjustment positions and 3 harness belt positions are on TinyFit insert.
  • It has 3 positions recline system and 3 belt slots.
  • It is a slim child car seat for small cars that weighs 22 lbs and the width is approximately 20”.


Colors Available

Following colors are available.

  • Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 , Bohemian Blue
  • Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 , Brown Leather
  • Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 , Pink Berry
  • Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 , Black Gravel

 Dorel Maxi Cosi 70 Review

Maxi-Cosi, a brand of Dorel Juvenile is the world’s best baby products manufacturing company.  Their business slogan says it all “we care for precious life”.  This statement assures parents that their little ones are safe and secure if they are using Maxi- Cosi products. Dorel Juvenile products are available in 100 companies and they are providing carefree lives to families by providing safest baby gears with high customer reviews.

Maxi- Cosi Pria 70 is the safest convertible car seat for infants and toddlers with a lot of safety padding to keep your little one secure from any uninvited incident.  It has side-impact protection that protects the baby from sideways that is the most critical area.  Energy- absorbing foam is used in the car seat and this is an additional feature.  It is recommended to use a rear facing position for the first two years and after that the forward-facing position is advisable.

The major plus point of Pria infant car seat is that it meets the crash safety requirements that are set by the Federal. Installation is really easy as it has a LATCH connectors which makes the installation part handy.  Use rare- facing position for the infant and forward- facing for the toddlers. Remember that if you want to buy it for a newborn, then it is recommended that you buy an extra padding with it.  Maxi- Cosi 70 car seat is usable for several years and it grows with your child. So be confident about its durability.

The 12 point harness position is a great feature as you can adjust the harness belt according to the needs of your little one.  Hence, overall it provides a lot of features that makes it comfortable car seat for infants and is considered best for compact cars. It has 1 year warranty and the customer support is always available on a call to help you out with the related queries. Check out more about narrowest car seats or slimline car seats that can fit three across in the car.

Customer’s Opinions About This Car Seat

According to our survey, the overall ratings are good for Maxi Cosi 70. Parents find it comfortable car seat and safe for children. A few reviews indicate the durability of Pria car seat and they are with the opinion that it occupies very less space in the backseat. One of the mom said that “ I like all the features like LATCH system for easy installation and TinyFit insert, but the only feature I dislike is the seat material is not washable”. So overall, parents recommend it and have positive experience with Maxi-cosi 70 baby car seat.

Dorel Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 Car Seat



  • TinyFit system is a plus point for adjusting small babies
  • 12 point harness positions for comfortable adjustment
  • Extra padding and sideways protection pads
  • Cup holders for snacks and drinks .
  • 1 year warranty.


  • Non- washable seat cover
  • Installation is difficult while using rare position with Tinyfit system.

Britax USA Advocate– Best Budget Baby Car Seat 

Key Features

  • You can adjust harness of this car seat in 14 different positions
  • It has Safe snug indicator
  • The best part is that it has washable pad
  • It has Latch support, so installation is easy.
  • Click tight buckle
  • 3 layered side impact protection
  • Anti rebound bar
  • Best for crash as it has impact absorbing base


Colors Available

Following colors are available.

  • Circa
  • Grey
  • Kate
  • Mosaic
  • Venti

Britax USA Advocate Car Seat Review

Britax is a British company based in the United Kingdom which specializes in child care. Britax has been in this industry for almost a decade and a half and is known for making quality products.

Britax USA Advocate car seat review certainly has some edges over other car seats owing to the features it offers. This seat has a 3 layered side impact protection which ensures adequate safety for your child.  Its clicktight technology works like a charm and makes the installation smooth and easy.

Britax USA advocate click tight seat can be used in two different positions. The rear position has a height limit of 27 inches and it can take from 5 to 40 pounds which is not so great in our opinion. Most others seats will give at least 50 pounds in this price range. The forward facing seat has a prescribed weight limit of 20 to 65 pounds. It has a height limit of 54 inches.

The installation on this thing is simply easy. It comes with an easy install guide which is pretty easy to understand and an installation system which is extremely easy to operate. The click tight technology is incorporated in both belt and LATCH straps. You just have to work your way through the strap guide and there will be a sound of a satisfying click and you are all done. It has a 14 position harness which ensures high safety and the harness system does not require re threading and is easy to do with.

The seat is one of the safest convertible car seats around as it has 3 layered side impact protection. Plus the seat is surrounded by a steel frame which keeps the baby safe from any kind of side impacts.

The recline adjustment has an indicator which helps you in achieving a good recline angle. It doesn’t go back on looks and quality either. The seat is made of premium high quality fabric and the design is pretty easy on the eyes.

Customers’ opinion about the car seat

Parents have altogether rated it as one of the safest convertible car seat which has an extremely well build quality. It is a seat which gives ease of operation and flexibility. A mom said “The car seat is safe as I had two major accidents in past three months and my baby survived without a scratch on his body, so if you are concerned about the safety of your baby go for britax advocate” Britax has been the favorite of many parents and it hasn’t failed them this time as well.

