To Cloth Diaper or Not?

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When I was pregnant with my first child, cloth diapering briefly crossed my mind but I wasn’t really interested in trying it out at the time. Now that my husband and I are a little over 2 years into buying disposable diapers, we have come to realize that it is very expensive and that there might be a less expensive way to do this without necessarily compromising on the practicality that disposable diapers typically offer.

We really didn’t have much exposure to cloth diapers as none of our friends had used them and many reviews I read online scared me: leaks, messy poop diapers to clean, increased laundry loads, bulky cloth diapers…all of this just wasn’t really inspiring me to give it a try.

Now that I’m pregnant with my second child, I have recently started to reconsider cloth diapers. We now have a few friends who have used them with varying degrees of success. I have also done a lot more research online by visiting various company sites, watching videos on YouTube, and reading mommy blogs that write about and/or review cloth diapers.

Since then, I have been able to pinpoint exactly what I want out of a cloth diaper, in order for it to work for our family. My top three criteria are:

1) Must be trim and allow for proper clothes fitting – I know many companies offer super cute diaper covers made to be displayed but I am not interested in leaving my child pant-less for the majority of the time. I want to be able to dress him or her up as I’m currently doing with my son.
2) Must be practical, quick, and easy to use – Using disposable diapers is very convenient and quick and I would want similar features out of my cloth diapers.
3) Must be leak proof – this is one aspect that I find varies greatly for most cloth diaper brands. I often hear that for nap and night time, it is easier to use a disposable diaper as they prevent leaks better than cloth diapers. However, I also know from reading tons of reviews that sometimes it is just about finding the right fit and the right brand for your baby that will provide the proper level of absorbency.

Researching cloth diapers online can be very overwhelming as there are so many different brands and various diaper models as well. After hours of research, I think I have finally narrowed it down to what type of cloth diaper I want to use. I’m looking for an AIO (all in one), ideally adjustable/one size fits all, with the possibility of adding a doubler or biodegradable liner if needed.

The challenging part is to find one that is trim enough to fit under clothes and I am thrilled to have come across a company that seems to provide just that: Bum-Ware (*please note that I am in no way being compensated for this post*). After reviewing the website, I love how the company was started by a mom and how her diapers seem to be getting stellar reviews by anyone who has used them. They are apparently one of the trimmest on the market and although AIOs tend to have a bad reputation for drying times, this one rates above others in the same category. They come in a variety of cute colors and a few patterns. You can even send in your own PUL fabric and they will customize the diapers for you.

The company offers a few different options; the three I considered were: Bum-ware Extreme sized AIO (which have the most reviews and seem to be the most popular ones), Bum-Ware Max Adjustable (which have a pocket for extra inserts), and Bum-Ware Adjustable AIO (which are the same as the Extreme except they grow with baby).

We have decided to give the Bum-Ware Extreme a try so I have ordered 1 to test drive on my son and see how well it performs. He is a heavy wetter so it will give us a good idea of how absorbent and leak proof the diaper actually is. I have ordered it in the orange color. The Extreme version is a sized diaper; if I love it, I’m thinking of maybe buying a mix of sized and adjustable ones as this would be more economical in the end.

I’m excited to get it and I will write a review once I have used it for a while. I want to give cloth diapering a fair try so I am hoping that this brand works well for us! Otherwise, I’ll have to jump back into research mode.

Are you a cloth diapering fan? Which brand do you like best? What made you decide to switch to cloth diapers? I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic!

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