Title Here



  • 8 years life span
  • FAA approved
  • No rethread harness
  • E3 protection


  • Latch connectors too short to reach
  • Only one recline position
  • Flimsy wings on headrest

Evenflo Symphony Elite– Best Affordable All in One Baby Car Seat

Key Features

  • Sure LATCH self-ratcheting straps
  • infinite slide no-rethread harness
  • 3 position recline
  • 5 position adjustable head rest
  • 3 zone reinforced steel frame
  • 8 year life span
  • Integrated elastic cup holders
  • Buckle pockets


Colors Available

Following colors are available.

  • Apex
  • Concord
  • Modesto
  • Ocala

Evenflo Symphony Elite Car Seat Review

Evenflo is a company based in the US, Ohio which excels in research and development in child safety gear. It manufactures car safety gears and safety car seats for children. Evenflo Symphony elite, also known and Evenflo DLX is a top rated baby car seat by Evenflo and is one of the best quality baby car seats that money can buy.

This high quality convertible seat will stay with your baby for a long time. With just under $200 a price tag, this seat offers comfort and is pioneered for safety. This makes it extremely affordable and economically considerable as it does not sacrifice quality for the low price.

Since it is a convertible car seat it allows you to use it in different positions as your child grows. Apart from that it also has an option of a booster seat. Evenflo Symphony Elite can take from 5 to 40 pounds in and the recommended height is 19 to 40 inches while the forward facing can accommodate from 22 to 65 pounds and has a height range of 22 to 50 inches. When your child grows ahead of the forward facing limit, you can use the booster option which can take up to a hefty weight limit of 110 pounds which is good in our opinion.

The installation is super easy and user friendly. The Sure Latch technology coupled with the infinite rethread harness offers the ease of installation with its auto reattaching straps. However, the straps are a bit short to reach easily. Another downside is that there is no level indicator in the rear facing position for recline which is a bit disappointing. Furthermore, the rear facing position has only one recline position which can be uncomfortable for the baby.

The design is sleek and the seat is enforced with a steel frame for side impact protection. The E3 zone protection design ensures that your little one is safe and secured throughout the journey.

Customers’ Opinion About This Car Seat

Parents who have bought Evenflo Symphony Elite have rated it one of the most affordable safest children car seat. This seat has been the favorite of parents who are on a tight budget as it does not come with an exorbitant price. The safety and comfort that this car affords has also given it an edge.

According to a customer, “The harness is so incredibly easy to adjust! The head support is too! It feels so cushy and soft, I’m not worried about my baby spending hours at a time in it. And OMG it’s so so easy to install…initially anyway. The sure latch connection was the simplest latch system I’ve installed!”


Title Here



  • 8 years life span
  • FAA approved
  • No rethread harness
  • E3 protection


  • Latch connectors too short to reach
  • Only one recline position
  • Flimsy wings on headrest


Editor’s Recommendations

The Editor Choice is Britax Boulavard Convertible Cart Seat. This is the best selling convertible car seat and easily available for online purchase. Furthermore it grows with the age of your child and you can adjust it in three different positions. You do not need to buy a booster seat as it works as a 5 point harness to booster seat .  Britax boulavard is an affordable car seat with a lot of options that are offered in the expensive britax ClickTight series i.e. Advocate.So overall, it is a good value of money and provides maximum safety to your precious little passenger for years.

Car Safety Instructions Video


Britax Frontier Clicktight -Best Selling Booster Seat 

Key FeaturesBritax Frontier Clicktight Combination review

  • It is super safe booster car seat for your child
  • It has double pads that protect your loved ones and ensures safety to maximum level
  • It is an adjustable booster seat and it has 9 different harness positions that you can adjust according to the need of your little one.
  • It has a slim design, so you can say that it is best booster seats for small cars.
  • The best part is that it lasts for 9 years if used carefully. Paying a few extra bucks for safest car seats for toddlers will make you mind stress free for next 9 years.
  • Installation is easy and you can ensure yourself that the seat is installed properly as it comes with a ClickTight sound protection.


Colors Available

  • Britax Frontier G1.1 Clicktight Harness-2-Booster Car Seat, Cowmooflage
  • Britax Frontier Clicktight Combination Harness-2-Booster Car Seat, Baxter
  • Britax G1.1 Frontier Clicktight Combination Harness-2-Booster Car Seat – Vibe

Britax Frontier Clicktight Harness-2-Booster Car Seat Review

We have already introduced Bitrax company earlier in the article, so now we will only talk about the particular model under investigation.  Bitrax G1.1 Frontier ClickTight Combination Harness-2- Booster car seat is one of the best and quality oriented car seat for your toddler. This is a fact that it is bit expensive as compared to other options available in the market, but we can bet that it can’t be expensive from the safety of your precious ones. The value for money lasts for several years, so you can consider this model if your child weighs between 25 Ibs to 120 Ibs.

Again there are instructions given in the manual that you can use the forward facing position if you child weighs from 25 Ibs to 40 Ibs as it come under the category of 5 point harness booster seat for over 40 lbs.  Once your child weighs more than 40 Ibs, you can simply use the belt positioning booster option.  Adding to the feature of comfort, there are 9 different positions, and you can adjust the best position for your little ones as they grow.

The Bitrax G1.1 harness to booster car seat has energy absorbing shells and foam lined headrest. The function of this feature is to provide maximum comfort and safety to your precious one.  The recliner allows the seat to be positioned in a way that your child can easily sleep in it. So yes, you can go on long journeys without worrying about the rest time of your kid. Another feature that makes it best toddler booster seat for eating is it has double snack holder installed in it. So, you can fill it once for your baby and they can enjoy their favourite drink along with snacks.

Overall, we must say that this is the best investment for your family who prefer safety and quality on other features.

Customer’s Opinions About This Car Seat

Our survey shows that parents have given this model 10 out of 10 points. The common reason that we have found is that they are with the opinion that it lasts for many years. The other feature that parents like the most is its ClickTight installation feature that ensures the safe and correct installation of the booster seat. Parents have also reported that their kids feel comfortable and enjoy long road trips while sitting on the booster position of this booster car seat.

Britax Frontier Clicktight Harness-2-Booster Car Seat



  • You can use the LATCH system in this booster seat.
  • The harness is easy to adjust and remove.
  • This booster seat gives you the option of highest harness height adjustment.
  • Installation is easy and you can use the car seat belt with the installation and it is recommended as well.


  • It is heavier than other models available in the market
  • Price is considered bit high

Graco Nautilus 65 LX – Best Affordable Toddler Car Seat

Graco Nautilus 65 LX 3-in-1 Harness Booster ReviewKey Features

  • The 3-in-1 harness Booster helps to give extra protection to your little one
  • This is the only booster seat that gives you an option of 5 point harness to booster seat (22 Ibs to 65 Ibs), servers as the best high back booster (35 Ibs to 100 Ibs), and as the best backless booster seats (40 Ibs to 100 Ibs).
  • Simply Safe Adjust Harness System is a perfect system that ensures the comfort and safety of your little one. Furthermore, the harness and headrest are adjustable according to the height of your child.
  • The steel-reinforced frame makes it reliable and usable for years.
  • It comes with 3 position recline system that helps to add up comfortable experience to your kid.


Colours Available

  • Graco Nautilus 65 LX 3-in-1 Harness Booster Car Seat, Pierce
  • Graco Nautilus 65 LX 3-in-1 Harness Booster, Matrix

Graco Nautilus 65 Harness Booster Review

Graco Nautilus 65 LX 3-in-1 car seat is the best option, if you are looking for an all rounder car seat. It has all three options in one model i.e. it works as a 5 point harness seat, back less booster and finally high back booster seat. It is important to mention here that this is the best option available in the market with reasonable price that has all the functions.

The best feature that Graco has offered in this particular model is the Safe Adjust Harness System, and this function allows you to adjust the headrest and the harness at the same time. Furthermore, you can adjust the headrest to 5 different positions and this is definitely a good feature.

Another different feature of Graco Nautilus 65 LX 3-in-1 is that it has buckle holders that helps you to put in and out your baby from the car seat easily. You can simply tie up the buckles in the holder and unseat your kid without any hassle.  It has also passed the crash test and marked as the safest booster seat ever.  The material that is used for the car seat covers is washable, so you have a piece of mind and let you kid use it freely.

It is machine washable and easy to remove from the seat as well. Now the best part is that it is an inexpensive model as compared to the other brands and models of Graco present in the market.

Customer’s Opinions About This Car Seat

The overall reviews of this model are excellent and parents reports shows that they feel their kids are comfortable in this booster seat. They rated it as the top rated booster car seat. The trust factor is high on Graco and parents are using Graco booster seats since 2007. So this is the tried and tested booster seat for many years and you can rely on it as it is durable. It is also considered secure and comfortable. Finally parents find it good for travelling as it has double cup holders as kids can enjoy their drinks and snacks during road trips. Hence it is considered as the best convertible car seat for travel.

Graco Nautilus 65 LX 3-in-1 Harness Booster



  • Graco Nautilus 65 LX 3-in-1 Harness Booster is not overly priced.
  • The seat installation is easy.
  • It has a lifespan of 10 years, that is a good value of money as well.
  • The double pads provide extra safety and also an effective energy absorption management.


  • You have to assemble the booster seat as it comes in parts.

Britax Marathon G4.1 Convertible Car Seat– Best For The Money

Key Features

  • SafeCell Impact Protection System is an edge to this model as it provides safety that exceeds the expectations of Federal Safety Standards.
  • 10 –position harness booster seat makes it easy to adjust the positions as your child grows
  • 2-Position Buckle provides extra protection to your kid; you can easily pull the buckle outward that adds to the more comfortable experience of your little one.
  • Easy On/Off LATCH system connectors make it easy to attach and detach the LATCH system.
  • 3 Recline positions feature provides extra comfort to your child.
  • It comes with a tangle free 5 point harness for booster seat.



Colors Available

  • Britax Marathon ClickTight  Car Seat, Bubbles
  • Britax Marathon ClickTight  Car Seat, Cowmooflage
  • Britax  Marathon ClickTight Car Seat, Oasis

Britax Marathon Convertible Car Seat Review

We have already discussed about the Britax brand earlier and we will just focus on the particular model here that is Britax Marathon G4.1. This model is a good option for parents with a limited budget. If you see the series of Britax Marathon series, you will get you know that this is the latest version in the series. So be assured that this is best toddler booster car seat in this particular series.

It is latest and naturally they have come up with best technology. The plus point is that they have covered all the reported flaws in the previous versions and launched Britax Marathon G4.1.

It is a convertible booster seat, so you can use it in rare- facing position and forward-facing position. In rear-facing position it is safest car seats for infants and safest convertible car seat for toddles as well. The forward-facing position booster is safest car seats for 4 year olds and above.

The price is really reasonable and if we compare it to Britax Boulevard, then you get a lot of features of Britax Boulevard in this Britax Marathon G4.1 in less price. For instance the double padding system that makes it more safe and secure for your kid is also present in Britax Marathon G4.1 series.

Customer’s Opinions About This Car Seat

We found that most of the parents are happy to purchase this model on the recommendation of their friends. They find it very affordable and easy to install and adjust on their own behalf. A lot of parents have reported that their kids feel very comfortable in this booster seat. Few of the customers have given their view that although this is best all in one car seat 2019, but it is more suitable for toddles. They felt that infants are bit uncomfortable in this car seat.

Britax Marathon G4.1 Convertible Car Seat



  • The biggest edge to Bitrax Marathon G4.1 is that it is FAA approved booster seat.
  • It has great safety features that make it more secure and comfortable.
  • The installation is easy and quicker than other available models and brands in the market.
  • The best part is that the price is very reasonable.


  • The quality of seat cushion is not so good.
  • It is bit heavier in weight as it is the best rear facing toddler booster car seat in low priced models available in the market.

Diono Radian RXT– Best Selling Booster Seat For Toddlers

Key Features

best rare facing toddler convertible car seat

  • The best part is that it has10 year life span
  • It is 5 point harness booster toddler car seat
  • Adjustable head support for maximum comfort
  • It is airplane compatible
  • 120 pound weight booster
  • Comes with a cup holder


Colors Available

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Dark grey
  • Midnight

Diono Radian RXT Car Seat Review

Diono is a company based in Washington and is one of the competing manufacturers of baby gear for many years. The Radian RXT is one of such products from. It has 10 year life span and it will give you a considerable time to use it.

The seat is made to work in two modes which grow with your baby. The great thing about this seat is that apart from the two conventional positions it also has a booster support. The booster is best used with the lap belt. The rear position can be used to hold a weight limit of 5 – 45 pounds while the forward facing position can accommodate weights from 20 to 65 pounds. The recommended height for rear position is 57 inches.

The 5 point harness and the steel frame enforcing side impact protection assure that your baby is safe and secure in case of a crash. It also has an adjustable head support so that your little one may stay comfortable throughout the journey.

Another great thing is that it comes with additional padding in the seat and a shoulder harness which is intended to increase the safety to the maximum level. The material used in the fabric is breathable; therefore your baby should feel any sort of distraction bearing out of the uneasiness.

The seat is quite narrow and should accommodate space for three but the problem arises for small sized cars as the height of this seat measures an exorbitant 28 inches. However, the installation is quite easy with seat belt as the UAS connectors work like a charm. However, installing it with latches proved somewhat troublesome.

Customers’ Opinion About This Car Seat

The Radian RXT has indeed been an ideal choice for the parents. The feature which has attracted most of the people is the upper weight limit of 120 pounds with the booster. Though there has been some skepticism from some parents owing to the recall notice that Diono has issued for this seat; nevertheless it hasn’t stopped people from buying this seat. One of the parents said, “very solidly built seat with nice padding and a high seat back for older children.

My positives – 1) it has low sides making it very easy to get a rear-facing child in and out and 2) the angle adjuster pad works very nicely”.

Diono Radian RXT Booster Car Seat



  • The design is suitable for mid-sized cars
  • 10 years life span
  • Easy to install
  • Come with a removable cup holder


  • The lap belt must be used with the top tether otherwise it may pose a risk of injury
  • Diono has issued a recall notice for this seat
  • Leg straps do not have padding


Editor’s Recommendation

The Editior’s Choice is Britax G1.1 Frontier Clicktight Harness-2-Booster Car Seat. This is the best 5 point Harness to Booster Seat under $300 available to buy online. Britax Frontier with ClickTight technology is best for working parents who do not have time to install the car seat. This is the only booster car seat that you can install with just one click.A lot of color options are available to select from. Baby boy specific colors are in blue tones and baby girl specific colors are in pink tones. Moreover, neutral colors are also available if you are not looking to buy gender specific colors. Britax has always focused on safety and use of ease for its customers. It comes with a warranty of 9 years, so make yourself stress free by investing once for next 9 years.

Baby Car Seats For Twins and Multiples 

You must be thinking that if you have twins or multiples, then which baby car seat is slimmest and suitable for small to medium sized cars. We have taken this into consideration and have carefully reviewed each twin car seat in our list to make sure that you get to have a wide range of choice and that you get to choose the best fit for your car.

We have brought you reviews to seats from manufacturers such as Britax, Graco, Diono, Maxi Cosi, Safety 1st and may others. These are the manufacturers which are well known for building quality seats for your baby which are not only reliable but are one of the top rated for safety by safety advocates. They come with decent features and make sure that you are getting the best out of your money.

Let us go through our reviews and we hope that this helps you choose the best for your baby.

Best For Multiples

Britax B-Safe 35 and Britax B-Safe 35 Elite

Britax is one of the best baby gear manufacturers out there. They are known for making some of the best known car seats for infants and usually tops the lists of many reviews. Britax B-safe 35 and B-safe 35 elite are no exception to this. They are basically one and the same model with the elite being a slightly upgraded model of the standard version.

The seat has a very slim and lean design and is enough to be easily seated in your average sized car with other seat as well. The dimensions of this seat are 27.5″L x 17.5″W x 15.5″H, therefore you can see that it is made for small babies and will easily fit your car with another seat installed. The seat can take from 4-30 pounds and comes with two buckle positions and four harness heights.

However, as it is made for smaller babies and is quite narrow, you can expect your baby to outgrow rather quickly. Please do note that this seat is not compatible with strollers .There are some complaints regarding the comfort level of the seat. The B-safe 35 comes with a decent price tag of  under $150 while the elite version is capped at under $200.


Top Rated For Twins

Chicco KeyFit 30

Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat

The Chicco Keyfit is a hospital’s favorite and is rated as a “best bet” as it goes extremely well with small babies and preemies. Thus it is good for family who has twins. The narrow and sleek design allows it to easily fit into your mid sized vehicle while still leaving space for more.

The good thing about this best baby car seat for twins is that it is compatible with almost every stroller in the market. This seat comes with a LATCH support and is easy to install owing to its design. It doesn’t cut on the safety either as it has passed the crash safety tests considerably well.

It has a unique rear facing mode with two modes of itself; the toddler mode and the infant mode. It can take from 4 pounds to all the way up to 35 pounds. It has dimensions of 27.5 x 17 x 24 inches with a weight of 17 pounds.

It comes with 5-point harness with one-pull tightener and an EPS energy-absorbing foam for improved impact protection. And since you will be buying two for your twins, it is also reasonably priced at under $200, therefore, it will prove to be very economical.



Best Selling Baby Car Seat For Twins

Safety 1st guide 65

This one is a unique one in this list. It is a favorite of parents mainly because of its low price. On top of that it doesn’t sacrifice other features for its cheap price. Plus it is a convertible car seat which means it will be with you when your child outgrows the rear facing weight limit.

The rear facing position can take from 5 to 40 pounds with the recommended height of 19 to 40 inches which is extremely good for a rear facing position. When your child grows, this seat is ready for its forward facing position which can take up to 65 pounds.

It comes with 5 harness slot positions and 3 position crotch buckle for the ease of installation. It includes an adjustable headrest which makes sure that your baby is properly positioned and is comfortable throughout the journey.

It is a narrow seat which takes small amount of space in the car with dimensions of 30 x 18 x 14 inches. Most parents were able to install three of these seats together.

It is a good choice for your twins and better if you have more than two. It is priced reasonably and you can get this baby  car seat under $100.


Affordable Car Seat For 3 Across

Britax Roundabout G4.1

The Britax Roundabout G4.1 is a basic kids car seat which has an edge over safety as it has shown some impressive crash test results. It has a narrow design which will make sure that you can fit more than one of such seats for your twins. It is indeed one of the best car seat for multiples as you can still have some space for someone else to be seated.

The Britax Roundabout comes with some great safety features like safecell impact protection and safecell complete side impact protection. It has a 5 point harness and a 3 position recline. The seat can hold weights from 5 pounds to 55 pounds. It has 2 buckle position which comes with quick adjust feature allowing you to safely secure your baby with ease.

The Roundabout is quite narrow and has dimensions of 21 x 18.5 x 26 inches and weighing only about 17 pounds so it can easily fit in your twins.

It has quite reasonable price and you can get it under $200 which is nice especially if you are buying two of these. This seat is a nice choice for parents who are on a regularized budget and can’t buy an SUV just yet.

Affordable Car Seat For 3 Across

Graco Sungride Snuglock 35 Elite

Best cheap infant car seats

So what is new with the Snuglock 35? Bascially Snuglock is a revamped version of clickconnect or the classic connect. Graco has implemented this technology to provide the ease of installation. But be careful though. The snuglock is not compatible with many third party strollers out there as snuglock is relatively new.

Snuglock 35 Elite is one of the 11 models of Snugride and is the best value for your money.

It comes with LATCH support with the InRight connectors. No matter if you install it with the seat belt or with LATCH, it is going to be super easy. It also comes with a Simply Safe Adjust Harness System which is basically a no rethread harness system and you won’t need to remove the seat every time you have to adjust the harness. It is safe and easy.

It has an adjustable base with 4 recline position so that you can position your infant according to his needs. The weight limit on this seat is 35 pounds and has dimensions of 29.1 x 18.3 x 16.2 inches which may take up a lot of space in your car if you have a compact car. Priced at $200, compared to the other seats on this list, it is not recommended.


Best For Preemies And Newborns

CYBEX Sirona M SensorSafe 2.0

CYBEX Sirona M SensorSafe 2.0 has recently won many awards for the best baby tech.  CYBEX applies innovative technology to its baby gear which clearly distinguishes it from other players in the market. Let us take a closer look at the Sirona M.

This seat is a portable baby car seat and comes with a rear facing limit of 5 to 40 pounds. When your infant outgrows that limit, the forward facing limit can take weight from 22 to anywhere up to 65 pounds. The weight range for a convertible is amazing in our opinion.

The Sirona comes with Sensor safe 2.0. Sensor safe is basically a chest clip and it plugs into your car giving you useful feedback from the seat in form of chimes. Sensorsafe 2.0 comes with an additional app which gives the feedback to your phone.

The Adjustable Linear Side Impact Protection System ensures safety while features such as no re thread harness and magnetic buckle tongue holders provides for the ease of installation. The dimensions of this seat are 29 x 20 x 18.5 inches and it may be a little difficult for you to put two of these in a compact car. It is reasonably priced under $300 and is recommended if you have a big vehicle.

Factors to consider before buying the Infant Car Seat

 Following are a few handy tips and buyer guide points that will help you to decide what exactly do you need to buy for your little ones. If you want to read full buyer guide for a car seat, then i recommend you to read this buying guide.


As we all know that according to regulations of different countries, we can’t drive a car with a child without having a car seat installed in the car. To ensure the safety of baby, by law you need to install a convertible car seat or a booster car seat according to the age and weight of your little one. Car seat helps to protect your precious one from any unforeseen situation like accident.

In American, the six states have passed the law and made it mandatory to install in the car seat in rear facing for a kid under 2 years of age.  According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Authority it is recommended to place the kids in rear facing position as long as possible.

Baby Car Seat Types

The car seat divides into different types on the basis of child’s age, weight and height. Determine all the above factors before purchasing a car seat for your little ones.

Capsule Car Seats:  These are best for newborns up to 1 years old baby.

Convertible Car Seat:  You can adjust them in forward facing position and in rare facing position. All in-one kids car seats are best for babies of age 1 to 4 years.

Booster Car Seats The booster car seats are either with high back or backless booster seats. These are best for 4 years and above ages.

Consider Size of your Car

 This is very important to consider size of your car while buying the convertible car seat for your babies. If you have a small car, then go for the narrow car seats. These car seats are designed by keeping in mind the small car users.  They are mostly base less or have a base with 19” inches or less, which is ideal for compact cars.

If you have medium or a large size car, then go for other models available in the market, instead of narrowest car seats. The reason is that slim line car seats are designed with limited options in it, for instance may be you will not have a cup holder on both sides.

So if you don’t have size restrictions, then I will recommend you to go with different car seats which have full functions installed in them.

Consider Space in Your Car

 If you have a big car, but you don’t have much space to adjust the car seat, then you will have to consider the compact car seat options. This is basically for the parents having 2 or 3 children and they have to adjust 2 convertible car seats or a booster car seat in the backseat. So they don’t have much space to adjust a wider version of car seat.

In this situation, look for a compact car seat from slim line car seats available on the market. You can fit in 3 across in the car, if you choose the car seats smartly.

 Price/ Budget

 First of all determine your budget, and then search for the best convertible car seat with maximum features installed. It is recommended to buy the car seat which is safest in all and secondly quality oriented. It will be expensive than other car seats available in the market, but on the other hand it will provide maximum safety to your precious little one. Good quality car seats provide extra comfort to kids. So always think twice while making a decision.

The car seats lasts for years, so always divide the price over years and you will find it very cheap and affordable.

Ease of Installation

 This is another important factor which you need to consider while buying a baby car seat. Parents find it difficult to install a car seat properly, so always look for the ones which can be installed easily. Nobody wants to go into hassle of reading the installation manuals, so it is better to choose a hassle free convertible car seat or a booster car seat.

This helps to move the car seat easily from one car to another in case you have two cars or more. It is better to install the car seat in the middle of the back seat, as a recent survey shows that placing the car seat in the middle of the back seat lowers the risk of an injury by 43%.


Brands do matter as there are a few brands that charge just because they have a good brand name. So always check for a reasonable brand with a lot of good feedback. Graco, safety 1st, Diono, Britax and Maxi Cosi are popular baby gear manufacturers.

Never compromise on the safety of your precious ones, and go for good yet affordable brands.

Easy Removable Car Seat Covers

 This is really important to check that whether the car seat covers are removable or not. If they are removable then can you wash them in a machine or not. These are handy tips that will save your time and money.  Always go for removable car seat covers, as you will have to often wash them.

Consider Other Safety Precautions

Purchasing a safe and reliable car seat is an absolute must for parents but it’s not the only measure you can take to stay safe on the road. Today, there is a tonne of different tech and car accessories to make your journeys safer and more enjoyable. Consider investing in extra accessories such as dash cams, tire safety monitors, blind spot wing mirrors and backup cameras to improve your driving experience.

These were a few handy tips and buyer guide that will help you to make your buying decision easy and best as well.


How to fit the baby car seat?

It is really important to fit the car seat and the booster seat properly to ensure the maximum safety of your little ones. All the car seats come with an instructional manual with the proper directions to install the car seat in the car.  Most of the manufacturers have published proper guide on their websites, you can always check the guides before buying the best convertible car seat for your baby.You can read a complete article on car seats and boosters seats published by NHTSA.

I am going to list down a few tips for parents; you can go through these points and can fit your convertible car seat easily and properly without even reading the whole manuals.

Convertible Car Seat Fitting Tips

  • Make sure that the car seat is fitted tightly and try to limit the motion of the car seat in forward ways and sideways.
  • It is advised that keep the harness as tight as possible, but always there should be a gap of half inch, or at least you can pass through your one finger through the harness belt to child’s chest.
  • The harness buckle should not pass through the stomach area of your baby, as it will not be comfortable for your kid to sit in the car seat.
  • Always double check that the buckles of the harness are not laying on the frame of the car seat, as it will be dangerous in the event of accident.
  • You need to keep the car seat manual in safe place, as you would need it later on to install the car seat in different cars, and also if you want to use combination car seats.
  • The safest place to adjust the car seat is in rear facing position in the middle of the backseat.
  • If you have a newborn baby, then please adjust the harness in rear facing position and make sure that the harness doesn’t pass through neck area. The harness should be below the child’s shoulder.
  • In forward facing position, the harness can be adjusted above the shoulder level or may be in line with the shoulders.
  • You need to check the car seat from time to time, in order to make sure that it is still in the position and safe your child.
  • It is important to discourage your little one from playing with the car seat buckles, as it will make them loose.
  • It is recommended to use an additional rear view mirror, so that you can keep an eye on your baby while driving.
  • I have seen many parents who prefer to buy a second hand car seat to match their budget. I will advise them to buy a low priced car seat instead of buying a second hand car seat. You never know the real condition of the car seat if you a second hand convertible car seat.  Safety of your kid is important and then peace of mind. So always get the best convertible car seat for your kid.
  • If you had a car accident, then change the car seat of your baby. Never use a car seat that had an accident. Research on car crash injuries for children indicates that during accident the most vulnerable parts of baby are head and chest.

Always take your baby with you when leaving then car, never leave your baby in the car alone, even if he/she is in the car seat.


Check Out Video to know the importance of booster seat 


Best 5 Point Harness to Booster Seat

You need safest booster seat when your child exceeds the height and weight that is specified for 5 point harness to booster seat. The booster seats are designed properly for the needs of a child above 40 lbs. Mostly the 6 years and older children require the booster seat, but again the height and weight both matters a lot. If they have less weight and height then 5 point best harness to booster seats for over 40 lbs is suitable for your child.

After all we want the safety for our child and for this purpose one has to do extensive research before making a buying decision. We have gathered all the relevant information and have compared all the important features for you. You can read a full guide to choose the booster seat for your toddler here. You can simply rely on our analysis as we have selected the top 3 safest booster seat and best backless booster seats for your precious ones.

Guide To Buy The Booster Seat For Your Baby

This is important to mention here that the need of a child varies from child to child, so be careful while selecting the best match for your loved ones. We are going to mention a few points here in details that you should consider while making a buying decision.

   1. Installation

It is needless to mention here that the correct installation is the vital part of a booster car seat. The research shows that almost 73% best 5 point harness booster seat is installed incorrectly and their loved ones remain in danger. So buying the safest car seats for toddlers will not ensure the safety unless it is installed correctly.

This is an advice that after installing your car seat, get it checked from a professional or a near police station. This will give you a piece of mind and you can enjoy your drives.

The relevant research suggests that keep the car seat in rear facing position as long as you can. This position is considered safest for children up to 2 years and beyond. Whereas a well known British Medical Journal recommends to place the child in rear facing until age of 4.  You can check the guidelines of car seat manufacturer and can use race facing until your child get to the maximum weight and height as per the guide provided.

Here we suggest that buying all in one solution is the best for your child safety and just by adding a little bit cost you can enjoy a lot of features and the safety for your precious one. When your child is ready to sit in forward facing position, buy a 5 point harness for booster seat to ensure the safety of your child. We add here that the seat belt is suitable for bigger kids.

   2. Backless Booster Seats

The backless booster seats are considered best booster seats for small cars. The reason is that it is lightweight and it has compact design. So adjustment in small cars is very easy as compared to the best high back booster seats and convertible car seats.  The backless booster is also popular among people due to its mobility factor. You can easily switch it to different cars without any hassle.

   3. Convertible Booster Car Seat

This is a three in one option mostly. It means that you can use it for rear facing, forward facing and as ideal toddler booster car seat and that is too with or without the back. These models are bit expensive as compared to the normal high back booster seats and backless booster seats.  But again it is worth to pay more for the features it offers i.e. three different features in a single product.

Convertible car seats are bit heavier as compared to other simple models and they are not user friendly if you are considering switching it in different cars.

   4. High Back Booster Seats

The name indicates well that this type of booster is designed with high back, so the support level is more in this type of booster seat then other types. This is best for children aged 4 to 8 and with average to bulky children in weight. The best high back booster comes with a 5 point harness and without 5 point harness for booster seat.  

These kinds of booster seats are light in weight as compared to the weight of convertible car seats. Hence, if you are looking for easy mobility of a booster, then this is a good option for you.

Finally, after compiling purchasing factors for you, we have compiled a list that contains best toddler booster seat in 2019. We have considered the budget feature as well, so the list contains the booster seats with three different budget ranges.


Factors to Consider while buying the Booster Seat For Your Toddler

Is your child big enough for a booster seat? 

A rear facing seat is made for infants only up to two years. After that period the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration )recommends to keep the children in forward facing mode up to the limits provided by the manufacturer. the Automotive Safety program published an article that elaborates the importance of keeping the child in rear facing.

Generally the forward facing position is for children up to 4 years of age. After your child gets past that limit, your best bet is to use the booster seat. Some manufacturers have provided safest use of the booster seat by keeping the minimum weight up to 30 pounds but according to the experts, they advise to use the five point harness for as long as it is feasible as booster position is not as safe as the conventional rear and forward facing position.

A seat which can mold itself from forward facing to a booster seat is an ideal booster car seat for the parents and can give economy and ease to the parents.

Check Out the Video explaining why you need a booster seat and its Correct Installation

Do you often take long trips? 

Are you worried about your child constantly waking up from the budge and nudges from the road? If you are planning to buy a best toddler booster car seat, it should be comfortable enough to keep all the distractions away from your kid so that he can nap in peace. A seat which is adequately padded and which has adjustable arm and head rest is a must.

Consider a high back booster seat with deep wings so that it can prevent the head slump during the sleep time. Cup holders can be an additional treat for your child. Make sure they are big and it is even better if they are removable.

Do you travel frequently?

Some seats that you will see in the market will be heavy and quite stocky. These burly seats are not good for children who will be travelling and switching vehicles frequently.

It is best advised to choose a seat which is light weight, is easy to install and take in and out of the vehicle. Backless booster seats are a great choice in this scenario.

Can you rely on your child to keep the seat clean? 

Having a child and becoming a parent is never that easy. Only those can tell who actually had the experience. You cannot expect a child to not make a mess.

You will occasionally have to face the onslaught of car sickness, leaky diapers, spilled food or that primordial goo falling out of his mouth while he is asleep. If you are planning on buying a booster seat, make sure that the seat cover is machine washable and removable.

Does your vehicle have contoured seats or low seat backs? 

A car seat has to be properly fixed and must grip the seat effectively. If you have a low seat back or the seat is with no head rest, consider buying a booster car seat with a high back so that the safety of your child is not compromised.

Is space tight in your vehicle? 

You might be having a compact car with small seats and you’d want to fit more than two car seats if you have got more children. You are going to be in a big surprise if you have made a wrong choice with the size.

It is recommended to choose a seat which is narrow in width so that it can leave maximum room for other seats. Furthermore, also take a look at the height as some seats are extremely high and may not even fit in your vehicle.

Are you picky about how the seat looks? 

Most parents want a car seat that just works, but if you are one of those who care about the looks then you might consider shopping online. Retailers only have a stock with few options for colors. Online shopping connects with different retailers which have the color of your choice.

There is a variety of range to choose from. Your child may not like the seat you have bought; therefore, buying a seat which is compatible with your child’s taste will ensure increased co operation from your child.

Do you want to use the seat for more than one child? 

More is always better. Right? Well.. not quite so when you have to buy separate car seats for each of your little one. All car seats expire. Infant seats have a shelf life which exceeds its usage time per child and it can be only be used for more than one child if the other child is infant as well.

If, however, you are planning to buy a booster seat and you are willing to use the booster for more than one child, it is extremely important that you look at the life span of your seat. Some seats come with a life span of up to 10 years. This way you can use the booster for more than one of your little ones before they expire.


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